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A comedy series about shy, neurotic guys and the girls that they're too afraid to talk to.

Holy crap! We reached $3,000 with days to spare. Thank you to everyone who has pledged! You are amazing and wonderful. For those who haven't yet, please consider pledging a buck or two. We have a little under 3 days left and we want to make the most of it. Our new goal is to raise $4,000 so that we can start pre-production on more new episodes right away and pay our volunteers! Tell your friends and lovers!!

Check out this behind the scenes video from our first two production weekends:


"Girl Crazy" is an all new comedy series written and created by Dan Cohen and Elisha Yaffe. The show follows Josh and Marcus, two heartbroken guys dealing with their newfound singledom in very distinct ways. With music video director Joaquin Poblete attached to direct, the series promises to take an inventive approach to visualizing just what goes on in the mind of timid 20-somethings. If we were to give one of those Hollywood "what-meets-what" descriptions, we'd say "Girl Crazy" is "The Odd Couple" meets "Spaced".

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Kickstarter is an awesome website that allows independent creators to fund projects. Any amount you pledge - big or small - will not be officially donated unless we reach our stated goal of $3,000. You will not be billed a penny until then.

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Good question! Producing any show takes a lot of time, energy, and money. We have an insanely talented crew ready to take a pay cut to help get our project off the ground independently. We have rental houses ready to give us a discount on lights, cameras, and other necessary equipment. That being said, none of it can come completely free. Now that we've done our darndest to bring the cost down to below 10% of what is the industry standard for a production of this size, your generous donations will go to renting the discounted equipment we need and paying our crew.


You probably want to know just who is behind this project, which is only fair.

ELISHA YAFFE (writer/creator) has written, produced, and starred in web series for Fremantle,, and MSN. He has developed television pilots for Warner Brothers and TBS. His sketch comedy videos have been featured on CNN, BBC, MSNBC, The Today Show, and MTV. Heeb Magazine recently named him to their "Heeb 100". He can currently be seen in the Mike’s Hard Lemonade commercial “Beer Aisle” that is airing nationally and in the upcoming indie film "GUS". He is represented by Principato-Young. Find out more about this young go-getter at

DAN COHEN (writer/creator) is a screenwriter, animator, and photoshop artist.  He comes from a background in jazz guitar, including winning musicianship awards Musicianship at the Clark Terry Jazz Festival, and two summer semesters at the Berklee College of Music. He then made the transition to comedy, attending Emerson College and becoming co-head writer of the storied sketch troop, Emerson Comedy Workshop. Dan can be seen in the upcoming web series "Girl Crazy" which is going to be really good. View Dan's work and also dumb photoshops at

JOAQUIN POBLETE (director) is a Los Angeles based filmmaker whose background is in music videos and live concerts. He's directed virals for 826LA and music videos for bands like Freelance Whales (NYC, Mom and Pop Records/Frenchkiss Records) and The Pity Party (LA). His work has been featured on Stereogum, L.A. Record,, and Dublab's Labrat Matinee Series, among other places. You can find his work at

KATIE CLIFFORD (producer) graduated Emerson College with degree in TV production. There she produced "Tennis Balls", a independent comedy pilot for Emerson Independent Video. After graduating in 2008, she worked at Pilgrim Films & TV and ICM Talent Agency.  Most recently she joined Legendary Entertainment in their much buzzed about, newly formed TV department.


Again, totally fair. Here is some of the stuff we have done:


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