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$57,550 pledged of $15,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$57,550 pledged of $15,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Petr Kveton just now

      Roy P: a few information in update num 6 "Expansions Sneak Peek"

    2. Roy P
      about 14 hours ago

      Did they ever show us the information on the expansions?

    3. Petr Kveton about 19 hours ago

      I'm worried about the gameplay ... it looks like most of the unlocked components in SG are under development and were not properly tested. The game could be full of material, but it could also be confused, chaotic and unbalanced.
      Could any of my creators explain this deficiency more?
      The KS campaign did not seem to be well prepared and was launched too soon ... for that reason there is fear of delivery and fear of gameplay and balance of play.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion 2 days ago

      The player screen looks so great ,I'm really happy we unlocked it! And from what I undertand I'll have my game in France in october?

    5. Thorlight
      2 days ago

      @James Duffy: The polish publisher community has exploded since they do everything in house from Poland. Think they have built new printshops there also.

      They dont need to rely on the chinese work force anymore. They dont hafto seend files and get back samples or prototypes. Extremly time consuming and if falts are found a new wave need to be done and sent back and fourth. Happy to live one country over in Sweden from Poland ;-)

    6. James Duffy
      2 days ago

      I am really looking forward to this. And I also am really impressed with the recent surge of excellent games developers coming out of Poland. Seems to be quite the industry there these days. I'm not looking forward to whatever customs misery Brexit brings us but maybe it'll give me an excuse to return for a holiday so I can loot some games.

    7. Thorlight
      2 days ago

      Im in on booth this and tang garden. They are nothing alike what so ever.

      This game kindof reminds me of fields of green with a added block mechanic ;-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion 3 days ago

      Very nice actu, very nice improvements, you rock, keep on going forward!

    9. Missing avatar

      Moshe 3 days ago

      @Striker They are completely different games. The only thing they share in common is the fact that they both have tiles. In tang garden you are all building the same board up, while here you are focusing on your own board. In this game where you place your tile greatly changes other peoples decisions, while in tang garden you are mainly focusing on where you can place your tiles and how it will help you. As a backer of both games, I would say that they both look like a lot of fun, with this game being much more about figuring out the puzzle presented to you each game. (Based on the tiles that will be in that game.) I would say tang garden is much more of a visual game with the theme being MORE of an emphasis than the strategy of the game. So if you can afford both, I think they most definitely both don't overlap. But, if you can only afford one, then I would say you probably are getting more gameplay per dollar out of Solar City than you are with Tang Garden. That being said, if you care more for a visual appearing game then I think Tang Garden beats Solar City.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andreas Kuballa 3 days ago

      would it be a solution for the "plastic insert box vs. planting trees" to produce this inserts with recycled plastic?

    11. Missing avatar

      Moshe 3 days ago

      I really like the updated art. It looks so much cleaner and really makes the game pop.

    12. Games Factory 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @Striker - the games are vastly different though - enough to justify suppoting both ; ).
      @Lisa - Soon, hopefully ; )
      @4th Java - yup, as you say - the amount aboe basic funding goal [50k zł] is counted for purpose of unlocking stretch goals, with set value of 3,5 zł= $1.
      @Andy - we'll see what can be done about this ; )
      @Mathys - as mentioned, juse disputed territory as your location
      @Teowulff - as for now expansions' content is set. Adding new tiles would require some balancing to not upset the base game. That's not a 'no' though ; )
      @Bryce - actually, they're mostly to allow hiding current money and point levels.

    13. Missing avatar

      Striker 3 days ago

      I think that I am out. I support tang garden because there are several languages ​​available and it is very similar to the game.

    14. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion 4 days ago

      OH player sreeen love those, can't wait to get them!

    15. The 4th Jawa 4 days ago

      Or is only the amount above the goal 50k zł added for the stretch goals?

    16. The 4th Jawa 4 days ago

      @Creator: How does the shared campaign calculate the SG level? If I go to the Polish site, it states the funding as 68 236 zł, or around $18.5k. When added to the $56k we have here, we should be at $74k, but the unlock is still stuck @ $60k

    17. Missing avatar

      Andreas Kuballa 4 days ago

      @mathys yes choose disputed territory(umstrittenes Gebiet) as your country.

