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The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
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David Sears

2,772 backers pledged $252,662 to help bring this project to life.

H-Hour is on the move: VOTE YES on Steam Greenlight


Today SOF Studios took H-Hour: World's Elite to Steam Games. We need your support to UpVote H-Hour on Steam. Click below, register a Steam account if you don't already have one and Vote YES on H-Hour!

Then join us on TWITCH today at 3PM EST for a Live studio broadcast with special guests in a Round Table discussion about H-Hour.

Thank you ALL for the continued support, we appreciate you!

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    1. Creator Mike on March 27, 2014

      That dancing lol

    2. Creator Michael Thompson on March 25, 2014

      Why is it so difficult to vote yes? I can't find anything on that site about H-Hour.

    3. Creator John Hoven on March 25, 2014

      @Michael Thompson, they're reliable. They're like the PSN or X-box live of PC gaming. One of the most popular places to get digital PC games. They'll be releasing a console PC in the near future "Steam Machine."

    4. Creator Paul Ostwick on March 25, 2014

      OK I saw that Jeremiah posted the link. However, the explanation above leaves out a very important detail: YOU HAVE TO HAVE BOUGHT SOMETHING ON STEAM before you can vote. Aggravating. Don't like Steam, don't want Steam....

    5. Creator Paul Ostwick on March 25, 2014

      It says "click below" yet there's nothing to click. What's this Steam stuff? I hope it's some sort of testing, as I specifically paid for a console version of the game and will not be happy if that is delayed because they have now decided to build it for other platforms.

    6. Creator Michael Thompson on March 25, 2014

      How reliable is this Steam site when it is unavailable at 2:40pm? We need to find a more dependable source to get this game up and running.

    7. Creator Casey Johnston on March 25, 2014

      Good Luck team. Got my vote.. excited to be part of this and to continue to see this community grow!

    8. Creator Terrence LeBlanc on March 25, 2014

      I still have not received my Swag pack. Have these been sent out yet?

    9. Creator Jason Silva on March 25, 2014

      love how it says in this post and in your emails to click below, and yet theirs no links.... goodluck.