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A system to design and build things in an easy way. Specially Robots. And it's Open Source.
A system to design and build things in an easy way. Specially Robots. And it's Open Source.
720 backers pledged $132,022 to help bring this project to life.

Work in Progress: USB Flash Drive and Robot Brain

USB Flash Drive 

We just got the samples of the "cool" USB Flash Drive that we designed. It will contain all our Documentation, Videos, Blueprints and Software. 

The information will be available to be downloaded for free, but this is our way to say thank you to the ones that backed our project. We will be shipping them just few days after the campaign is finished.

Robot Brain

As we mentioned before, we have in our current production a Robot Brain (DuinoBot v1.2). this is the model you have seen in the pictures and videos. It makes everything easy to use, exactly as it is explained in the Kickstarter project description.

But Julian has been redesigning this version in order to improve it's performance. This has been the work of several months. Some of the features this new version has are related to the memory available, the speaker system, the connectors and the USB drivers.

Here you can have a look at it, when we go into production, we will show you also the process.

Note: If tests go well with the v2.3, we will be able to upgrade all backers with a DuinoBot. Let's keep fingers crossed. In any case, first units of Robot Brains will be shipped in November, as scheduled.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Melvin on

      The latest update says the DuinoBots are about to ship. So did we end up with v.2.3 or v1.2? Sorry if I missed something.

    2. Multiplo LLC 2-time creator on

      Hi CK, thanks!
      The USB drive reward includes the shipping.
      Regarding Ubi, they will not be delivering their hardware to the backers and partners until Jan/Feb 2013. We will have to wait to have a unit to start integration with the system. If we have news before that we will post an update.

    3. CK on

      Cool news! For the USB drive, do I have to add additional shipping fees?
      Well, I have upgraded to building kit and drop the starter kit. Although I may not get it by November, but I think I can wait.
      By the way, any news on the integration with Ubi?