    18. Missing avatar

      Andy 4 days ago

      I think thicker tiles (at least 2mm instead of 1,5) would be good, especially when you need to pick up tiles from the middle of the board

    19. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      I forgot to chose Essen pick-up. Can I change this?

    20. Teowulff
      4 days ago

      Can't we have stretch goals that add content to the expansions, to make them more attractive? :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Bryce Henderson 4 days ago

      I’m assuming that the player screens are for a variant of the game where players can shield their boards to avoid intentional “take-that”?

    22. Games Factory 2-time creator 4 days ago

      @Felix - we'll be publishing production timeline in a few days but yes, even with some leeway it's a realistic assessment.
      @4th Java - we'll consider tweaks in design, however, current tiles are (in opinion of most people testing the prototypes at various events) quite clear in real life.
      @Camillem - When it comes to translation, we can't promise anything new since our last activity. Metal coins, however, are not probable - they would require much larger numbers than we can realistically count on.
      @Sebastian - about acrylic coins... we'll see how feasible that would be. As for design matters, we'll look into it some more.
      @Will - we sadly have to make some decisions based on feasibility of production. It's not ideal, we agree and it's part of the reason we deccided on the tree planting action.

    23. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion 4 days ago

      About environmental issues, of course each component has it's downside but at least they make the effort of planting new trees, if everyone who used our planet's ressources did the same, we would live in a forest! :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Andreas Kuballa 4 days ago

      Full agreement with thorlight +1

    25. Sebastian On Board
      4 days ago

      @Will Maskell
      You must considet that plastic is highly recyclable.
      For wooden components you must chop some trees down.
      Generally speaking both option havenegative and positive aspects

    26. Missing avatar

      Will Maskell 4 days ago

      What's with all the plastic? It comes across as completely incongruous that a game themed around tackling pollution, with a campaign that's going to plant a tree for every backer is also offering a load of plastic components as stretch goals.

      I really enjoyed the demo of the game we got at the UK games expo and look forward to getting my own copy of the game. I know I'll be in the minority in this but it is a bit disappointing to see so many plastic upgrades given the theme of the game and tree planting promises. As much as I expect this game to be a long lasting part of my collection, and as much as I have to hold my hands up to owning games with far more plastic in them, this game makes me acutely aware that 1st player piece and the acrylic coins are still going to be going strong long after we're all fertiliser for the sky-gardens of the future.

    27. Thorlight
      4 days ago

      Metal coins for a game with 700 backers is a pipedream. Not even games with 10 times the amount of backers or even 32.000 like Rising sun offered that for free as a SG.

      Metal coins are really expensive to produce. Better we stick with gameplay and updating the estetics of the board, tiles and such.

      Keep up the good work.

    28. Sebastian On Board
      5 days ago


    29. Sebastian On Board
      5 days ago

      I would also make the tiles mote colour differenciated, nice bright colours.
      The game looks nice even at the current state, though these sort of changes would make the game more enjoyable.

    30. Sebastian On Board
      5 days ago

      Solar Credits!

    31. Sebastian On Board
      5 days ago

      I wouldn't mind acrylic coins, they could be acrylic discs or rectangles, perhaps of different sizes and colours, or a mix of shapes depending on tge value of each acrylic coin

    32. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion 5 days ago

      @Camillem +1 for french translation!

      But not for metal coin, acrylic would be great but I'm not for metal coins for this pacticular game, I think it wouldn't fit the world, but everyone has it's own ideas, nice to have your opinion and your presence :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Camillem 5 days ago

      Hello ! I Dream about metal coin for this game and i'm sure i'm not the only one, no?! It would be such a gréât SG ! Ok I also dream about a french translation 😍

    34. The 4th Jawa 5 days ago

      @Games Factory While I understand the dystopian vision, the current styling makes all tiles look the same. My complaint isn't with the dystopian image, but the fact that the tiles become indistinguishable, especially on the other side of the table. And since it's a core mechanic to block the possible actions of your opponents it would benefit the game if the tiles are easily distinguishable.

    35. Felix Chu
      5 days ago

      How sure are you on delivery time frame? It says october 2018. When this campaing finishes it will be july already. You have 3.5 months to produce and deliver this game.

