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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, December 4 2012 5:53 PM UTC +00:00
Black Eye GamesBy Black Eye Games
First created
Black Eye GamesBy Black Eye Games
First created
pledged of £60,000pledged of £60,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, December 4 2012 5:53 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Viktor Magyar on

      Already did for a while now :P

    2. Black Eye Games Creator on

      Meanwhile you an support us by voting for Gloria Victis at http://www.indiedb.com/games/gloria-victis

    3. Black Eye Games Creator on

      We still working, there is nothing to worry about. We will try to share a Paypal soon:). As you can see we going to start again with kickstarer. Perhaps it will be a long time when we prepare better materials and campaigns.
      @Julio Sousa
      Of course, we need programmers. Do you have a lot of experience with the network? Unfortunately, 90% of the mmo game is the network structure.

    4. Julio Sousa on

      I'm so sad this didn't work out. :( I would love to contribute with more but I really can't ATM. What I can do is help in the development process if the devs need/want. I'm and experience programmer/unity developer. I would also love to see this project have a similar business model to Path of Exile. If you need anything Black Eyes Games, just PM me, no matter what it is (except money, I don't have much of that :( ).

    5. stilzkin88 on

      Ready to support again, maybe with more money. Love your project :)

    6. Liahim on

      Waiting for PayPal option... ;)

    7. Jason Dupree on

      I'll be ready to support again and for even more next time around!!!!!

    8. Viktor Magyar on

      Olbert Aarsand I love you for that comment! You just made my day. Anyways Next time it will succeed for sure!

    9. Leo Alexeeva on

      Do not worry, you have my support! Just start next time and you will have my one thousand of pounds.

    10. Missing avatar

      MadJackMcJack on


      I think the the MMO aspect is a huge repellant for many people. I've shown this game to a fair few forums and the response has almost always been "Huh, looks nice, but it's an MMO, so I'll pass." With the failure of many recent big-name MMOs, a Kickstarter MMO looks like an even bigger risk to put money down for then other genres, with Star Citizen being the exception to the rule (and having a weighty single-player campaign and a Big Name at the helm doesn't hurt).

    11. Viktor Magyar on

      @James Binnie

      "Thank you so much guys! Do not worry, we are going to start once more a few weeks later. Also we will open paypal at our site.
      Just stay in touch with us!" - Black Eyed Games (1 day ago)

      I also feel the same way. Just scroll down a bit to see they said that. :)

    12. Infinite Dimensions Games on

      Of course I still hope this project gets funded, but in the event it does not, I am glad to hear you will not give up on this game as it looks to be one of the best MMORG ideas I've seen and something I hope I can contribute to even if this Kickstarter does not meet its goal. On that note, how can we continue to pledge for this game if the kickstarter falls short?

    13. Black Eye Games Creator on

      I think our biggest problem is that, Kickstarter don't support some of cards and Amazon since we have choosen pounds instead of dollars.
      That was a bad move, but no one knew that there are way more restrictions while using pounds.
      Next time we will not repeat this mistake ;)

    14. CDSAfghan on

      1500 Likes and only 234 backers, hmmm? Is it the MMORPG aspect? What do those people need to know to get them to commit? If those 1500 pledge at the current ave. ($76) we'd be over $100 000!
      (All $ in pounds)

    15. Viktor Magyar on

      Indeed it is weird how slowly the funding is progressing, when it really is one of the best projects on Kickstarter. But there's still 2 days to go, anything can happen.

    16. Missing avatar

      Marvin Riess on

      That good news :) i will watch your site

    17. Black Eye Games Creator on

      Thank you so much guys! Do not worry, we are going to start once more a few weeks later. Also we will open paypal at our site.
      Just stay in touch with us!

    18. Missing avatar

      Linsday Joston on

      +1. Btw Joistiq brought me here.

    19. TheWayItIs on

      How the heck this game is going to be not founded?! It's better than 90% of projects here.
      Just pledged for 2000, lets make people see how it should be done!

    20. Black Eye Games Creator on

      Thats great, thank you.
      You are welcome to join our community http://forum.gloriavictisgame.com/index.php

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Smith on

      Just had to back this project been watching your updates on the unity forums for some time..

      Have posted a link to this on my facebook and other pages hopefully you guys will be able to get the rest of the cash in the last 7 days..

      Good luck.

    22. Black Eye Games Creator on

      Thank you so much!
      Anyway, we are going to open PayPal payments as fast as possible and keep development flow.
      Just remember, that if Kickstarter is going to be unsuccesfull you will be charged nothing.

    23. Damjan Mozetič on

      I upped my pledge to £135, I really want this project to be backed!

    24. Black Eye Games Creator on

      hehe thanks;) yesterday we made one too:)
      We hope this helps a little:). Anyway, at this point, the focus is on getting to the big media.

    25. Viktor Magyar on

      Hmm I realized that most of them are quite old, so it's better to upvote a new one (which I quickly made). Here's a link: http://www.reddit.com/r/MMORPG/comments/13koy0/an_upcoming_medieval_mmorpg_gloria_victis/

    26. Viktor Magyar on

      Something that I think would help as much as facebook (or even more) is if it got a lot of attention from reddit. So if possible anyone who pledged, upvoting anything Gloria Victis related would really help. Here's a link: http://www.reddit.com/search…

      I'll post this on the forums as well, in case some people don't check the comments here.

