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I am determined to get my book printed in the form and quality that I want and put it out in the world.
I am determined to get my book printed in the form and quality that I want and put it out in the world.
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Cleavage in the Royal Library and UK tabloid...

Cleavage managed to get a mention in a right wing gossip column in the UK this past week. .. this came about because of a sculpture of mine that was included in a show that is part of the Campaign for Wool. The campaign is to promote all the uses of wool and the opening was last week in London and I went, and so did Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla and I met them and gave them a copy of Cleavage...which then got a mention here:

scroll down to the bottom where it starts: PS Apropos Camilla

or look on my website:

London was fun and the short amount of time was just fine too, I went to the Tate Modern, the Saatchi gallery, all around on those double decker buses through neighborhoods, went to a giant food market near London Bridge, walked over the Millenium bridge, saw St. Paul's, ate delicious Indian food in Hackney....I didn't get to everything, but I will probably have a stopover there again I imagine .     

     The opening night had paparazzi because of the Prince and Duchess and Colin Firth and Viviene Westwood and whoever.. I had a terrible pair of shoes that did not want to stay on my feet , so I made my paparazzi entrance hobbling along through the entrance with rained on wind-whipped hair... Once inside, us exhibitors were corralled into a side gallery where the Prince and Duchess came to meet us one by one.  I did hand a Cleavage book to the Duchess and she giggled at the title. It was not opened on the spot, they had to move right along, but I'm pretty sure she held onto it for later!

So I guess the woman who was trailing the Duchess was the informant to the gossip column because she asked me a couple things and and was writing notes.

Anyway, for those of you who have their cleavages in my book, you are now housed with royalty! Put that on your modeling career CV!



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Hot Topic, more on Cleavage

I'm proud to announce that Cleavage is now available through

They took some books today. Also in the near future, Cleavage will be going to Paris. I will be too, but I think my book will get a head start. I'm talking with my gallerist about a show in the fall and possible art residency in the south of France. Sounds good to me.

That's the update-a-roonie for now.

cheers and Happy Summer,


Cleavage; The Odyssey

Hi, I know its been awhile, but I just thought I would send an update about what has gone on this year with Cleavage. Early in the summer there was some blogging frenzy starting with, going viral to Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish,,, and more. Just google Bethany Fancher Cleavage and see what happens :) Also this summer, Russell Steele sold my book out of his shop, where Richard Prince saw it and told me to bring it to his gallery's store in the city, the Gagosian Shop on 77th st. and Madison, and also suggested Harper's Books in Easthampton. I proudly announce that Cleavage is on display in both shops, soon to be added to their online venue as they revamp their websites. What else? There is more brewing, trying to find celebrities that will pose and donate a print of their own cleavage for a charity auction of their choice. Anyway, I have my wishlist!
Hope you all are happy with your books,

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Where's my book?

The book part is finished and looks great. I'm waiting for the slipcases to arrive and not sure of the exact date, probably 2 weeks. So , I apologize for saying they will be done in time for holiday gifts. There were technical issues to be worked out along the way that took up lots of time. Send me an email if you would like the book to be sent now and receive the slipcase later. I'll post more info as it comes.

Thanks, Happy Holidays!