    36. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion 6 days ago

      @Jd Crouch without the EB you get the bame at retail price or maybe a little lower still I don't know they have to confirm, but if you pledge now, you plant a tree, you participate in game decisions like for the acrylic/wood decision, you win more strech goals and a lot are KS exclu, and of course you earn the KS exclu, plus you get the base game+2 expansions at very good price, if that's not enough to motivate people, then we won't miss them

    37. Krzysztof Lityński 6 days ago

      @Games Factory: believe me, I'd rather get my games after all the waiting.

    38. Jd Crouch
      6 days ago

      Man, I really think you guys shot yourselves in the feet with the $15 price tag difference between Early Bird and Regular Deluxe. Don't see many KS backers saying "Ah, I missed the early bird, oh well. I'll just pay the extra $15." Realistically, it'll be "Ah, I missed the early bird. Guess I'll just wait til it goes to retail." Which is a shame, but hopefully its a mistake you'll learn from as you move forward with future Kickstarters.

    39. Games Factory 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @The 4th Jawa Maybe you will like the @Andreas Kuballa and @Lisa Henrion explanation, cause this is more what we had in mind making them:)

      @ Barbara Mujka
      Thank you for the feedback, they are much better now, aren't they?
      There of course will be photos of the planting action, but there also will be more than 1000 trees, so it can be a little tricky to make a picture of all of them... I will speak with my colleagues on the monday to maybe resolve this in an other way...

      Thank you for your response and here is our bonus reward for you: we will have our fingers crossed for the German team in one of the next world cup matches!

      @Ijon Tichy - It's just like the LInsoDeTeh wrote!

      @ Krzysztof Lityński
      I read all the topic on BGG and If you have a problem with your refund for some of the other campaigns that are not closed, please contact - he will help you with that!

    40. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion 6 days ago

      Your goal in the end is to make those buildings go green by swapping the tile, so it will look much nicer, if you find one side dull than it will push you to go green :p

    41. Missing avatar

      Andreas Kuballa 6 days ago

      Imho the colours of the tiles represent the dystopic future. War deseases and cruelty behindert every corner but if you advance your skyscrapers to skygardens, the tiles spread hope (green). Awesome style in my eyes

    42. The 4th Jawa 6 days ago

      @Matthew Berkshire I agree that all the grey is muting the art, which is a shame. Piece by piece they all look great but placed together on the board makes it all merge into one grey whole.

    43. LInsoDeTeh
      6 days ago

      You're allowed to modify or drop your pledge whenever you want. Unless it'd drop the campaign below the funding goal in the last 48 hours, you can't drop without contacting support.
      You'll receive all SGs unlocked at the end of the campaign. The time of your pledge does not matter at all.

    44. Barbara Mujka 6 days ago

      Good job, guys (and girl!)
      I played a prototype at UK GE fair and I loved it. It's good that you improved the readability of the tiles - in the prototype, these gray icons could mixed up.

      Will you send us photos from tree planting action? Will I be able to see mine plant? Will they somehow be attributed to the backers and will I know that this is mine(so i can proudly share it)?

    45. Missing avatar

      Ijon Tichy 6 days ago

      Ok, so I just supported your campaign and this is the first campaign I'm here for that's why I have some questions:
      - Can I change my pledge afterwards?
      - At the end I will get all unlocked SG not only those that are unlocked at this moment?

      I really like the climate of rebuilding the city after a global catastrophe, while competing for who will do it better.

    46. Grzegorz Wacławczyk 6 days ago

      Good Job Guys! I will be at Essen to pick up my copy. See You there!

    47. Krzysztof Lityński 6 days ago

      Backers, you might be interested in publisher accountability thread on BGG forum of this game. I suggest reconsidering backing in the light of this and a number of undelivered Games Factory projects in Poland (they were eventually banned from Polish crowdfunding site

    48. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion 7 days ago

      Congrats for the thousand trees!! And much more to come that is awesome! And purple waterfall markers on the first expansion, there is hope for meee :p

    49. Missing avatar

      Lisa Henrion 7 days ago

      Oh I'd like me some WIP images, that's a great news, something I've been meaning to ask but didn't want to push you! Amazing work as always and thanks for the answers!

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