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A system to design and build things in an easy way. Specially Robots. And it's Open Source.
720 backers pledged $132,022 to help bring this project to life.

Multiplo Has Big Plans


Today we want to give you an update about Multiplo's life after Kickstarter. As well as having our own online website for sales and support, we are intending to sell through local distributors in many countries. This means you will be able to enjoy more local support as well as local currency purchases.

While we have not finalized distributor licensing yet, we can tell you we have been approached by distributors from these countries/regions already: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Singapore and Switzerland.

If you don't see your country listed here and you think that there is somebody we should get in contact there, please let us know. Also we appreciate a lot the help we have been receiving these days from teachers that are finding the most creative ways to promote education with robotics.

Fans Everywhere!

We are very glad about the community of like-minded people that is growing around us. From one of our backers we got something unexpected. Martin Romero is a professional industrial designer specialized in satellites. He thought that it could be a good idea to prepare for us some 3D models so we could all see the robots in colors to decide. Of course these are only renders based on a picture we sent him, but in any case, something really cool is happening between the Open Source community. And we are happy of being part of it.

We are becoming famous!

We already included in an update that we have been covered by Mashable, MakerMaster, TechCrunch and Makezine. Since then we also appeared at CNN Mexico, The Tech Journal, Geek and others. We even appeared in several different languages, check it out:


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    1. Multiplo LLC 2-time creator on


    2. Charles Edwards

      It reminded me of Skywarp and the Insectacons from the Transformers. Purple and black with golden accents.

    3. Multiplo LLC 2-time creator on

      @CK: it seems that you are not the only one that liked the black/white combination. I will update about results later on, showing a finished model
      @Carlos: I emailed you, let's keep in touch


    4. Multiplo LLC 2-time creator on

      Charles and CK: Thanks! Which cartoon?
      Carlos: We received your PM. Rudi will contact you soon.

    5. CK on

      Nice rendering! But I still prefer the prototype color you use in the video;) Black and white...

    6. Carlos Malave Solares on

      I would like to be a distributor for these magna robots in my country. I would appreciate if I could have more info. like to whom shall I address this. Thanks!

    7. Charles Edwards

      I really like the bottom one. It reminds me of a certain robot themed children's cartoon from the 80s.

    8. Multiplo LLC 2-time creator on

      Chuck: Thanks for your kindly comments!
      Trevor: We will try to make the parts with different color options and offer them to the backers. But we are working hard in the production and the available quantity of colors will probably depend on the scale of production. Also, please take into account that these are renders provided by a collaborator. But as they look great, we are considering them seriously.

    9. Trevor Lewis on

      So hard to decide. They all look awesome. Is "all of the above" a suitable option? :)

    10. Chuck Marshall on

      The colors in the two middle renders look best! Can't wait for project delivery. No matter the color, this will be some great time spent with my son and daughter!