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The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
2,772 backers pledged $252,662 to help bring this project to life.

Rewards: Beep and Squelch Tier Added

Posted by David Sears (Creator)
Introducing the new "$500 Beep and Squlech" reward tier, SOF Studios is going to develop a never before seen gaming headset through utilizing advanced military technology for planned shipment with H-Hour: World's Elite. The design will start with you, the gamer, to provide Key Performance Parameters which will be taken to industry leaders for development of the headset prototype. From there, selected gamers will participate in a test and evaluation of the headset for feedback and improvements before the headset goes into full production. Backers at this level will receive this unique H-Hour headset before it hits the market and before H-Hour ships.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Johnny Williams on

      Yes it will work on the ps4

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ashley Behringer on

      So, the headset will work with the PS4?

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ashley Behringer on

      So, the headset will work with the PS4?

    4. Missing avatar

      Flankhim on


      Agreed encumbrance will take too much unnecessary time and resources to balance right. I'm sure it can be really easy to get it wrong. I'm not against attachments, that would be fine. I am all for keeping it simple.

    5. Iv on

      We're getting there fellas! "Paintball ESEALS 69"

    6. Missing avatar

      socomao3 on

      JUST SAY NO to body armor & encumbrance in the game. Jump & climb is a must. Also, a cool map design for the game would be the compound the SEALS raided and killed Osama in, agreed?

    7. Missing avatar

      Samuel J Cordero on

      i would like to see the actual piece of hardware!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kenny Raghunath on

      Definitely have to get this one!

    9. uLTRa (MASTER CHIEF) on

      i'm doing it. i mean... i am already a Master Chief. What is another $100 bucks at this point for such an awesome piece of hardware.

      i'm blowing all my money lol but i don't care. i believe in SOF and when I call myself a backer - i mean it - because i know they will have my back as well.


      Joseph Lopez

    10. Billy F. on

      Pretty cool being able to test it and..

    11. Jake Brucker on

      Bit off this topic, but I would pump up the $50 PS Warrior tier some. Long way to go to max it since you added more slots... they're going slow.

    12. Randy McDowell on

      awesome!!!!!!!!!! It would be nice if this mic actually had a natural effect built in that makes a faint static effect, like you hear in movies while talking . or if it gave that effect in socom when one of your teams communicated offline like jester you could hear that radio sound effect.... that closed boxy sounding envelope effect like its EQ with the bass frequency dropped and the mids and highs are very present. like in this link at :58 sec -1:02 and 1:53-1:55…

    13. John Doc Holliday on

      @David Sears

      Is this a surround sound head set that will be designed for the PS4? i use Tritton AX pros that have like 8 speakers in each ear cup, will this be anything like that?

    14. L on

      Wired/Wireless? Nice touch. Will give it some thought from my current pledge.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Kilpatrick on

      @ Michael, I don't think they were targeting people pledging just for a headset. They were targeting people that were already pledging 3-400 already for an up sale which in my case he was successful..

    16. Michael Justice on

      Question. How is this headset development being funded?

      $500 is a lot of money just to get a headset before everyone else... a headset that I imagine won't cost over $50 at retail. I'm having a hard time seeing incentive to shell out so much money for something that is non-exclusive. To each his own I suppose.

    17. Edward on

      This is such a no brainer. To sell a tactical shooter with a real gaming headset. This will eliminate the background noise that all these knuckle heads who use blue tooth headsets put out. It makes way more sense than shipping the game with the Playstation Move like Socom 4 did. I think people are starting to realize your level of commitment here David.

    18. Edward on

      Stop it already...My heart can't take anymore of this sweet sweet information...

    19. Torrey Garcia on

      socom fans dig deep, lets see those halo and/or cod guys do something like this in ten year #doubtit.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jason Kilpatrick on

      Killing me smalls. I thought i was done pledging. You have my 500 bucks Mr Sears LOL

    21. s1s2DarkAngel on

      I like this. @michael good one ! Lol

    22. Torrey Garcia on

      you know my head set from socom 2 (i got both skus with headsets when they came out) lasted me a decade, by the time the headset died it was held together with tape and wire hanger, i burried in my backyard. i felt it was justified given that it lasted so long, then i went to turtle beach and then damn headset would break every month and half (but it was under warranty) then i switched to tek republic (lasted six months) when i got tired of sending the turtle beach in for warranty now i'm using a panasonic 780 (so far so good). but man those old logitech headphones were made of tough stuff.

    23. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    24. David Aguilar on

      Dammit David Sears your going to make me cancel my vacation for the 4th for this.

    25. StitchedBalls on

      Not a bad idea to market your own headset like SOCOM once did.

    26. Pharo on

      You're killing me Sears! Being broke sucks!

    27. Missing avatar

      Jason Kilpatrick on

      Oh damn.. now you made me want to up my pledge by 100 bucks.. You're good!!

    28. KMorg on

      Wish I had the money for that.. Can't we just buy the headset by itself when it comes out?

    29. Tim Cole on


      Thank you.