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The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
2,772 backers pledged $252,662 to help bring this project to life.

Video: New Kickstarter Project Video!

Posted by David Sears (Creator)

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new Kickstarter video to help push our project to successful funding in these next finals days.

Video on Kickstarter:

Video on YouTube:

Thank you for all your support, we're almost there!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Igor Savoir on

      I play socom confrontations every day en I was woundering when we can play H-Hour.
      Im waiting for the best game ever :)

    2. PAUL-AWOL- on

      Do you have a sketch of how Seth will look ? Are you going with young Seth from the Socom 2 days or older grey Seth from the Socom 4 days ? I say go with the older Seth from the Socom 4 days, that's when he started to slip away from the fans of Socom and went with more of a COD approach.

      I saw he commented here and glad to see him being a good sport. But Socom 4 ruined Socom imo and I won't forget it regardless if he is in a video game. Socom 4 was by far the worst Socom created and I would like for him to acknowledge the 18 who went to Zipper and set the record straight that we stated the game wasn't Socom and too much was missing. We asked for Demo mode to be in the game day 1 and why was respawn the primary mode etc. Socom 4 ended the best game ever made and it's because no one at Zipper listened to the fans. So why fly 18 of us to the studio and not listen to what we had to say ?

    3. Keith Hart on

      Can we shoot Travis Stiener?

    4. Edward on

      There will be no awkwardness on my part. I have to say, I'm very pleased to see him pledging to support this game and it's core values. I'm also glad to see that he has a sense of humor by volunteering to be a villain in the game. Although I sincerely have no harsh feelings towards the guy, I still think it will be fun to take him out in the game. For the record, I apologize for bashing him the way I did.

    5. Jake Osborn on

      We all owe you a huge apology Seth! Thanks for backing this fun and exciting new approach to the classic Socom titles that you produced! Four years ago we were clueless as to who was to blame and we wanted answers. Turban dropped your name a couple of times and the rest of us followed suit. Now if we can just finish up the funding process we can all just let bygones be bygones. I hope meeting SUKMYTURBAN won't be too I'm sure he has a lot to say to you. xD

    6. Missing avatar

      Felix on

      Woohooo, Lobbies!

    7. Randy McDowell on

      oh and i hope the grenades Sound almost identical. cuz that explosive sound was just fierce. those nades put fear into you, made you think about how you move in the game.

    8. Randy McDowell on

      I hope we get a FOXHUNT style MAP>FISHHOOK style map, SUJO style map and shadow falls***

    9. Randy McDowell on

      Thank you Mr Sears, and your krew! Me and my lady are truly grateful that this is happening. I cant wait to play. will be purchasing 4 copies when its released.

    10. Tredogg Twonefive on

      David Sears I just want to thank you for bringing back socom.I pledge money so we can reach our goals and I just wish everybody would just a donate money.just tell many people about H our so more people know about the game itself.
      Travis Woodley

    11. Billy F. on

      It just gets better and better. Somebody slap me!

      Thanks Seth for staying humble as well. That's pretty cool of you to do what you are doing.

    12. Tom Newbold on

      YES YES YES! Strafing battles! :D :D I CANNOT WAIT :D

    13. Tom Newbold on

      hahaha "SoCrack' Man you know your fanbase!

    14. xPREDICTIONx on

      I'm gunning for you Seth. Awesome video!!

    15. applejuicepie1 on

      Very nice video.

    16. Seth Luisi on

      Hah! I am one of the key selling points in the new video. Thanks, I guess... :)

    17. [SS] Snakebite on

      @ first I was like, they are bringing Luisi into this, "withdraws pledge".... then he said 'as the villain to shoot as much as you want'.... "here take all my money" lol

    18. Tim Cole on

      On fire with the updates.


    19. Tajackamo on

      SUGGESTION: Have Seth do multiple death animations for replayability value.

    20. EQOAnostalgia on

      EPIC! Keep em coming! I love watching these.

    21. Tajackamo on

      Hahaha, I was laughing pretty hard there at the end. That'll be a great sell in and of itself.

    22. Blake on

      Just another great update! Keep up the great work David and the rest of the team!

    23. Terrence Lee Bowman on

      Lol @ the end. Great idea, I'm sure Turban will appreciate it.

    24. StitchedBalls on

      Another stunning update this video will help us even more as a recruiting tool on social networks. Again another of many incredible news given to us since this Kickstarter starter. Proud to be part of this Phoneix coming out of the ashes.

    25. TENNESSEE-B on

      Talk about saving the best for last! David, your game is tight.