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The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
2,772 backers pledged $252,662 to help bring this project to life.

SOF Studio's Delivers

Posted by David Sears (Creator)

As we welcome in the New Year SOF Studios is closing in on the completed H-Hour demo you all graciously supported. As we head into fine tuning and testing phases we wanted to share our progress with you all today. 

This is just a slice of our build in it's very early pre-alpha stages. As we head into our next phase our communities feedback and valued input is crucial. Together we will fine tune and test the build to best position us to secure VC funding.

H-Hour: World's Elite is poised to have a very bright future in 2014. We appreciate your continued support throughout our journey together. 

From all of us at SOF Studios have a wonderful New Year and get ready to Green Up!


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    1. Missing avatar

      SHATA EVANS on


    2. SuperSweetKill on

      Are you serious Ryan?! Did you just say that? Base it off counter strike?....Did you play Socom 1&2?

    3. Ryan McKeon on

      Counter-Strike actually has 3 strengths of the Melee, which is ingenious. There is left click which is 15 HP, Right click which is 50, and a very strict back stab (right click) that is an instant kill. You should probably use that as a model for H-Hour if you insist on using melee.

    4. Missing avatar

      Antonio Vazquez on

      I cannot express in words how excited I am for this game. The amount of time I sunk into Socom 2 alone not to mention its successors (and I used that term lightly) S3, fireteam bravo, Confrontation and even S4 even though I thought that multiplayer was terrible I enjoyed the single player. Getting back on topic I love this franchise and I hope it never dies and I only have one issue with that video you guys released, that one hit melee MUST GO! it is not Socom at all I would be perfectly fine with the knife in Confrontation I thought that was Genius. It was very precise and strict but when used correctly it was devastating. These are the kinds of elements that should be added. I've always loved Socom for its hardcore aspect and I can only hope you guys make H-Hour the same way. This isn't Call of Duty..please dnt turn this perfect game into a casual shooter.

    5. Missing avatar

      Samuel Godfrey Jr. on

      Really excited! Just hope the character models get much better. Not feeling the skinny soldier running around like that. But I know its way to early to judge.

    6. Rodger Walker on

      I am so excited i cant wait to access this on my PS4, the Alpha Beta looks very lovely. I am proud to be a backer and thanks for giving me the ability to enjoy an original military game with purpose.

    7. Matthew Heslop on

      Please no unsupported sniping in this game. Run & gun with a sniper rifle is so unrealistic it's painful. It darn near ruins every game out right now.
      Melee seems overly simple.

      Can't wait to see more!

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      The plusses on the video:
      The graphics and the layout of the screen is looks great. The feeling of shooting, zoom in, zoom out, binoculars is good. The speed at which the person falls to the ground: great.

      Challenges as I'm concerned:
      The running of the person looks a little bit slow.
      It is still difficult to estimate the suppleness (smoothness) of movement in a fight, shooting, falling down, stand up, shoot, run, jump, etc.
      I think the crosshair of Socom 2 with faint circle around the center is easier and clearer, for focus en shooting.

      For an Alpha version, it's looks great. Keep on going.
      This video is great to get people excited.

      I'm telling al old-Socom game player to look for H-Hour!
      I cannot wait for it!

    9. thenthomwaslike on

      It can't be one hit kill Melee, the circle strafe battles will disappear if everyone just lunges at each other. There has to be another way to implement melee that isn't call of dutyish. Maybe the way counterstrike does it with 2 different strengths of attacks? Lighting looks excellent and the field of view looks good too, keep working!

    10. Missing avatar

      H-Hour on

      This video is awesome. If those melee elbows knock down the opponent and they take a hit to their health it's cool like separate from a regular melee with a knife kill. Think it definitely needs a knife melee though. Having both would sick. Love the speed with which they run. I feel like it gives rushers a chance against camping bums haha

    11. John Paul Alog on

      OMG haha at the end of the vid