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'Collateral' is an open world, vehicular combat game for PC, set in a cyberpunk, dystopian future.
'Collateral' is an open world, vehicular combat game for PC, set in a cyberpunk, dystopian future.
300 backers pledged $16,057 to help bring this project to life.

Conventions and Greenlight!

Hey guys and girls,

A big thank you to everyone who has backed us so far. The feedback and support has exceeded our expectations, and we are extremely grateful to those of you who have backed our project. We are on course to achieve our $15,000 goal, but we still have a way to go. If you want to help ensure Collateral is successfully funded, spread the word to your friends! 

Recently we have been showcasing Collateral at gaming conventions around the country, such as PAX Australia in Melbourne, and AVCon in Adelaide. These conventions have been an awesome experience, giving us the opportunity to promote our game and receive some great feedback from players. We were also positively reviewed on gaming related websites such as Kotaku and 

Kotaku's 'PAX Australia 2013: Day Three' article likened our game to a five-star dessert, and went on to say that “Collateral is valuable because it has non-standard objectives that don’t always equate to “shoot bullets at other things”, it has sections that basically feel like Crazy Taxi with a flying vehicle. The free three dimensional movement is like the dash of raspberry sauce that really makes it great. The beautifully crafted world is very much a three-dimensional landscape, a well-realised hive with an astonishing number of hidden nooks and cranberries. I mean crannies. What I am trying to say is that you should back Collateral on Kickstarter right now and also that I am currently extremely hungry”.   

In their article entitled 'Six Indie Games You Need To Know About', stated in their review of Collateral that “the handling is wonderful, perfectly capturing the light floatiness that these flying cars always seem to have in films, making it possible to zip between tall buildings at alarming speeds. Essentially, it’s as cool as it looks”.   

In other news, for those of you who are unaware, we are also up on Steam Greenlight. If you want to see Collateral on Steam, don't forget to head on over to Steam and vote for us! 

That's about it for this update. Stay tuned for our next update, in which we will take a closer look at some of Collateral's in-game factions.


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    1. Space Monkey on

      The Kotaku article brought me to this game which I was more than happy to back. I'm surprised the coverage didn't trigger more of a surge in backing, but maybe Collateral needs to be seen in a sustained way on Kotaku and equivalent websites. I've noticed that Collateral wasn't listed in the Rock Paper Shotgun "Kickstarter Katchup", so I'll try writing to these guys to bring their attention on that one, and it would be nice of other backers could do that too. Some updates with more details, possibly footage would help too. There are a number of questions I can think of which could be covered:
      - it's an open world, but do you get the freedom to move as much vertically as horizontally, ie can you travel down freely until you reach the ground level of the city, or is the vertical aspect of the city more limited?
      - what are the control option? Is keyboard+mouse the primary control mode, are joysticks or even wheels supported?
      In any case, this project looks awesome, so good luck!

    2. Dancing Dinosaur Games Pty Ltd Creator on

      Thanks for the review Randomini! We really appreciated it. Great set of articles by the way, a really good run-down for those who were unable to attend.

    3. Missing avatar

      Randomini on

      I wrote the Kotaku article, hope it pulls a few more people in!