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The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
2,772 backers pledged $252,662 to help bring this project to life.

Rewards: Stylish & Tactical Groove Tiers Added & Misc Updates

Posted by David Sears (Creator)

This update is all about pledge tiers and rewards.

First, due to overwhelming response to the PLAYSTATION WARRIOR tier, we are doubling the maximum number of slots at this level. Your enthusiastic support for PLAYSTATION WARRIOR has already guaranteed that there will be a PS4 version of the game, but to allow more Playstation fans an opportunity to pledge at this level, we are increasing the maximum number of pledge slots.

Secondly, we’ve added one slot each to SERGEANT MAJOR and LIEUTENANT pledge tiers since these maxed out so quickly. Now’s your chance to grab one before they’re all gone again.

To say thank you to all H-Hour backers at $50.00 or more, we will put your names in the credits of the game for everyone to see forever. Anyone pledging $500.00 or more will have their names appear with special designation.

Due to popular demand, we have added ADD-ONS. These are the FOUNDERS T-SHIRT for $45.00 and the EMBROIDERED CAP for $25.00. These are high-quality items and pricey to manufacture so be assured that we are not making bank on these. We hope that you will enjoy showing your support for H-Hour via your wardrobe.

There are two all-new tiers for you to consider. A $200.00 pledge at the STYLISH level will allow you to wear H-Hour swag in the game, including a virtual hoodie, logo t-shirt, and cap along with your regular gear. Anyone wearing H-Hour swag in-game will immediately be recognized as a key contributor to making H-Hour happen and no one will ever have these items unless they pledged at this level or above.

At the $250.00 TACTICAL GROOVE pledge tier, you will receive a unique victory dance that only backers at this level and above will ever have access to. The final victory dance will be chosen by the community. Finally, we’ve created a visual list of all the rewards by tier. As you can see we aren’t being stingy with the swag—because our backers are worth it!


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    1. RayZ ***H-Hour: World's Elite*** on

      @eddyjay after the kickstarter ends an email survey will be sent so everyone can choose which version they want. It will also ask for shipping address, shirt size,etc. for the tiers that get physical rewards.

    2. Eddyjay Guinness on

      I choose Airman and paid 15$. In the last picture it says that I can choose between the PS4 or PC versions. Where can I state that I choose the PS4 version? Thanks and bring the original Socom back!!!

    3. Edward on

      Where do we decide to pick up the PC version or PS4 version of the game? I'm thinking of picking up the PC version of the game, and later on I'll just buy the PS4 version of the game with the headset. Maybe 2 copies so I can save one perfectly preserved "back up" copy of the game. You know, in case of an emergency! lol ;)

    4. M on

      This is awesome, I can't wait to get my hands on this game for PS4, and bonus, I get my name in the credits? Too sweet.

    5. Testicleez on

      Another thing about victory dances, etc... A lot of people like to fool around at the ends of rounds. I recall seeing tea-bagging, humping dead bodies, victory dances, and many other shenanigans in SOCOM 2 when a round had finished. Not everyone is going to want to be a hardcore spec ops Roleplayer every time they play the game. No one is stopping people from doing that, you just can't take away the fun of victory dances etc from everyone else.

    6. Testicleez on


      There were victory dances in the old SOCOMs, but I think the in-game virtual hoodies and t-shirts might be a little over-the-top unless they were to be ripped & torn clothing that maybe a terrorist would wear.

    7. Missing avatar

      William Burton on

      Awesome Update. I hope we get the last 60k needed to get this game funded, but one thing i don't like about this update, is having the SWAG items, and victory dances in the game. If this is supposed to be a hardcore tactical shooter, having people running around in t-shirts, hoodies, and hats, when they should probably be wearing tactical vests and body armor, is going nerf the experience. Same with victory dances. They make me think of the tea bagging kiddies of call of duty, and Halo. I just think adding these things contradicts the vision we have for the game.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      David it seems like you are going to have a lot of prizes to reward. Hopefully this won't delay the release trying to get people in the game, creating their victory dances, putting their easter eggs in the game etc.

    9. Missing avatar

      socomao3 on

      David, you and your team are truly a gamers dream come true. THANK YOU! ($150 pledged)

    10. Missing avatar

      Joe Newton on

      Confirm the unique weapon is M40A1 and I'll immediately double my donation to get it.

    11. Ara Kouftaian on

      Ok so Airman/$65 does not have forum backer badge or game logo tshirt and the other stuff that PSWARRIOR has?
      only has the game and the two year dlc right?

      what up with that?

      I pledge on PS warrior but thinking on updating to Airman but if does not have those those extras that PSWARRIOR has what the point?
      they are not even going to cost you extra to give to us why is not included?
      included and I will update, I want to have those digital extras .. and I will update $15 more for the extra year of free dlc.

    12. James Pecon on

      Now this is a very, very cool update. 10 days and $68,000 to go. All is looking great. Thank you David and SOF Studios for the new hope and what will be a truly epic game. I did not need all the swag to pledge, but it is a huge bonus. Keep up the great work and GREEN UP!

    13. Missing avatar

      FantastiQ on

      Great update, thank you very much!

    14. Elester Drake on

      This is going to be serious!!.... Seeing our names before the guys that actually created this timeless masterpiece!!.... It's about to go down

    15. Tom Newbold on

      If the unique victory dance is the gangnam style dance then i'll deffo up my pledge from 150 :p

    16. Missing avatar

      Darin Awad on

      Sold. I upped my pledge from $150 to $200. The in-game clothing will be awesome. Nobody will ever have an opportunity to get it again.

    17. xPREDICTIONx on

      Righteous. Great additions, love the unique victory dance & virtual swag, gonna be outlandish as all hell lol.

    18. Aaron Kupniewski on

      I think this update was really helpful.


      that is going to be sick to see my name on a Video game!!!!

    20. KMorg on

      Damn I have to pay $400 to get a unique weapon and character =[ I was wish everyone who backed gets that oh well

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. Tajackamo on

      Great update!

    23. Derik Davis uNcRoWnEd on

      Hell yeah my name will be in the credits!!!!!!!!!!!