Board Game Creative Kit

by Games Factory

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    1. Missing avatar

      Frank Zilahy on

      I think you should stop posting updates. At this point you have two options:

      1) deliver the product we payed for and were promised,
      2) refund our money.

      I never comment negatively on anything. I assume hitting a scam once in a while is part of Kickstarter. But your excuses are annoying me.

      Enough words. Actions now.

    2. Missing avatar

      Nick Roland

      I agree with Frank Zilahy. We paid you a large amount of money, and don't want add-ons for a product we aren't receiving. Salvage your reputation and either show us progress on the full product, or refund our money.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alderaine on

      I agree - I would prefer a refund at this point.
      I definitely don't want part of the product - as we all agreed before.

    4. Igor Grécia on

      Same as below, I would like a refund, not some add-ons.

    5. Sebastian Solkrona

      For all you claiming scam - how do you KNOW this to be a truth? I'm not saying it is, but I do like to stay to facts and so far neither the "scam" or the "proclaimed excuses" have been proven true. So as far as I see it might be wise to wait with judgement until when we know more. After all it MIGHT be so that Games Factory have been victims of a crime here, and if so judging is just adding salt to the wounds -of course adding further dismay to someone all ready under hard pressure,wich might cause under achievement and further delay...
      That's why I asked for more proof as a comment in the other post - because it might create some clarity in the matter.

    6. Mike Madigan

      I guess I'm missing something, what good are ADD-ON's if you don't have the core box???

    7. Arla Kean on

      I just find it ridiculous that the copies in Finland are the unsold copies from Essen 2017 and have been in storage since then. Why not sent to us?
      I’m sorry, I have the patience of a saint but the endless delays and excuses on this project is astounding. It’s a box of blank bits of card and components!! If the core box was ready a year ago why so long to get the add-ons? Now it’s been conveniently stolen.

      Sorry. Enough from me. Bored and pissed off and not in the mood to be respectful and considerate right now.

    8. Erica Campbell on

      As we were given the option to get a refund, that's what I've chosen. I've asked for a refund twice now: on 26 Sept 2018 and 17 Oct 2018. Today will make the 3rd time.

    9. BoomTown on

      Refund now please