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You love games and you always wanted to create one of your own? Board Game Creative Kit is what you need!
You love games and you always wanted to create one of your own? Board Game Creative Kit is what you need!
445 backers pledged $36,127 to help bring this project to life.

Current situation summary

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)

Dear backers,

We are aware this campaign is not going how we planned, so here’s little summary of how the situation looks like and how we plan to handle it.

As you know, we had some BGCK Core Set ready during last year Essen Spiele, where we were selling them. Just after fair, we’ve ordered transport of what we had left from Essen to Raben (warehouse company we were working with back then). There were 2 pallets (400 pieces) of BGCK Core Set. About one week later, we’ve got information that pallets are safely stored in our warehouse, so we went back to everyday work. This was exact moment, where we have made a mistake, because pallets contained not Core Sets, but just empty boxes. How? When we have ordered boxes for BGCK, we had to order more than we needed (because of minimum order quantity). Boxes we haven’t used were sent to our warehouse, where they were mistaken with ready-to-sell BGCK. You already know the rest of this story – few monts later, BGCK were already available for sell in shop in Finland, who specialised itself in selling badstocks and „forgotten” goods from warehouses. Before we found out, they have already sold 300 of 400 copies. Cooperation with them isn’t working very well, since we still haven’t received most important information from them – whom they have bought BGCK from. We went with our case to the Police about two weeks ago. Right now, we are still waiting for letter of initiation. As soon as we got it, we will share it with you. We are aware that this whole case may take months to solve, so meanwhile we need to find another solution.

Best solution for us would be to give refunds to all the backers, but unfortunately we cannot do that. Basicly, few months ago we had financial problems – we have managed to get over them, but our financial condition is still tough. Also, we have already put a lot of money into this project, so it would hurt us twice. BGCK was not picked up by courier after Essen, so there is no insurance we could use.

Right now, we are buying Core Sets from shop in Finland (10 euro each) and next week we will count down spare elements we have left to check how many BCGK we can deliver. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do that earlier – first, people who own garage where we store it were abroad, later we had flu plague in our office.

Just after we will count down what we have and what can we deliver, we will share those informations with you.

If we won’t be able to deliver BGCK to all the backers, those who won’t receive it, will get a refund from us.

Best regards,

Games Factory


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alan Arnold on

      Hopefully, this situation can be resolved successfully. I'm certainly willing to wait. I would suggest that a PDF version of the package be created and sent to the backers so we can at least have something to look at and to support those backers who are interested in developing a game sooner than later,

    2. Arla Kean on

      I'm glad we are finally getting a little bit of truth here instead of the usual flim flam and excuses. Please learn from this GF and keep in touch, when you don't speak to us then people get angry.
      Don't get me wrong, I am still annoyed at how badly this has been handled and I'm amazed at how incompetently you've treated your stock, which is your main asset.

      So to summarise, no refunds to be had in the foreseeable future and no product to be had in the foreseeable future. As long as you keep us updated on a regular and more frequent basis, then I am prepared to continue to wait for one or the other but please stop ignoring us!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Porthus on

      I agree with with Seo Crosby. I really love BGCK and I really need it! So, what I really want is to receive BGCK, a refund is secondary for my right now. I only want a refund if there is no way for you to fulfill my pledge, and I don't mind waiting a few months.

    4. Ben Thornton on

      So you had ~400 copies at Essen for sale? Sounds like that was a copy for just about every backer. Why were they not sent to backers as they are the ones who got the project funded.

      I'm glad I backed for the minimum level. I feel for those that have been duped.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nick Roland

      This may not be the best place to be asking for a refund, but I'm going to post it anyways. I read your update and know that a refund isn't available at the moment, but eventually. In that case, I would like my money back. Please be sure to update us when you get to the refund stage, so that those of us who would like our money back can ask for it. Good luck with everything!

    6. Jeff N

      This is just such a terrible situation for a small company to be in. I feel bad for Games Factory. And I also feel bad the backers (myself included).

      Is producing more copies of the kits a possibility? I mean, is this product supposed to be an ongoing line of things for your company?

      I know I'm still VERY interested in receiving my BGCK. And I always hoped there would be a way to get more. Its a neat idea and no one else has made anything similar yet. Sure, some of these things can be found here and there, but these are such nice compilations of generic gaming parts.

