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You love games and you always wanted to create one of your own? Board Game Creative Kit is what you need!
You love games and you always wanted to create one of your own? Board Game Creative Kit is what you need!
445 backers pledged $36,127 to help bring this project to life.

ultimate plan for closing Board Game Creative Kit campaign

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

Dear backers,

Before Christmas and before the end of the year, we would like to share with you the ultimate plan for closing Board Game Creative Kit campaign. We are sorry that you had to wait so long for this information - and we are sorry if that will not be satisfactory for you. We know, it is far from perfect for us, but it is also best way we can solve this.

We want to share with you the current situation, without holding back.

As you know, the case of stolen BGCK ("Finnish") was reported to the police. So far, however, we have not received any further information or even a final confirmation on that case. We don’t have high expectations, and we are aware that Police won’t solve it any soon.

We have to BUY the remaining stock of 90 BGCK from Finland - we have an appointment for that, but as you know, they don’t want to share informations about who they bought it from with us (maybe the police will be more convincing).

This Friday (21/12/2018) we went to our external warehouse where the BGCK items are stored (the parts for add-ons) to recalculate them and check if we can make from them BGCK Core Sets for you, in the place of stolen ones.

Unfortunately - there are too few of them. However, there is more than half of the content.

Nonetheless, this data allowed us to establish the final plan, which is as follows:

1. After the New Year we will order the missing items in such quantity that it allows us to make and send BGCK Core to everyone who ordered it.

2. We will send BGCK Core to everyone who is still waiting for it.

3. We will launch the page with BGCK PDFs - the date will be announced also after the New Year.

4. We will create a list of refunds for amounts paid for ADD-ONs and for 5-6th Player Expansion. Unfortunately the whole sum is exceeding our ability to make all the refunds at once. Refunds will be spread over few months, depending on the amount of refunds and our abilities in this matter.

Note: Personal data policy does not allow us to put a public list of refunds. Information on this subject will be available (the date of the expected date of your return) after sending a request to a special email address. We will share the e-mail address right after the New Year (3rd of january).

5. The campaign will be CLOSED after BGCK Core deliveries and after refunds for ordered ADD-ONs that we cannot provide. As a result of losses incurred by theft, we are unable to provide all of you with either Add-ons or streach goals.

6. Next update will be send on 3rd of January. It will have new steps frow all matters pointed above.

We understand that this solution is not satisfactory for anyone, but it is the only way for us to provide you with products or to get you refund for products that you will not receive, which allows us to continue to exist.

Our finances did not take into account the blow which is theft. The recovery of these funds would take far too long for the campaign to be carried out as planned. Therefore, we were determined to take such drastic and difficult steps.

We are sorry.


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    1. Johann Spemann

      I accept your apology and understand this has been a trying time for all of you - but as others have noted - I would rather a full refund. You know, like I requested months ago and you had me message you with details that you didn't bother replying to. Full Refund. Not partial, not just for the expansions - FULL. Thank You.

    2. Missing avatar

      Porthus on

      As suggested elsewhere, maybe you should send a survey so you have an idea of who wants a refund and who wants to receive the kit.

      As for myself, I would love to receive the kit. So, you plan to fulfill at least some of the pledges is great news! Count me in!

    3. S. Alexander Gentry

      I'm just interested in a refund. I don't care about the core kit at all without the add-ons and stretch goals as it's useless on its own for my needs.

    4. Jorge Ortiz on

      I already consider this money lost, I already purchased components and tiles from a local provider, so I would prefer the full refund.
      A lot of people are asking for refunds, myself included, and as I expressed before, my case is one of the complicated ones, I aseked for the megapledge and added a bunch of addons in addition to everything I pledged; besides, my delivery is to Mexico, which is a really long distance from Poland.
      So, honestly? GF, in my case, do whatever serves you best, if you are out of money for refund, send my whatever you can send, if you are out of components, give me back my money.

    5. Xerxos on

      Full refund please.

    6. Janusz Kamieński on

      Krzysztof Gnutek - same here... I disregarded in favor of the global fundraising.

    7. Andreas Klassen on

      +1 Full refund.

      core set is useless without addons.

    8. Arla Kean on

      Thank you Games Factory for finally being open and honest with us. Thank you for also finally coming up with an action plan. Of course it isn't going to be satisfactory for everyone but I think it's the best option for everybody (yourselves included) to be able to move forward.