    27. Black Eye Games Creator on

      Thank you so much* ;)
      @Josh Parnell, I love Morrowind too, main theme is one of my favourites!

    28. Black Eye Games Creator on

      That you so much guys!
      We would be so glad if you could help us by telling your friends about our project.
      Together we can do this!

    29. Josh Parnell on

      I am stunned that you guys have not seen more activity. I am awed at the quality of this work so far, and, personally, can't wait to play! Reminds me of so many good hours spent playing Morrowind! :)

    30. Viktor Magyar on

      Some fun facts/statistics on Kickstarter: "Of the projects that have reached 20% of their funding goal, 82% were successfully funded."

      I cross my fingers so that this will be one of the 82%! Two weeks is plenty of time, so let's go out and spread the word for more people to see and hopefully pledge!

    31. Black Eye Games Creator on

      Still trying to draw media attention to our project. Time will tell with what success. You can always support us in this.

    32. Kordian on

      I don't wanna jinx your (our) fund raising but... how are we supposed to find 48K pounds in about 2 weeks?

      The goal seems so far, and so little time... :(

    33. Black Eye Games Creator on

      Such a great idea for an update. :) Just give us some time and we will write a note about it.

    34. Kennethmk-Ranger of the Obsidian Order on

      Not sure if you have an update planned about this, but what kind of variety of weapons and such do you have in mind?

    35. Black Eye Games Creator on

      @stilzkin88 Great! Don't forget to join our forum! ;)

    36. stilzkin88 on

      Finally, a low fantasy mmorpg! Come on, you have my support!

    37. Black Eye Games Creator on

      @bu-sa7ek Yes, there will be healing during combat, but only as healing over time system.
      @Kennethmk-Ranger of the Obsidian Order & @Viktor Magyar
      Thank you guys! Help us make the world know about our game!

    38. Viktor Magyar on

      I was already excited about just Gloria Victis, but when i read Gothic 1-3 which are my favorite game series, I just had to pledge.

    39. Kennethmk-Ranger of the Obsidian Order on

      I am really excited to see this sort of game happening, I'll be sure to pass on the word to my friends.

    40. bu-sa7ek on

      i have a question about combat

      is there will be something for healing like food , potions or bandages ?

    41. Black Eye Games Creator on

      Thank you for your help! We'v just hit 10000£!
      About Mac, its not that simple, since it have to use another anticheat systems, which we already have anyway ;) So yes, at this moment we have build working at Mac.

    42. Damjan Mozetič on

      I really hope this campaign succeeds. I love the notion of a mature and realistic low-magic MMORPG, it was about time someone decided to make it.

      As you are developing on Unity, I was really hoping you could push out the Mac alpha version in the first stage. It is just a matter of compiling for the mac platform, isn't it?

    43. Black Eye Games Creator on

      Thanks for backing us, we really appreciate it! We won't let you down, that's a promise! :)

    44. Niki Kahl on

      Just wanted to leave a comment, saw this game on Steam and after reading about Black Eye Games and Gloria Victis, I decided to throw in my hard earned bucks.
      This game looks like it's worth every penny, and it's not even complete yet!

      Don't let us down BEG! :)

    45. Black Eye Games Creator on

      Housing will work in two ways: first are actual physical spaces in the game's world (unless the owner requests otherwise). Those houses can be acquired by supporting the project on Kickstarter. Houses that will be purchased later, once the game is released, will be instanced (portal-based) spaces. So I'm afraid building villages is not possible, unless they will be an instanced group of few houses (also, portal-based). While it would be an awesome idea to have them appear on the main map, it would be near impossible to manage in an MMORPG game of this sort at current time due to interactions with NPCs, multiple servers and obviously a limited world-space. But if a group conquers an existing castle, they will have management options available, including hiring a guard.

      @Liam Day
      Linux is a delicate topic. Unity supoorts it and we are currently testing that option. It all depends on whether the engine and all of its functions will work flawlessly on Linux.

    46. Missing avatar

      Liam Day on

      Is the Linux client going to be available during the beta or is it a post release feature?

    47. Gallant on

      I'm not that clear on housing, do houses, manors and mansions occupy physical spaces within the game world or are they controlled via a portal system? If the former is the case then will players be able to build alternate structures such as smiths and market stalls in order to form villages? I'm supposing there would be npcs to run these if such buildings existed.
      Thanks guys you're doing a smashing job!

    48. Black Eye Games Creator on

      @Justin Merithew
      We've been talking with each of those websites for a while. Let me just say: soon we'll have a big announcement that was a surprise even for us!
      @ Ryszard
      Thank you! Since Kickstarter began, we've received so many offers from skilled people willing to work that we could build a team twice as big now. Wow!
      @ Kordian
      Great! We're very grateful to Gamersgate for writing about us. Thank you for the support!
      @ Bryanette
      You will be able to be a lord of your own manor and this house will be placed on the main map, visible for everyone. Houses purchased via Kickstarter are not instanced. You will also have a chance to design your house alongside our designers. We may even create special model so you can have your dream-house. The house will be placed on all of the servers and you will be the only person deciding whether its door will stand open to the passerbys or not. :)

    49. Black Eye Games Creator on

      Thanks for your support!

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