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Innovative board game with unique tile mechanics set in beautifully illustrated solarpunk setting
Innovative board game with unique tile mechanics set in beautifully illustrated solarpunk setting
834 backers pledged $67,929 to help bring this project to life.

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Expansions Sneak Peek

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

Hello, dear Solarpunks!

Some of you asked: what's in this little expansions out there? Today, we want to share some light on that matter. 

The Expansions are still "work in progress" -- we have rules for every skyscraper, skygarden and public structure ready from the beginning, but art is still not final. Today we can show you the content -- next week we will share with you some of the new rules. 

What can we say? You can mix all the building from the basic game with the ones from the expansions, and also with those that will come to you as stretch goals, so the replayability of the Solar City is hard to count at this moment. And we still have more for you!

Stay tuned!

PS: Starting from today you can find the official counter for the trees that we will plant after the campaign updated daily!

Stretch Goals and first Social Goal!

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

Hello again!

Most importantly: the first Social Media goal is active!

 A chance to replace wooden activation markers with acrylic ones is yours, you just need to like and share THIS post. Simple as that ; ). When it reaches 500 likes and 100 shares, improved markers are yours ; )

Second of all, some of you might have noticed we're at 19 unlocked stretch goals, even though it might look like the required $57250 has not been reached yet. Why?

Thanks to the polsih campaign on of course, that has also reached its funding goals yesterday and now also contributes to unlocking YOUR stretch goals!

More than this - due to their support together with yours, almost 1100 trees will be planted as of now!

What else is new... We have some reviews for you!

You can read a review of Solar City by Peter Moller from Tabletop Together here:

Additionally, for those of you who asked us for a french translation we have.. well, not a translation itself, but a french How to Play from LudoVox:

as well as both English as Polsih versions from Geek Factor:

 Enjoy, and remember to like and share our Social Media Goal post!


That went fast!

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

Hello there, dear backers!

Campaign is going great thanks to you all and at the end of a working day (in our time-zone) we want to share with you what is unlocked at this point (but probably, given thee sheer speed with which your numbers are growing, when we are writing this there is already more ; )):

Which means that you already have: - 6 new Public Structure tiles (you can see even some new graphics!) – the same amount that you can find in base game! - 2 new Bulding Tiles (as well – you can already see new SkyCrapers on them!) and their cards …this is only the beginning – we have many more ready at this moment and if you manage to unlock all of them the possibilities for the set-up of the game will be hard to count! And we want to remind you that almost all of them are KS EXCLUSIVE – and this is the only chance to get them IN LIFE ; )

Some of the improvements to the game quality are also unlocked, which is always great! What you could be especially happy with is the addition of plastic inserts both for base game and all expansions – the game will be much easier to store and keep in order and also to set-up – we want those plastic inserts to be structured like in deckbuilding games, with separate room for all of the tiles. We will share the 3d designs of them with you as soon as they will be ready!

And also the SOLO mode – yes, not many of you asked for this, but ours (and yours, cause the shared campaign!) polish friends were. Marcin Ropka and Viola Kijowska made it for you – in the last week! Isn’t that great?;)

(Fun fact, since making of this lis, you managed to unlock YET MORE stretch goals... Look into the campaign description for details :D)

But wait! There is more! We are still adding stuff to our campaign: you can see the instruction and PNP files now (the links were updated) and also we updated the FAQ with first recurring queestion - the matter of Essen pick - up. 

Additionally, thank you for all your comments - wr're trying to keep you informed there as well, so all your concerns and issues are taken into account.

One more thing: we'd like to proudly present some new Video material from sources such esteemed as The Dice Tower:

and Ant Lab Games:

With more to follow!

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST: THE FOREST that you, dear backers, are funding. To this point you have funded 638 trees and on polish campaign there is another 254 - quite a lot if we're to say so ourselves!

Almost 900 trees!

Good job!

Thank you for all of your support and kind words!

Stay tuned for more Solar-info, here on a campaign and:



Three Stretch Goals!

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

And we're going strong!

First of all, more than 230 backers - over 230 trees planted!

Second of all: two more stretch goals! 2 more public structures are yours - every kickstarter copy will come with four extra tiles!

Well, what else can we say other than THANK YOU!

It's middle of the night now in our parts so.. see you tomorrow (with more stretch goals of course ; )) !


1st Stretch Goal!

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

And right after funding, we have the first stretch goal - round tracker miniature is yours!

And looks like we'll REALLY need to unveil more stretch goals tomorrow ; )

Thank you VERY much - for the support and for more than 200 trees planted!