      Perhaps you could set up another pledge manager or email form just asking who would prefer a full refund and who would like their pledge with partial refund for those elements you can't provide. That way you will have a definitive list to work to.

      Now that I know its a possibility to receive something I would like to get whatever you can supply of my pledge. It will still be of use to me. I'm not worried about fancy packaging or frills. I'd just be happy to get what I can if possible.

      I hope that in future you can learn some things from this campaign. It was an absolutely fantastic concept but so badly handled. Please just keep in touch with people, even when things are going wrong, because the silence is what breeds rumours and discontent.

      I hope you can all rest a little easier now a plan has been made. Have a wonderful Christmas and see you new (and improved) in 2019

    9. Marcel Hauptmann on

      I wish to get a full refund. Since I've ordered multiple card add-ons, maybe you can use it to make a full core box or two for those who still want it.

    10. Scott OBrien

      I likewise would prefer the full refund of the $246 I paid and forgo the base kit.

    11. Missing avatar

      Wreckit on

      I'm pretty excited for this! It's finally going to become a reality.

      Wishing you guys best and hoping you the best for your company. Merry Christmas!

    12. Jeff N

      Thanks for the updated plan. This seems like a reasonable way to try to get backers something and still remain in business.

      Though without ANY of the stretch goals, the core boxes aren't as filled with content (and value) as I was hoping for. Still a good package, and something I will be able to use, though.

      I'm sure you've done the math on this, but are none of the add-ons (in particular the 5th/6th player) cheaper for you to have re-produced vs. refunding backers? I'd certainly rather have a 90% complete 5th/6th player add-on that you have to have produced in 2019 than go through the trouble of having you refund me $19 for it. Surely you must have plenty of backers who wanted this product? Most would probably take it in a plain white box too -- so maybe this is something to consider.

      I really appreciate you trying to get every backer something from the core box AND ALSO refund them (as your funds allow) for any add-ons they added beyond core boxes. If you can make the math work to have any other parts re-manufactured, I'm sure plenty would be interested.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chuck Morris on

      I just want the full refund, I will let someone else have the pleasure of owning your product, so give me the money, keep the jun... stuff to give to someone else more deserving than myself.

    14. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Gnutek on

      I specifically went for the Mega Box because the ammount of tiles in the Core was to little for me.

    15. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Gnutek on

      Well, that’s gonna be ackward, but since there are people who are not interested in the goods anymore and just want full refund, can you please give them „my money” and give me „their goods”? As I’ve said before on other channels, I was backer #3 here, and stayed here after considering moving to Sending it all to me in Poland will also save you the hassle of international shipping :P

      I believe that instead of the current unsatisfactionary sollution you should make a poll to see what are the actual expectations.

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Full Refund please

    17. Janusz Kamieński on

      I still didn't get answer on why 400 core sets were taken to Essen in the first place. Even for display purposes a few would be more than enough. GF is still avoiding clear answer on this part, which is unfair in my opinion.

    18. Chuck Themm on

      So just the core set, with none of the stretch goals or ad ons and no 5th/6th player expansion? No thank you, I want a full refund. Who do I contact about that?

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel Diaz

      I hope to be one of the lucky few to receive everything. I wish you the best in future projects and happy holidays.

    20. Darian Haplo on

      I also would prefer the full refund for the $195 that I paid.

    21. Davros on

      Oh look, their are the cards that you said you would ship to me after you where done with Essen all that time back.

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul Baalham on

      I agree with Matthew - I wanted this for projects that are going to be 5+ player games. The core set is nearly useless to me on its own. I'd rather have a full refund than just a refund for the 5th and 6th player add-on

    23. Andy Nicholas [MadLad Designs] on

      So everyone who backed will get at least a core set?

    24. Matthew Jacob on

      Is it possible to just get a full refund? The 5th and 6th player add ons were the reason i backed in tge first place. To me its worthless without the extension add on. You also should've just told us what was going on from the beginning.

    25. Missing avatar


      I can only repeat the same things, Paul already said - Please let us know if there's a chance to get everything

    26. Paul Harvey on

      Thank you for this update. As much as we are still in your hands with whatever we receive, this amount of detail is all we've been after from the beginning - several months ago.

      Is it possible that you are able to provide some people with the add-ons and stretch goals? I would certainly like to be able to receive everything I backed, rather than a partial delivery and partial refund.