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Innovative board game with unique tile mechanics set in beautifully illustrated solarpunk setting
Innovative board game with unique tile mechanics set in beautifully illustrated solarpunk setting
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Building spotlight: Techtree

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

And, while you wait for detailed description of the first expansion, we present the details of another building:

 Techtrees are designed to gather and store data, these technological pieces of art are very efficient in doing just that. As Sky gardens those buildings are superior when it comes to saving and exchanging data, they use plant and root connections to do so! 

Eco-synthetic fibers are the best option to implant data into living flora cells and transfer them between living plants in surprisingly fast speed. These genetically alternated plants are covered and protected by the structure of the building - making sure these biological databases will stand proudly for many, many years. 

As the add states: 'TechTree - the most efficient web connection that you can plant in your backyard!'

Gameplaywise, Techtree is interesting, because in both its forms it encourages diversity - while many other combos you can achieve in solar city require multiples of the same building, to get the most out of your Techtree you need as many varied skygardens as possible.

More to follow!

Building spotlight: NOVA

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)


We have something new today. We present in detail the first of the series of buildings you'll get to know better during the campaign ; )

Let's begin then:

 Nova is an old design; this building was once the most popular pick for the head management teams of the biggest corporations that ruined our world. 

These days, the Sky gardens versions of these buildings are also used to gather the biggest and the brightest management teams that are in charge of the Solar Revolution. It's because we want to acknowledge our errors and be better. 

Nova is an idealistic and financial center where you can come and buy the cutting edge ideas and designs. Its shape is a reference to Egyptian god Ra and the statues raised in his name, which many people find misleading and out of place...

And as of gameplay? You'll notice that two stages of Nova's construction involve exchanging solar points to e-coins both ways, albeit with different values. It encourages forward planning, when sacrificing your resources may reward you later, while choosing when to upgrade Nova greatly impacts its profitability.

Stay tuned for more Skyscrapers later!

Also, something you've been waiting for - in the beginning of the next week we'll present a final version of the first expansion!

Next stretch goal and production timeline

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)


Welcome, new backers ; ).

You, together with polish community, succesfully unlocked another stretch goal:

 What else?

As promised, a planned production timeline:

 We have a bit of reserve when it comes to deadlines, so as of now we expect no troubles.

What next? Detailed descriptions of expansions coming soon!

Again, thank you far all your support!

How things change ; )

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)



 As of writing this: 1127 trees will be planted by combined efforts of Kickstarter and backers! We're very happy that this number keeps growing. We're approaching a sizable forest quickly ; )

Secondly, have look at comparison below. Solar City hasn't looked like it does now from the start - a long history of tweaks and changes is behind it, and we wnted to illustrate some of this process:

 What else?

Expect detailed production timeline and expansions' descriptions in coming days!

We still have quite a lot in store for you ; )


20th stretch goal (and how it got here ; ))!

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)


Just a small update today, with a bigger one, containing, for instance, a production timeline, coming very soon.

The most important thing:

New building is yours, due to unlocking 20th stretch goal. How did it get unclocked despite us despite funding being a bit lower? Due to the support of polish backers on of course! Together, both campaigns can achieve more than any of them would on its own.

Other news:

First of all, new stretch goals unveiled. We hope to make the game even more content-filled, so next few ones are yet more buildings to enrich your game experience!

Second of all, some minor tweaks have been applied to the campaign page.

Third - expect full descriptions of Suburbs and Heart of the City expansions in coming days! Some exciting stuff incoming!

Thank you for your support!