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You love games and you always wanted to create one of your own? Board Game Creative Kit is what you need!
You love games and you always wanted to create one of your own? Board Game Creative Kit is what you need!
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Games Factory: Project and company status

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

Dear Backers,  

We regret to inform you that Games Factory ceases to exist. The company has been bankrupted by it’s CEO.

Before we explain to you everything, we are forced to announce that the BGCK and Solar City campaigns, despite our best efforts, will not come to fruition. 

We are very sorry that everything ends like this. We know that you entrusted us and apologies are not enough to make you feel how sorry we are, but that's all we can do in this situation. 

In the first week of February the president of our company (and also the person who was responsible for all the finances, production and logistics) resigned and fled the country. 

As a result, the remaining director began to learn about the monstrous mass of shortcomings, debts, inaccuracies and lies that were hidden. 

Until the beginning of February, we were running normal, everyday activities in the company, not knowing about it’s real situation and about the financial issues that are going back to the beginning of 2018.

We had a budget for the coming year, a plan for the premieres and production of new games and projects, and also a plan for refunds for the BGCK campaign, made for the whole year. 

All the plans are gone now. We know that at this point it will be difficult for you to believe anything we wrote, but the surprise was for us the same – the person we have known for almost a decade, which we considered our friend, not just a partner, cheated us all, leaving the company without means to continue functioning and with a mass of huge debts that will cost us not only our careers but also make our personal life very difficult.

In the case of BGCK - we have seen the basic products manufactured with our own eyes, but they have been stolen - although we are not sure at this point, because the case was carried out by the president himself. There was 400 copies of the basic product already produced and it vanished. Some – as you know – appeared in Finland. Some… we don’t know where they are. The shop in Finland refused to share any details and we suspect the copies were stolen during transport to our warehouse. The CEO was in charge of logistics and he “offered” to handle the case and try to uncover what happened. We never got a clear answer from him. The company has no means to complete the campaign or refund – it’s bankrupt.

In the Solar City case - all the production information that the president handed to us, as a person who was in charge of this project, turned out to be untrue. 

At the beginning of February everyone in GF - other member of the board and employees - even received the deadline for picking up the game: mid-March. It turns out to be untrue - the production was not paid and was withdrawn from printing house’s schedule. The company has no means to complete production or refund. The work of many people lasting over a year and your commitment has been wasted. 

It is a very difficult situation for us - every day we discover new lies, manipulations and debts. Our employees remain penniless and with unpaid invoices for their work. We apologize to you very much.

We apologize especially to Marcin Ropka and Viola Kijowska - authors of Solar City. We were all deceived. The rights for Solar City went back to the authors in order for them to save the game.

For us, this is not the end - we have long and detailed investigations waiting for us, as well as perhaps lawsuits and, of course, endless debts. For the last 1,5 months we are in discussions with lawyers, debt collectors and companies that demand their invoices to be paid. 

However, all of this will not affect the company's situation - this is definitely finished and with no chance of saving. We never thought that as gamers and game enthusiasts we will find ourselves in this situation - we just wanted to make games and ensure you will have fun with them. We are devastated. We are sorry.


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    1. Jeff N
      1 day ago

      I am getting sick of Kickstarter not offering protection from fraudulent activity within campaigns they are responsible for. It's one thing for backers to make good-faith "investments" in vetted and curated campaigns that Kickstarter has approved, and for those campaigns to make good-faith efforts to deliver as promised, sometimes not meeting the full expectation of their backers.

      It is another thing entirely to allow project creators to conduct their campaigns illegally, stealing our money. Kickstarter is using payment processors in a way that requires them to own some responsibility for fraud protection. I genuinely feel bad for some of the innocent employees on the other end of this campaign, but it sounds to me like something illegal has occurred here, involving embezzlement and theft.

      As a backer of over 500 projects on Kickstarter, I am very dissatisfied with the level of protection we're being given from this kind of improper conduct.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chuck Morris 2 days ago

      You people... you're just not trustworthy, there isn't one single part of this story that I believe, other than the part where you say we are not going to be refunded. The "plans for refunds of BGCK" are the exact opposite of what you have said in previous statements, where you "promised" that we would begin to receive "bits and pieces" of what we paid for.
      I Blame Kickstarter for this personally, when the boxes appeared in Finland they should have stepped in and demanded an accounting, and they didn't. If they EVER let another project with ANY of YOU involved appear again, their board should resign.
      You were duplicitous from the beginning, and when we asked for refunds you should have done so, not try and lie over and over again about... everything.
      I hope this comes back to haunt you in the future, but I doubt anything will bother you as you appear to have no conscious.

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel Diaz
      2 days ago

      I'm sorry to hear such bad news, but you made the bad idea to give all the power to just one person. I hope that at least they are kind enough to give us the name of the person who ran away with our money. It would also be kind of your part to provide us with at least the material that was intended for PDF.
      I hope that in the not too distant future you will be encouraged to relaunch this project, of which I was very hopeful, and achieve some kind of retribution to those who believed in you from the beginning.
      This is not a "goodbye", it is a "see you later", with the hope that they learn from their mistakes and learn to overcome them. Count on me if you plan to make a new project more ahead, but remember that you need good communication with your backers, otherwise not only you lose, but also all independent developers who need platforms like KS so that their projects can see the light .

    4. Erica Campbell 2 days ago

      Yeah, oooooookay then.

    5. Fyl Frazee of Rogue Bard Media LLC 2 days ago

      At this point I'm not even surprised to be honest.

    6. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      sad to hear that, at least it'll make great material for a movie..

      to protect us and others in the future, please give us the name and a picture of the scoundrel!

    7. emspace
      2 days ago

      Well, thems the risks with Kickstarter. Too bad. Will be extra cautious with due diligence in backing future projects. Thanks for the update.

    8. David Destefanis 3 days ago

      Ok thanks for the update. Thanks god I didn't invest too much there.
      Can we at least know the name of this "nice" CEO who fled and cheated us all ?
      That should be the minimum if you don't want him resurfacing and cheating other persons.

    9. Marcel Hauptmann 3 days ago

      In case everything said just now is true: Big Oof!

      I wish you the best in acquiring a brighter future in new careers.