    7. Shaun Frost

      Thank you for the update. I understand things happen and this is kickstarter for all the angry people. I will wait patiently and appreciate your update. Overall I hope to get my copies of this project as it looks awesome. Best wishes.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chuck Morris on

      This sounds like... well, the US president telling us he didn't do, contrary to known facts, and then saying, well, yes, I did do that, but it isn't what you think it is, then back to denying the whole thing, then blaming someone else...
      Basically you were selling units pledged, by you, to us, and then lost the remaining stock, that wasn't supposed to be sold, for more cash, because we had already bought them, or, in other words, double-dipping.
      This sound very VERY shady, not to mention duplicitous, and I do not believe I believe anything you say anymore.
      I would like to be refunded my full pledge price, don't bother with more excuses, I do not think you are, or set out to be, honest, so... yes, refund, do not waste any more of my pledge money "trying" to supply something you have already sold to others in my stead.
      Kickstarter needs to bad you, and anyone associated with you, from future drives.
      REFUND NOW PLEASE (before I sic my credit card company on you)
      (and I do believe I have been as respectful and considerate as I can be in light of the confessions of wrongdoing and mishandling of our good faith pledges)

    9. Missing avatar

      James Turcotte-Chabot on

      I agree with Seo. I don't really care about waiting for our kits. I mean, looks like you made a few mistakes and that's ok. I do also agree on the fact that you should make much more regular updates and you have no excuses for this. That's a huge lack of respect to the people who believed in you and your product. The good news is that a few of us think that you can still do the work and get over your issues to deliever a good product.

      Hope to get better news quickly from you guys :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Seo Crosby

      Man that blows. Look sounds like you guys have had a ton of issues. What the other backers have said about communication is accurate. You need a bit of help there.

      I personally don't mind waiting a few more months. Money is already spent and I wanted the product. So I'll be happy to wait a few more months. At this point you may want to find out how many people super want the product, how many don't care either way, and how many are done and just want their money back. Run a survey. That way you can prioritize people into those three categories. If you get enough product start with those of us who have been patient and are willing to remain patient. Then pay back those who are just done and want their money back. Then see what you have left and address those in the middle who aren't to opinionated either way. This way everyone feels they've been made the priority in their section.

      Anyhow best of luck. You've gotten yourselves into a huge pickle

    11. Missing avatar


      I can ease your burden on trying to scrounge together my pledge. Just give me the refund and I'll be out of your hair.

    12. Janusz Kamieński on

      I still don't get it. What's the point of taking all products to Essen "for sell", specially since you mentioned before that you were not selling these (because we should be the ones to get it in the first place). So I see few still not obvious things, that you should explain:
      - Who and how did come out with an idea to take almost all products that were intended for us to Essen?
      - How it is you were selling boxes, while you wrote before that you didn't sell it?
      - You write that pallets had empty boxes, so how it is they were gone in the werehouse and later sold as a valid product? This is not clear still. I can only assume that you had more than 2 pallets of products, of which part was with proper products for us and part with just empty boxes. Empty boxes were to be sent to the warehouse and the rest go with you? But you switched them somehow?

      This is really messy and you should not be surprised that people get furious because of that.

      Few PR hints:
      1) Start being really honest and open to your supporters
      2) Think of hiring a native speaker for your updates and communications - or at least consult with such. We can see some grammatical errors in your messages. Some of the sentences are written really badly; long and complex - that makes you look discredited in others' eyes.
      3) Respond to _all_ comments - no matter how bad it is, how angry people are. Hiding from them is not the good way out.
      4) Don't use arguments like: how much you have to pay for buying stuff from the Finland company or how you were going through the flu - after that happened. It doesn't matter to people how "poor thing you are". Random things happen - sure - but is it really hard to send short update with _facts_ and information that you are getting through the hard time? And explain them right away instead of having an excuses later.

      Work on communication. Right now it is really poor.

      I wish you well. Hope your product will show up finally and be sent to us.

    13. Mike Madigan

      Those flu plagues can be deadly.

      Nothing has changed here, please refund my pledge.

    14. Paul Harvey on

      Unlike Chris, I would prefer more frequent updates. Information about how many kits you are able to distribute, how the police investigation is progressing, etc.
      If you intend on fulfilling as many backers pledges as you can, you need to try to regain the faith of the backers. Ignoring us for a month is not going to do that.

    15. Chris on

      If you're not giving refunds, at least stop annoying us with your babble. We lost. We were dumb and backed you. Now leave us alone.