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A system to design and build things in an easy way. Specially Robots. And it's Open Source.
A system to design and build things in an easy way. Specially Robots. And it's Open Source.
720 backers pledged $132,022 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals & News

Thank You!

Thanks to the 400+ backers that believed that robotics should be for everyone. Every tweet, every Facebook Like, every single dollar counts. We want to expand the scope of this project in order to let backers know how important is their help.

$100k Stretch Goal: Upgraded Rewards

  • In all kits we will upgrade critical parts to a Durable and Lightweight Aluminum!  This is now possible thanks that we can scale production. They will still be 100% compatible.
  • In the kits that already contain gears, we will include an extra set of Multiplo Gears. So you can interchange them and experiment physics with your robots.

$150k Stretch Goal: Improved Functionality

We already have prototyped several robots and expansion sets that are still under the hood. So we will hurry up to unveil these secret experiments. This way backers will get the most out of their rewards:

  • Communication Expansion, with PDF and Video Tutorials [wireless, microphone and other cool stuff]
  • Extra Assembly Guides, that otherwise would take us up to three months to release.

$200k Stretch Goal: Mobile Multiplo

We will develop an Android app to command the robots remotely. We already have a functional prototype and we are exploring a meaningful interaction between mobiles and robots. We need to bring an external developer to put it in good shape. As each single bit of our project, this will be Open Source and released in our public repository for the community to use. 

Collaboration Agreement

You already know that you can use Multiplo to make robots. What could happen if you fuse this concept with a voice activated computer ? We just started collaborating with the fantastic team of Ubi in order to explore integration of both technologies.

With the Ubi and Multiplo working together, you would be able to control the world from the comfort of your sofa and drive Multiplo robots with the Ubi, just using your voice


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    1. Multiplo LLC 2-time creator on

      Hi Jason, I will try to answer:

      1. Minibloq for Mac: We are working on it. Minibloq has been developed using cross-platform tools, but a port takes time anyway.

      2. The DuinoBot is equivalent to an estandard Arduino, with the same qty. of I/Os as an Arduino(R) Uno, but with an extra serial port. The qty. of shields that support daisy-chain connection depends, in general of the shields themselves.


    2. Jason McMillen on

      Oh and how many of these shields and other sensors could you potentially add to a single DuinoBot controller to create a super-capable robot? I notice that some shields seem to allow you to daisy-chain them on top of each other. There must be a max, however.

    3. Jason McMillen on

      Will there be a port of Minibloq for Mac eventually?

    4. Multiplo LLC 2-time creator on

      Hi CK!
      The wireless shields are not needed at all to make Multiplo kits work. The DuinoBot controller is fully functional and includes USB 2.0 plus extra Arduino-compatible communication ports. So you can program it both with our graphical environment (Minibloq) or with the Arduino IDE. The Starter, Building and Monster Kits also include IR Remote control with the IR sensor, so you can start playing with the robots without programming them if you want. This is very useful for beginners and kids, to make the first steps.
      Finally, if you want to add WiFi, Bluetooth or XBee capabilities, then you can add nearly any standard low cost Arduino-compatible specific shield.

    5. CK on

      Communication expansion is very interesting! But is this something we need to add extra in order to make it work or comes built in? Because it sounds like it needs to have wireless shield.