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Innovative board game with unique tile mechanics set in beautifully illustrated solarpunk setting
Innovative board game with unique tile mechanics set in beautifully illustrated solarpunk setting
Innovative board game with unique tile mechanics set in beautifully illustrated solarpunk setting
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    1. Missing avatar

      Galen 6 days ago

      I have still not received my survey email

    2. Jerrid_120
      6 days ago

      I was a little late receiving the email. Just put in the survey please tell me I still have enough time. July 25 to Aug 1st seems way too short especially for people that still haven't received their emails

    3. Thorlight

      Ok so check your junk mail folks, thats where evrything was for me at least.

    4. Thorlight

      Strange PM completed but no confirmation e-mail recived to verify. Allways get one of those. Hmm unlocking and checking so everything is ok.

    5. Bryce Henderson on

      Hello, I have sent you a message on both Kickstarter and Facebook Messenger and still have not gotten a response.

    6. Missing avatar

      Thad Penman

      Good Morning,
      I backed the bundle w/ expansions, but when I try to add two copies of the core game in Pledge Manager I am charged $14 shipping for each item. Will backers be able to add additional items without incurring extra shipping charges?

    7. Missing avatar

      Mike Allen on

      Hey guys,
      I checked my email (and junk folder). No pledge manager.....any way to have it resent?

      Thanks in advance,

    8. Tory Stephens on

      Hello, me again.

      Never mind. I found it hidden in my junk mail.
      Thank you!

    9. Tory Stephens on


      I did not receive my survey.

      I'm so excited for this game and can't wait to play it!

    10. Games Factory 2-time creator on


      When you open your survey link, just below 'get started' button you'll find 'switch your pledge level' link. There choose your desired pledge level.

      If you're already past the 'get started' page, just click onto your pledge level just next to the solar city logo and switch your pledge level to the correct one there.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nicole Brown on

      Is there a way to change my pledge level from the base game of $49 to the bundle with the expansions for $85? If I go to the add-ons in the survey, it tries to give me the bundle package in addition to the base one we have already pledged.

    12. Games Factory 2-time creator on

      Hi all!

      There's no need to change your country in backer kit, there's a proper option for that:

      When you open your survey link, just below 'get started' button you'll find 'switch your pledge level' link. There choose your correct 'ESSEN PICK UP' pledge level (there are several, corresponding with pledge level from the campaign) and all should be sorted.

      If you're already past the 'get started' page, just click onto your pledge level just next to the solar city logo and switch your pledge level to 'Essen' one there.
      Hope that clears things out!

      @Willem & Isolde Verhoef -as to second Early Bird true, there seems to be an option missing here, we'll sort that out. Deadline is in two weeks, don't worry. We'll fix that notification too.

      @Ashley - as with Essen backers - just switch your pledge level to the one you'd want to get and shipping cost should be calculated correctly. Drop us a message if problem persists!

    13. Roby Knapen

      Same question here: What country do we choose for Essen pick-up?

    14. Ashley Watson

      I received the survey but as I pledged just $1 and it slapped me with 30 dollar shipping charge. I have not even made any upgrade nor added any add-on. Can you fix that, please?

    15. Willem & Isolde Verhoef

      Just got my link, three questions though:
      - no disputed territory option available, so how do I manage Essen pick-up?
      - deadline for filling it in says first of August, that's today. Is that right?
      - I pledged 140 for two early birds, was informed that this would be possible in the comments. However, I can't add another early bird in the pledge manager (just one at full price). How can I solve this?

      First two questions probably are also on other people's minds :)

      Thanks for creating this game though, looking forward to getting it after these snags are solved!

    16. Missing avatar

      James and Jenn Leszczynski on

      The box art is beautiful!

    17. Aonline

      When you do send the PM, please specify payment deadline.

    18. Games Factory 2-time creator on

      Hi, just a quick note - pledge manager is in final stage of the review process and will activate shortly. Expect the survey in coming days ; )

    19. Missing avatar

      Michelk on


      I haven’t receive the pledge manager yet. Have I missed anything ?


    20. Jakub Korál on

      Another 14 days in, and still no Pledge Manager link. I'm curious. Do you guys have any update, that could go public as it would help tremendously everybody to not freak out and not bombard you with questions "when are the pledge manager links to be sent" or opened?
      Thanks in advance.

    21. Games Factory 2-time creator on

      @Aonline Hello, we didn't send the pledge manager link still, you must wait some more for it. It will be soon available to everyone!

    22. Aonline

      Are we supposed to have gotten the pledge manager link? I am a $1 that forgot to upgrade; I am surprised PM is due to close so soon, I am also surprised that even though deadline is due in 20 days, I can see no link to the PM in my inbox or the campaign page.

    23. Bastiaan Nox

      Congratulations on another succesful campaign!

    24. Bryce Henderson on

      Congrats on the successful campaign!

    25. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion on

      Well done, congrats on the campaign!!

    26. Games Factory 2-time creator on

      @Lisa - and it's done, together with! ; )
      @Maross - there will be an option to buy 3 copies of core game [with or without expansion] with shipping cost of just 1, and to buy 6 with free shipping worldwide.
      @Lester ^ as above. Option will be availible.

    27. Lester Tan

      Are we able to add more copies to save on shipping?

