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The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
2,772 backers pledged $252,662 to help bring this project to life.

Mission Completed: H-Hour Is Now A Reality!

Posted by David Sears (Creator)

We hit our first stretch goal of $250,000 within the ending duration of the Campaign, thank you!

Well, that’s a wrap for Kickstarter! For thirty days you have tirelessly promoted and evangelized H-Hour: World’s elite and your hard work has paid off. Thanks to you, we will be entering production of our “near vertical slice” and taking a major step to bringing you the full game. We could not have done this without you and you will not be forgotten. Beyond the simple rewards we offered you for believing in the project through Kickstarter, we will continue to add subtle (and some not-so-subtle) rewards in the game for you and continue to rely on your input as we forge the game into a true spiritual successor to SOCOM.

Over the course of our Kickstarter campaign many of you have asked me “Will I be able to pledge at a later time?” and “I don’t have a credit card. How can I become a supporter?” In response we are offering a PayPal option for you. For one month only you can pledge to the same tiers with the same rewards as we offered during the Kickstarter campaign. And if you wanted to pledge more but ran out of time, you can increase your pledge using PayPal. However, after this limited pledge drive extension ends, no Kickstarter rewards will be available to anyone who did not already pledge. 

We will be posting a follow up update within the next couple of days in which you will be able to donate via paypal at that time.

Thank you all again for the constant stream of kind words, encouragement, and all your stories about playing SOCOM. We’re beyond excited to return to work making a game that is sure to give you many, many new stories to tell for many years to come. We look forward to seeing you on our studio forums.


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    1. UNITEDiFALL on


      Hope you guys bring back the ability to Green up/Red up in the lobbies

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark on


    3. Larry D. Ragland Jr. on

      @David and SOF Studios

      let the games begin!

    4. UNITEDiFALL on


      I think the library will be a lot bigger this time around compared to the first two SOCOM games because for the simple fact that we know what to expect this time around. We've already had a taste of SOCOM with six console games since it's release. When it first launched with the original nobody really knew what the game was or what it was about, but those of us that watched it grow over time learned to love it. All we really have to do this time around is spread the word and get those loyal followers from the first few games. I lost interest after Combined Assault, but after reading and learning about H-HOUR I think it's time we get old friends back together and get the word out there.

    5. Missing avatar

      socomao3 on

      The hostages have successfully been extracted! WOOP WOOP

    6. Edward on

      Looks like the 1st round just started. Now it's time for all of us to REALLY start trying to advertise this game abroad. When the PS4 is released, people are going to be looking for games to play. Their library will obviously be small for some time. This is the angle we should all be looking at, cause once these people who haven't played a game like Socom before get a taste, they will be hooked. This should increase the size of the overall community. I hope anyways. Congrats again SOF

    7. Missing avatar

      s1ERECTION on

      Maps: Fish Hook, Fish Hook, Crossroads, NO GLS or RPGS....Pass= crabs.................GREEN THE FUCK UP BOYS! LETS ROLL!

    8. Ryan McKeon on


      Will continue to upgrade my pledge then! I couldn't handle the amount for the tier I really wanted, but with this PayPal option, I will definitely be able to achieve it!

    9. Eric Tyler on

      Is socom 2 hd even possible? I'm sure Sony wishes they could get their grubby little hands on the money we pledged to get this started! Oww!

    10. StitchedBalls on

      U can change you pledge thru PayPal

    11. Tajackamo on

      It's amazing to be a part of this.


    12. UNITEDiFALL on

      As a SOCOM 1 and 2 fan I can honestly say that this is the best news any SOCOM family member can ask for, and I am glad that I was able to contribute for only knowing about H-Hour on Kickstarter only two days ago. I think most people have moved on with their lives since the end of SOCOM 3 and had finally accepted that what the original SOCOM offered was officially dead. Listening to what you and Tom had to say in interviews brought back a lot of memories to any true SOCOM family member. Rather than thanking us for pledging, we should be thanking you guys for bringing back what we enjoyed about our childhood. Looking forward to see what you guys will be doing.

    13. Michael Justice on

      Looking forward to it!

      Thanks for all your hard work and your interaction with the fans and community. Wish you guys over at SOF the best of luck!

    14. John Doc Holliday on

      Can I add to the pledge I made with my credit card? so I can up my tier???

    15. Axel on

      Thanks for making our dreams come true!

    16. Missing avatar

      mosborn19 on

      Thanks for keeping us involved David! I know i'll be following the game up through release. g^

    17. deadmansprice on

      Will Paypal donations count towards stretchgoals?

    18. Missing avatar

      Brian Zuill on

      Yes very excited about what H-Hour, will finally bring back to the console. Team work and tactical shooter. Thanks to David sears and all of his staff and other who have had the faith in him and also Tom. For myself and and all other fans of the socom franchise. Good bye Socom, welcome H-HOUR World Elite. Also Tha k your all pledgers for making this happen for me as a fan of the game. Sorry one other thing R.I.P. call of duty and all other wack games. Add me people GAMER TAG R-U-IGHT

    19. xPREDICTIONx on

      PayPal extension for the tie-breaker? Well played SOF, well played.

    20. Dark5tatic on

      Awesome Congrats everyone. We the gamers have spoken :)

    21. EQOAnostalgia on

      HELLZ YA! Congrats David and SOF! A victory to all of us involved! I'll see you in the credits XD

    22. Craig Goddard on

      I am very excited for H Hour, please make it the best game you guys can possibly do while making it feel like it is what Socom 3 should have been. Good luck guys, can not wait to see some of you guys in the Private Beta down the road.


    23. Derik Davis uNcRoWnEd on

      I am glad i locked in at a decent pledge. Cannot freaking wait!!!!!!

    24. ACE-SOLO on