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£21,283 pledged of £60,000 goal
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£21,283 pledged of £60,000 goal

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Gloria Victis debuts on Steam Greenlight!

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A great opportunity arises for Gloria Victis ‒ an independent project born of genuine passion for gaming ‒ to reach a wider audience and earn acclaim from gamers around the world! You can help us ‒ all you need to do is vote for Gloria Victis from your Steam account!

Gloria Victis - Play Now!

Hello Everyone!

As you are all well aware, we have pressed on with our project despite having failed our Kickstarter attempt. We are pleased to announce that the game is currently playable in its Pre-Alpha state with plenty of content and the the barebones of mechanics in place. The player is currently able to roam a beautiful game world, collecting resources, slaying foes and collecting various equipment and weapons. But don’t take my word for it, head over to our Facebook page and watch a gameplay video!

If you are still interested in supporting Gloria Victis and wish to take part in testing as well as providing us with feedback simply head over to this thread for instructions on how to participate in the Pre-Alpha.

Thanks for your continued support!

Pre-Alpha Key Contest!

Our Realistic Medieval MMORPG - Gloria Victis which operates on a Non Target-Based Combat System with Non-Linear Questing has launched Stage One of Pre-Alpha. To celebrate it, we have decided to extend our testing group a bit and let more people into our world.

What should one do to get the key?

Convince us, in an original and creative way, that it is you whose the key should be. The key that will allow you to enter the Pre-Alpha stage and provide a unique opportunity to take active part in developing the game.

Additionally, every 10 shares of this post will result in adding one Pre-Alpha key to give away.

The keys will be provided to authors of the best comments on this post.

By the way, we would like to announce that soon our Facebook page will get totally revamped. That's because we want to inform you about our progress and future releases quicker and easier.

We are in top 100! at Indiedb

We made it trough the first stage. Now we are in the top 100 contest. If you would like to give us your vote you can do it here:

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Update #17 - More screenshots!

Just a quick bit of news for you all today but I hope you enjoy it! We recently added 20 new screenshots to our Facebook, you can check them out here -

Oh, by the way there is the "Indie of the Year" contest over on Indie DB. If you think we deserve it then you can vote for us at -