    28. Missing avatar


      We are still waiting for some kind of group offer informatoin, its pretty blind now as is "in some form available in late pledge manager"....i cant recruit our group members based on this...

    29. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion on

      Only one last strech goal, we can do it! Really hope to get those gorgeous buildings!

    30. Torsten Stelling

      @Games Factory Thanks for the clarification.

    31. Games Factory 2-time creator on

      Sorry, there's no way to upgrade Early Bird with expansions in reduced price - would be a bit unfair to those who supported them early. However, even with regular price, expansions are a pretty good deal ; )

    32. Torsten Stelling

      @lisa that early bird would be really late ;) thanks for all.

    33. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion on

      @Torsten oh ok you have a base early, that I didn't understand, I thought you wanted to pledge now for an early :) those informations will help them guide you as best as they can

    34. Torsten Stelling

      @lisa i just saw the first entry on my phone and did not scrolled down. So I never saw the other early bird.

    35. Torsten Stelling

      @lisa i have an early bird for the base. But I missed that there was an early bird with expansions. I thought I can upgrade later. Thanks for the help, but I would like to get a comment from Games Factory as official answer. ;)

      @Games Factory: Any comments on the possibility to upgrade the base early bird to an expansion early bird? Thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion on

      @Torsten you can't get the early birds pledges because they were only the 2 first days of the campaign, they were the only 2 pledges available normal or plus expansions, you couldn't have missed them even if you tried because there were no normal pledge, and now it is too late to get them of course, because they are "early" birds

    37. Torsten Stelling

      @Thorlight i don't see any official statement here. Where did you see it?

      @Games Factory can you help us out here please? Would be awesome. Thanks for an answer.

    38. Thorlight

      @Torsten: Nope im on early bird base we just missed it. No way to upgrade.

    39. Torsten Stelling

      Is it somehow to upgrade an early bist base game to early bird with two expansions? I missed it and did not see the two expansion early bird on time.

    40. Thorlight

      Nice. Backer count climbing along nicely ;-)

    41. Missing avatar

      Nicole Brown on

      Thank you for the update, love the finished artwork for the tiles!

    42. Games Factory 2-time creator on

      @Heidi - will do, FAQ update today.
      @Lisa -and now everything's updated - no more placeholders in the campaign ; )
      @Paul - your work is, of course, much appreciated! ; )
      @Nicole - Yes, both campaigns unlock the goals together. That's why we're on SG 23 right now, even though kickstarter funcing of this one hasn't been reached yet ; )

    43. Missing avatar

      Nicole Brown on

      I thought the stretch goals are based on both Kickstarter and the other site combined, but we have not seen a stretch goal update in a long time. Does anyone know if we actually have more stretch goals unlocked based on the combined amount then the campaign shows?

    44. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion on

      @Paul the work of all of you is great!

    45. Paul Grogan on

      Hey all. Just wanted to jump on here and say Hi. I'm the editor for the rulebook and have been working on it a bit over the past few months including some blind testing of it. Hope I do a good job for everyone!

    46. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion on

      Your voices have been heard and here is the solo mode gameplay!

      Good job for updating all the buildings in the SG but you forgot to do the same in the what you get for the core game plus expansions :) they look great might as well put them in the light!

    47. Heidi L

      Right there with you Nathan...waiting for solo mode, too and now we're down to 60h :(

      BTW creators: you should add the Shipping info to both the campaign page and the FAQs - it took me a while to figure out that it will be EU friendly. I'd also like to know which fulfillment company you will be using - this is very important info for backers who've had plenty issues in the past - knowing the company will make it easier to plan accordingly (which includes research if the company is unknown)

    48. Games Factory 2-time creator on

      @Nathan - Second expansion buildings have just been published, with solo mode coming shortly ; )
      We're also doing our best to respond to every comment and question we recieve as well as maintaing updates as the game nears completion (as with art updates). Worry not, even though we're prettyy new on kickstarter we have many succesful games behind us so expect solid quality!
      @Saulius - sadly, just for 4.
      @Referee - Why not actually - expect more soon and in post-campaign updates ; )
      @Thorlight - well, 20+ unlocked stretch goals is still something to be happy with. Plus campaign on grinds forward, so who knows where we'll be in those few days ; )
      @Bruce - yes, we've just published buildings for the next expansion, solo mode comes next!

    49. Nathan on

      So four days left and still nothing new regarding solo or the second expansion mentioned in the last Games Factory Post?

      I’m assuming some of you have backed a GF KS before. Have they been responsive to questions and/or issues you’ve had with your games? I backed Solar City the first day and have kept my pledge even after reading the post on BGG warning folks about GF. I really want to keep my pledge but am becoming a little nervous due to their lack of timely responses to questions (especially since there haven’t been that many to keep up with).

      I’ve backed about 15 games on here over the last couple of years and I feel like this campaign is somewhat lackluster and had the least involved designers/collaborators of any other KS I’ve backed. Guess I’m just looking to see if folks have had positive experiences with GF and that I’m just worrying for nothing haha I do like the look of the game but the lackluster KS campaign (my opinion obviously) and the BGG thread have me a little worried.

    50. Missing avatar

      Saulius on

      Oh damn, I really thought this game was for 5 players :x

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