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You love games and you always wanted to create one of your own? Board Game Creative Kit is what you need!
You love games and you always wanted to create one of your own? Board Game Creative Kit is what you need!
445 backers pledged $36,127 to help bring this project to life.

Board Game Creative Kits in Finland - what happend, and what will we do about that.

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)
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Dear Backers,

Probably you remember something what happend about a month ago – one of the backers noted, that Board Game Creative Kits were on a sale in one shop in Finland. We were very concerned about that, so we started to asking questions, to find out what happend – how is it possible, that anybody has those? As far as we knew back then – they should had been safe in „our” warehouse. This is a moment to explain one more thing to you - we don’t own a warehouse, our company is still not big enaugh. Currently, our partner, Ateneum, is keeping our stocks in thair’s warehouse, but before that, we were using services of Raben – logistics company.

As far as you know, we were selling Core Sets of Board Game Creative Kits back at Essen 2017. After that, they were send directly from Essen to Raben. We didn’t need to check on those, since we had some neccesery copies back in our office.

Just after we’ve heard about this situation with BGCK being sold in Finland, first thing we’ve done, was to contact them, to find out what happend. Simultaneously, we ordered our stock to be sent from Raben to friend of ours, who had garage and enaugh free place to keep it.

Finally, one week later, we could see the package by our own eyes – and on our pallet there were stocked just some empty cartons.

Let’s get back to the shop from Finland. We’ve contacted them, and one of most important informations for us was how did they got those, WHO sold those to them. We were in contact with them, they were trying to help, but gave us no real answers. This was the same moment, when we had to face our financial problems – when we got back to this topic, our contact from the shop was on the vacations and Raben has sent us confirmation, that it was the pallet they’ve got one year ago.

So, summing this whole story up – right now, we don’t have Board Game Creative Kits – they were, in fact, stolen from us.

This week, we’re going to Police, to report what we know, and to start our case. Hopefully, we will be able to get Board Game Creative Kits back, but we we would like to ask you for your patience one more time. We know, that you might be already frustrated with all those delays, and we are terribly sorry for those. We don’t know how to act in such situations, and what could we do, to fulfill your demands. We don’t want to end the campaign – we still belive that we will bring Board Game Creative Kits to you. We will do our best, and we will keep you updated.

Best regards,

Games Factory

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joseph Paulsen on

      I would like a refund.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mohd Faezal on

      refund my money, please.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alderaine on

      How did you get the refund,

    4. Ryan

      For clarification purposes, are you saying that all of the Core kits were already produced before Essen 2017 and that afterwards you had all stock sitting in a warehouse for the last year only to have them all mysteriously been stolen and you only discovered this in the last week?

      I'm glad I already received my refund before this update.

      Games Factory has admitted to lying to backers of another crowdfunding website about a project being stuck in customs when in fact they never paid the bill. Even if this all is true, Games Factory seems to be one of the most inept companies and they've lost my business. Also, they are not some new small company. They're just new to Kickstarter. They've had projects and licensed the production of various major games for the Polish market.

    5. Paul Harvey on

      This news is extremely concerning to me.

      While I would like to believe what you have claimed so far, you have shown us no proof and can't offer any promises that you'll be able to fulfil the orders for the Kickstarter backers.

      I backed the project to the tune of $283.20 US including shipping (almost $400 AUD) and whilst I really want you to fulfil the order, I can't afford to risk that kind of financial hit. I would like to request a refund.

      Should you find yourselves in a position to be able to fulfil the orders after my refund has been processed, I am willing to still pay for the Creative Kit as originally backed.

      Can you please supply us with details of how we can proceed with any refund process you have in place.

    6. Missing avatar

      Danniel Dominguez on

      You Games Factory are the thieves who no longer know how to hide their lack of ethics and unprofessionalism, or who have literally stolen our money.

    7. Sebastian Solkrona

      Your new have many of your backers concerned and for good reasons. If your story is true I'm very sorry for you - that's a tough challenge to handle for a new and little company. If you do it you'll have a chance to restore your respect. So my best wishes if so is the case.

