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You love games and you always wanted to create one of your own? Board Game Creative Kit is what you need!
You love games and you always wanted to create one of your own? Board Game Creative Kit is what you need!
445 backers pledged $36,127 to help bring this project to life.

Anouncement, updated delivery date.

Posted by Games Factory (Creator)


Today we have an anouncement, which is longer than usual. We will try to make it as much specific as it can to describe what happened lately. Also, we will try to describe upcoming changes in Games Factory and answer the question „what now?”.

The truth is that aprroximitely 2 months ago we encountered a very difficult situation – we were very close to bancrupcy. Problems with cash-flow in our Polish activities, along with ongoing production problems in our other projects, impacted us very seriously.

Past months were difficult, but we did not surrender. After many sleepless nights and lots of work, we finally can try to calm you down. The financial situation of Games Factory is coming back to normal. All projects that we were working on, are still ongoing, and will definitely come to you. It is not only about Solar City and Board Game Creative Kit, but also our Polish crowdfunding campaigns.

And what about us now? We are definitely leaving domestic crowdfunding, but we are not leaving Kickstarter. We are currently working on finishing actual projects, and after that, in further future, we plan to get back on Kickstarter with new, exciting projects.

As a part of our convalescence plan, we started a cooperation with the Ateneum company - the biggest polish distributor of books, board games and toys. They are winners of many prestigious business prizes, such as the Diamond of Forbes (2018). Having them at our back is helping us getting back on feet.

And how is all that in the context of Creative Kit?

We are currently considering 2 options:

 - To send all what we have currently, and then, in 2019, send the remaining pieces


- To send complete kits at the turn of 1st and 2nd quarter of 201.

For this moment, we are ready with Core set and addons nr 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

We will be able to produce and send additional elements, such as expansions for 5th and 6th player and additional goals after (a very hard for us) year 2018.

If the divided shipping is „ok” for you, in November we would ship the first part.

Thank you for your patience,

Games Factory


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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Baalham on

      November came and went without anything being shipped out.

    2. Janusz Kamieński on

      @Carl King - perhaps I should. I don't think though I will get the answers we are all waiting for. I feel sorry for their lack of clear communication. They are focusing on some stolen boxes from the Essen, instead of clear messages, deadlines and shipping dates. Perhaps we should get into discussion with them on facebook, since they (and we for sure) can follow the discussion there more closely. Just a thought.

      I am still waiting for the clear information on when the boxes will be shipped. Even without the 5th/6th player add-ons. I am ready and willing to go to the office personally and pick it up there to save them shipping it to me.

    3. Carl King on

      Janusz... If you live in the same city perhaps you could go round to their office and ask what's happening

      GF have been informed by Kickstarter they can't use Kickstarter again until this has been fully resolved and everyone has their pledge according to the email Kickstarter sent to me

    4. Missing avatar

      Hayley Margules on

      I don’t have very much faith the additional shipment will ever happen, even if backers paid for the second wave (which I am not willing to do). It’s not our responsibility to stop a company from going under, certainly not after they’ve been lying to us for nearly a year, and have already been caught in a Ponzi scheme. I’ll be missing out on the Tarot cards (and I assume they’ll never be coming) but I would like what you already have to be sent in November.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nick Roland

      I'm gonna throw my vote into the "ship whichever way is easier/cheaper for your company" pool. We don't really have the full story on what's been happening with you guys, but it couldn't have been easy. The best thing you can do now to keep in our good graces is reliable, frequent updates. Once a week if possible.

    6. Janusz Kamieński on

      I would have to wait for "5th and 6th player expansion", but it can come separately. Actually since I live in the very same city, I would be glad to collect the kit personally :P No additional costs for you :)

    7. Federico Perugini on

      I see my add ons are ready, so would love to have all shipped as soon as possible. How can I confirm to you my choice? Is this comment enough???

    8. Jeff N

      Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you have some additional backing to help get things back on track.

      While I'd like to get something in November, I suspect it will cost you more to do multiple shipments. Perhaps offer split-shipping as an option, if backers are willing to pay for 2 shipments? Its better if GF remains financially stable.

    9. Miles Myers

      I think you should do whichever option is best for your company. You're the one with the financial constraints at the moment. I couldn't care less when I get the product as long as everything works out for you. Kickstarters get here when they get here. I've backed enough projects to know that by now. Keep on truckin' Gentlemen.

    10. S. Alexander Gentry

      And the pdfs promised should be sent out immediately.

    11. S. Alexander Gentry

      Send what you have now, then the rest in January or February.

    12. Mike Madigan

      I don't get it... are we supposed to vote or something? I don't know how shipping what you have now and doing a whole second shipment would be very cost effective if you're financially in trouble. However I agree with everyone else to ship what you have now, so you can regain the remaining (if any) goodwill of your backers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Baddeley on

      I am only interested in split shipping if it does not add to the postage cost for us.

      If that is the case I'd have a slight preference for split shipping - the length of delay, and being mucked around slightly trumps my usual preference for it to be done in a way that works financially better for a board game company.

