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£16,180 pledged of £625,000 goal
By Joey Ansah
£16,180 pledged of £625,000 goal

NEW CAST! young Goken!!

Hey guys, check out SHOGEN! He will be playing young Goken, now we will see what shaped Goken into the wise teacher he became! check out his video:



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    1. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hamm

      Say, did you already give interviews to famous gaming sites? Because as far as it looks now, you won't make it.

    2. Maggie Evans on

      I think it is great that you are telling us about casting and we are learning about all the people that will help make this series special.

      That being said there are other things that in my opinion (for whatever its worth) you would benefit from commenting on.

      For example some people (myself included) have suggested that pledged might come in at a faster rate if you made the project more accessible with some cheaper backing rewards, have you put any thought into that?

      Like I said, that is just my opinion and I hope that it is helpful. I believe in this project and I really hope that by the end of the donation drive I am left looking very silly for doubting the project in the first place.