      Some advice on here and now though. Your link to your backers is build upon trust. Since many seems to believe your story unlikely your need to repair that trust. That could easily be done by presenting some believable evidence - a copy of a police report etc. That could help you earn the trust back showing your words are more then only words. So trust - that is your goal and unfortunately right now it seems like you really need it. My best wishes with that!

    8. Dysotek on

      I would like a refund

    9. Igor Grécia on

      I would like a refund please

    10. Mike Madigan

      Wow... I couldn't even make sense of this update, much less the horrid misspellings. I regret backing this campaign immensely.

    11. Marcel Hauptmann on

      So, before the SPIEL 2018, you discovered this big, unfortunate situation, yet decided to present your product at the SPIEL again?

      I know PR and marketing is important, but if you have to deal with a huge loss right now, representing the product that shortly after noticing it seems like a foolish move, to be frank.

    12. Eletria Games on

      How can i have a refund? Thank

    13. PsychicLord

      This saga is fast becoming farce; Walter Mitty meets Pinocchio.

      Please can I have a refund.

    14. yougo

      This takes the cake! I will no longer support another kickstarter campaign it’s over. I’ve backed 30ish project in the past but in the last year alone I had 3 really bad experience do kickstarter even care? wtf is that I’m done fuck this shit scam bullshit

    15. Missing avatar

      Justin Grey on

      Refund time. Work it out with your insurance and lawyers.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nick Roland

      Please let us know what our refund options are. I don't have anymore faith in your ability to finish this product, and would like my money back.

    17. Koen Hendrix on

      Please refund my pledge.

      And please confirm/clarify the following:

      You had a number of Core Sets at Essen 2017, and the ones that weren't sold were sent to Raben. Raben (apparently) received an empty pallet. If you post-Essen pallet got robbed on the way to Raben, that's terrible BUT that happened BEFORE this campaign even funded.

      Were all our Core Sets on that post-Essen pallet? Are you saying that you already had hundreds of Core Sets printed before the campaign finished, left them in Raben's warehouse for a year, and only now you discover that they have actually been stolen?

    18. Missing avatar

      Alderaine on

      The comment on demonstrating loss below is a good one. Best is to refund all backers and claim as one loss.
      I imagine insurance will cover that?

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Raymond on

      I don’t know if this is just a scam or really bad luck but I am done with this campaign. You haven’t communicated very well and when you did it seem like you’ve been dishonest. I have been very patient and have not complained at all. Today I am now in the process of trying to get my money back. I am sorry if this is just really really bad luck but I can just eat $50.

    20. Curtis Arndt on

      While anything is possible, it's interesting that this information came to light only after the majority of backers replied to the last update that they would like to have whatever you had of their kits on hand sent to them instead of waiting for everything. Now you don't even have what you said you had less than a month ago.

      I'm sorry, but I am not going to believe anything else that is posted by you on Kickstarter until I receive my refund.

    21. D Clarke on

      This seems unfortunate, but it was your responsibility to ensure the safety and delivery of the product.

      Witi that in mind, I think it would be reasonable to refund your backers. You will then be able to show demonstrable loss for the theft, because, at present, it is the backers whose goods have been stolen.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mike Raine on

      What's next? Dog ate my homework?
      Abducted by aliens?
      You have a delay of almost 12 months now, with a string of increasingly useless excuses.

    23. Missing avatar

      Seth on

      I think we'd all like a refund. While we may believe this story and feel bad for you as a company, as a consumer it's unacceptable and we have no way to verify your version of the events.

    24. Missing avatar

      vadani on

      I would like a refund.

    25. Nicolas GERARD

      Hello, you write : "Hopefully, we will be able to get Board Game Creative Kits back." So... you know who stole the boxes ? And where they are ?

    26. Missing avatar

      Frank Zilahy on


      I’d like a refund.

    27. Missing avatar

      Isabella Hyden on

      I would like a refund immediately. I have qaited patiently and silent enough but for my first kickstarter that i backed I am incredibly concerned.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alderaine on

      I imagine we all would but it looks like we may have to wait for investigation and hopefully prosecution to repay Games Factory first? But yes if anything can be done it will of course be appreciated

    29. Missing avatar

      Christina Millar on

      I would also like a refund. Immediately.

    30. Missing avatar


      I would like a refund