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Update #2

Dig: Pre-Production Update


Hello everybody!

We've now managed to raise over $4,600! Thanks again to everyone who has donated, with you're help we are over 70% funded! There's only 13 days left so, if you know anybody who might be interested in pledging money towards the project, please send them to the page:

We had our first "production meeting" yesterday and everything is looking ready to go for the shoot. All permits have been submitted and we have locked down all of our locations. Finally, all crew members have been hired. Among them we have a few more great names contributing their time. Andrew T. Grant, who has managed props on shows such as CSI:NY, The Shield and Buffy the Vampire Slayer has come on board. Additionally, the set decorator for CSI:NY and formerly for CSI:Miami, Cindy Coburn will be managing production design and set decoration. Finally, the photographer Orsoya will be providing behind the scenes photography.

Josh is currently preparing his shot list for the film. He's been prepping every night at out favorite LA coffee shop, Insomina Cafe. This weekend, Josh is rehearsing with the actors portraying college students. Josh is planning a unique rehearsal. He want's the actors to be comfortable interacting as a study group, so he is giving them an assignment. They are to read over Nietzsche's "On The Geneology of Morals" and then come prepared to discuss a set of questions as they relate to the source material. We'll make sure to share some video of the rehearsal for you all to enjoy.

We're now less than one week away from the start of production! It's amazing how fast this has all come about. Thanks again for your support. As things get closer we will be updating you more frequently with fun pictures, videos and content.

-- Travis "Dig" Co-Writer

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