    14. Urutsini

      I want you to act in a way that is better for you financially. I assume that shipping everything together next year will be better, so then do that. Of course offering split shipping will appeal to the vast majority of backers, but you must consider your own business and well being too. And you certainly don't have a legal or moral responsibility to offer any refunds for delays, don't listen to those people.

    15. Sebastian Solkrona

      Send what you have in november!

    16. Ryan

      As previously mentioned, I request a refund.

    17. Missing avatar

      Justin Grey on

      As a close to $200 backer, please ship what you have now. Thank you for the update.

    18. Missing avatar

      Audrey on

      Please ship what you can now.

    19. Curtis Arndt on

      I agree with the majority of posts I've seen here, please send out what you have now. The delays have been...disappointing. At this point I would rather have half or three-quarters of a loaf to work with than no loaf at all.

    20. Eivind

      Like others have been saying, please do divided shipping.

    21. Jesús on

      I also agree on receiving what you can send now and get the rest next year. Thank you!

    22. Hans Scharler

      Thanks for the update. Please do divided shipping. I ended up doubling my order to use for my workshop. Please ship what we added on using the pledge manager as well.

    23. Jamie & Tim Buckley

      Agree with the others, please send what you have now. Those few add-ons can wait until next year.

    24. Missing avatar

      John Molinari on

      First- thanks for sharing this with us. It isn’t easy to say we are having issues and I applaud your transparency. I agree ship what you have.

    25. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Gnutek on

      I liked the Solar City update more. It had clearly stated the status of the project. Could you just write what are you missing? From those numbers I deciphered that you are missing:
      -tarot cards
      -5 & 6 player expansion - which I would presume: you are missing all the wood components different than the core box?

      What about the crystals and other extras?

    26. Missing avatar

      Russel Fleming on

      Thank you for the update. I understand that it would be difficult to admit to the problems you have faced.

      I much prefer to get what you ship now and to worry about the rest later. Something now is much better than nothing.

    27. Dragonstar

      S'il vous plaît envoyez ce que vous avez maintenant, le reste plus tard.

    28. Andy Nicholas [MadLad Designs] on

      As I only backed the core box (and won an extra core box in the competition) I'd like both of them to be sent ASAP please.

    29. Jorge Ortiz on

      1. Good to hear from you. It's one of the worst things to see the work of your life cave in and be in a legal position of owing thousands to people.
      2. Your reputation and credibility would be as damaged if you had told us this exact same, to months ago, but well, that's water under the bridge now.
      3. Delivery ASAP, and we wait for the second part in 2019
      4. If you are going to charge extra for the second part delivery, I'd rather have those extras refunded

    30. Missing avatar

      Frank Zilahy on

      Ship what you have.

    31. yougo

      Please... please, ship everything you have the sooner the better I can wait for the rest later in 2019 but PLEASE ship what you can

    32. The Cardboard Family

      Divided shipping, and we also stress that -- considering all the goodwill you have burned -- the onus is on you to cover the costs.

    33. Graham House

      Please send out what you have now, the rest later.

    34. Carl King on

      Firstly, thank you for the update, much appreciated.

      Secondly, all the bad feeling amongst backers toward GF could have been avoided if you had been upfront and communicated better and more frequent.

      That said, I am willing to give you ONE FINAL chance IF you stick to delivery in November, and ONLY if you stick to it.

      Irrespective of the consensus, I would like to get the core box and whatever else you have of the extras by the e d of November, but hopefully a LOT sooner.

      If this is delayed again for any reason, I will request a refund at that point.

      I think you need to realise that if you do not stick to this then you may as well forget using Kickstarter again as no-one will give you funds ever again

      You only have to look at the AvP campaign Prodos messed up and they have never used Kickstarter again as far as I know and the bad taste has lingered for YEARS with backers of that project

      I wish you all the best in your recovery an, and I look forward to getting my pledge in the next few weeks

    35. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Raymond on

      I would like to get what you have done and the rest later but I will not pay for more shipping.

    36. Arla Kean on

      I am glad you have finally been able to be open and truthful about what has been going on and I am also glad that you are getting back on track. It's never nice to see small companies struggling.

      I'm also ok with receiving what you have completed as soon as possible. I can wait for the add-ons till next year. I'd rather have something than nothing.

    37. Missing avatar

      ahof25 on

      I would prefer to have my money back. I previously sent you a message requesting a refund and have not received a response.

    38. Nicolas GERARD

      The divided shipping is totally "ok" for me... :-)

    39. Vegard Farstad (Simplicatus Games)

      PS: Assuming that you ship in November 2018, I would suggest that you ask backers who will be in Essen later in October if they would like a free pickup there.

    40. Vegard Farstad (Simplicatus Games)

      I agree with Hampus Ram, if you ship what you have now in November 2018, we can wait for the rest. I assume the other backers also want the kit ASAP to use for design work.

      Also, please confirm that you will cover the extra shipping costs for sending the second portion in 2019.

    41. Hampus Ram on

      In my opinion it is now way better to ship what you have now than to wait. I would feel alot bettee to have gotten most of the stuff now than possibly nothing or all later.