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$2,890 pledged of $5,000 goal
Missing avatar By Sharon Lee (deleted)
$2,890 pledged of $5,000 goal

Recent updates

The Show WILL Go On!

Yes! I will continue with the project!
Anyone wishing to contribute can donate via the PayPal link on my website

Same rewards will apply!

The Excitement Is Building!!!

Can we do this??? Will there be a last minute push to get this project funded???

Stay tuned!

3 Days to Go!!!

I am dropping the Squatchmobile off tomorrow morning for a tune up, oil change and tire rotation!  She is so ready to hit the road!

As the donations are coming in I am preparing my route!  I will spend a week in southern Ohio with the Fathom Frontiers, then I will head east to West Virginia for a weekend with the Father of Call Blasting!

After that the route is set to hit Missouri to visit Cryptolinguist Scott Nelson, then to Idaho to Squatch with Brandon Tennant, Brian Smith and Jeff Meldrum, then on to Montana's lunch money!Vortex with Joe Hauser!

The fun doesn't end there as I am going to meet up with Guy Edwards of the Bigfoot Lunch Club, Bobo from Finding Bigfoot, then on to Beachfoot with Peter Byrne and Todd Neiss.  I will then Trvle to The Bigfoot Discovery Museum, then on to Las Vegas to visit the amazing artist Rictor Riolo!  May Wally Herson will will give me some lunch money!

After that on to Oklahoma, then Dallas, then Jefferson, Texas for Cryptopalooza! This is going to be an amazing journey with fantastic footage! 

Stop the Presses!

Thanks to an inspirational pep talk from William Dranginis and a hefty donation from the Fathom Frontiers, I am back in the game!  let's hope as Linda Jo says, some wealthy benefactor will save this project at the last minute!

Go Team Squatching USA!!!

Linda Jo! Don't take down your post!

Thanks Again!

With only 4 days left and not even at half the goal, I accept that the project will not be funded.

You will not be charged anything.  Thanks for trying!

I don't think I will go forward with the project as there doesn't seem to be much interest, and I should probably keep my day job.

Thank you for your support.