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£21,283 pledged of £60,000 goal
By Black Eye Games
£21,283 pledged of £60,000 goal

Questing in Gloria Victis and community news!

Quests that players will find in Gloria Victis are based on those appearing in classic cRPGs. They're multi-path, branching and require players to foresee the consequences of their actions. The tasks are not just about the lives of peasants of towns and villages, but also moral conflicts.

Many times player will have to decide which way to choose and which side to take. Choosing one path makes the others unavailable. As quests progress new dialogue options will appear.

Doing quests for towns will affect player's reputation in a given area. Reputation changes NPCs' disposition: for example, they may reveal some secrets and share new gossip or be rude and refuse to talk to the player at all. Character will start with a moderate reputation and player's actions will then begin to shape it. Reputation may unlock some dialogue options such as greetings or goodbyes.

The NPCs will also talk between each other, listening to them may give player some interesting hints or information.

During quests, player will be able to make use of skills such as: persuasion, intimidation, bluff, perception to get new, interesting information helpful in solving difficult riddles
. There will be various ways to complete a quest. For instance, if quest giver requests an item, player can fight for it, craft it, buy it or acquire it another way.

A lot of information and news will be hidden in letters, books or diaries of the peasants or their ancestors. Knowing lore will come in handy when attempting to make use of these.

In our world the player will come across all kinds of quests. From simple animal hunt, helping with daily chores to social quests, events, solving riddles and investigating crimes.

And by the way!
We are now at our Youtube Channel has over 500 subscribers, our forum 1200 users and there are 1500 likes on our KickStarter. Also, we have just launched Twitter.


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