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Innovative board game with unique tile mechanics set in beautifully illustrated solarpunk setting
Innovative board game with unique tile mechanics set in beautifully illustrated solarpunk setting
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Solo Mode and Round Tracker photos!

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)


And it's here! First of all, solo mode rules, to be downloaded HERE:


As you asked, here you'll find complete solo rules for the core game. 

And another thing - Kickstarter exclusive round tracker has arrived, take a look:

 Nice, isn't it?

And one more thing -  if you take a look at the stretch goals you'll see all the 'work in progress' marks from already unlocked stretch goals are gone and repaced with final art. Check it out!

Suburbs buildings are here!

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

And here you go - another batch of rules, this time buildings for the Suburbs expansion. It adds a bit of randomness to the game, spicing it up a little ; )

 Promised solo mode comes next!

Heart of the City: Building rules!

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

We have something new for you for this weekend - rules for every building in Heart of the City expansion. Take look at what new mechanics they bring to the game:

 What's next? Suburbs of course, and after that, solo mode. Stay tuned ; )

More new art!

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

If you look at unlocked stretch goals, you'll notice that yet more of them have changed from 'work in progress' to finished buildings.

Not to make you look for them there, here you go:

 Two of the already unlocked Publich Structures and two new Skyscrapers.

More art soon to follow, including buildings from the second expansion: Suburbs!

And again - thank you for your support, all this is possible because of you!


Art from the Heart of the City

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

Hi there!

Before we unveil the expansion with all its details, have a look at this - art for the new buildings you'll be getting in the Heart of the City expansions (most of them we've not shown before!)

 Are you wondering what do they provide to you in game? Stay tuned ; )