Board Game Creative Kit

by Games Factory

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    1. Missing avatar

      James Turcotte-Chabot on

      Thx guys for the honesty. I appreciate

    2. Jorge Ortiz on

      Thank you for keeping your word on the update. So, for next couple of weeks, could you give us an update of what exactly are you sending? On the 5th and 6th players, could we have numbers of what you have, and establish who is actually getting something of that.
      I think using Backer number is a good idea for repayment and fulfilling.

    3. Missing avatar

      Frank Zilahy on

      Honestly. I’d love to get what i pledged for. Is there a possibility of getting it down the road at some point? Like if you have other successful campaigns you could use some of that money to send out kits?

      I mean, if I have to wait another 6 months at least it’s something and not a loss. Or if you guys send out (if I’m understanding) a core set to appease me, that’s ok, too.

      Thank you for the update.

    4. R and R Game Night

      Thanks for the update. I'm one of 100+ backers that pledged for the Mega Pledge Set. This was significantly more than many of the available pledges including the 5-6th player expansion. What is your plan to refund the difference for these larger pledges? Or as @Frank Zilahy stated...I'm willing to wait for fulfillment of the original pledge even if it takes another 6 months. I've backed many projects here and have seen nearly every example of delay...though I have seen many ship on time as well. Let me know here or by message.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chuck Morris on

      Not good enough, we deserve full refunds, it is not OUR fault that you had the sets somewhere out of your control, why should we shoulder the burden? You have admitted to selling them yourselves, so this is all at your feet. I demand a full refund, not some future payment plan. I paid to help you create these for us, and yet you took it upon yourselves to sell them to others FIRST, and then "conveniently" lost the rest. I personally do not care if your company survives, with these kinds of shady actions, you deserve to be dissolved.
      REFUND NOW, not a partial, half order, FULL REFUND.

    6. Jeff N

      @Chuck -- you do realize this is Kickstarter, right? I mean, I hate it when projects don't go as planned too, but is this your first experience project derailment? I don't think you should pin your hopes on a refund. That just doesn't usually happen on Kickstarter. Some of the much bigger companies offer refunds for a short period of time following the campaign, but it's super-rare and is almost never a possibility after production begins.

      You invested in a project, that involved risk. Kickstarter doesn't guarantee project success. I'm quite satisfied that Games Factory is trying to turn rotten lemons into some form of lemonade for the backers, so we get something out of this.

    7. Jeff N

      @Games Factory - do you intend to continue making "creative kits" going forward, once this campaign is concluded? Or will this product line not continue in the future?

    8. Torsten Stelling

      An update with what i can live if it really works out for you. Good luck guys. If you can send me as much addons as possible. This would be awesome for me. I still wait and have some hopes.

    9. Janusz Kamieński on…

      Well basically... not sure if anyone will get anything anytime soon. They just announced that the company seized to exist because of their CEO resignation and due to loans.

      And they dare to say they didn't know about anything (small company + previous updates here seem to prove different).

      I think Kickstarter should watch who created the fundraise and check if they won't come back under a new company name soon.

      I wonder what next update here will be. If any... cheers fellows!

    10. Jason on

      I wonder if we are going to get an update saying this?