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£21,283 pledged of £60,000 goal
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£21,283 pledged of £60,000 goal

Update #4 Shox Guard - Anti-Cheat security system.

ShoxGuard is an anti-cheat system which is being created in parallel with Gloria Victis MMO. Currently version 1.0 is ready and it received positive results in penetration testing. The program is based on the author's virtual file system, which provides a higher level of security.

When launching Gloria Victis, ShoxGuard starts and loads the appropriate modules which will monitor activity on the system. With our specialized filter we will catch all kinds of attempts to interfere with the game. Any unauthorized attempt to alter the environment of the game client will be caught and we will be immediately informed with information uniquely identifying the user. The ShoxGuard system works silently in the background and it's low requirements ensure FPS is not affected, even on older systems.

When we created the project we had to ensure that there would be more than one method of defence. ShoxGuard starts with a simple scan of the running processes in the system, ending at the firewall process or interrupt checking at the kernel level. If one line of defence is broken then there will be many more through which a cheater would be blocked.

Another feature of the software is that we use similar address randomization to ASLR, spreading code throughout the memory making it difficult to debug and analyze. This makes it a lot harder to bypass our software.

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