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The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
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Graphics: Terrorist Character Reveal & Additional Hero Shots

Posted by David Sears (Creator)
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We wanted to share a few more character images from H-Hour with you. Please bear in mind that these are works in progress and there will be many days of polish and tweaking as we continue to work with the characters in the game.

Click here for a larger image

Click here for a larger image

Click here for a larger image

Click here for a larger image

This last shot was from the previous character reveal.


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    1. Elester Drake on

      Game is looking Sick!! I will be getting a copy for PC and ps4 Oh M G!!

    2. Missing avatar

      SiNnnnna on

      awesome but we really need Reaver or Sabre back

    3. Billy F. on

      Very nice, thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Felix on

      Bring Kahuna back!

    5. Missing avatar

      Felix on

      Zomg, Socom is back.

    6. Edward on

      What about a guy in a dirty Hazmat suit...add some blood and questionable stains...DONE

    7. Edward on

      He needs more facial hair like SUKMYTURBAN lol seriously

    8. Hery Escoto on some other sites starting to notice the game!!! This is what we need to reach the funding we all need for this project!!

    9. Ara Kouftaian on

      Love the eyes quality they look lifelike!
      and PSWARRIOR reach it max potential! of backers! amazing news..
      people keep spreading the word please 200k has to be reach asap this game needs to happen!

    10. Nolan Switzer on

      I love how youre not going with the cliche taliban terrorists! The Serbian mobster looks awesome, hope there will be other mobs like KGB or IRA! Not many games make an Irish player so I think an IRA would be awesome!

    11. John Doc Holliday on


      I Agree, in H-Hour 2 they will be saying "Is that bad ass russian mob character that looks like Nico Bellic gonna be in it"

    12. xPREDICTIONx on

      With all due respect to SOCOM fans and our nostalgia, but lets start a new trend in classic characters/skins. We just had the butcher & the fisherman etc etc on NoCom 4, I'm looking forward to a new chapter.

    13. Fauny on

      I asked about the chef, he called him the Butcher. That would be determined later on , But the chef was the funniest thing i've ever seen in a video game of that seriousness.

    14. AngryKiwee on

      Wow, Thumbs up! Looking Good. Are Bonnie hats making a comeback? :)

    15. xPREDICTIONx on

      Woooooow... I wasn't expecting to come home & see these! Holy shit, great work. That's all I needed to see was the character holding the gun there, noooooooow I can get a better FEEL just by LOOKING at that graphic what the game will play like believe it or not, I may cry now bbl.

    16. Missing avatar

      HandsomeAssCapo on

      Plz make it a classic 16v16 Mr Sears.. :)

    17. John Doc Holliday on

      WOW ...... The Terrorist is Nico from Grand Theft Auto

    18. Russell Phillips on

      Regarding the quality of character animation and movement - David and I flew to San Diego, trained and actually did a majority of all motion capture for SOCOM in those suits with the reflective nodes on them. And who made sure the quality bar was only the best... David Sears! We worked for hours/days with the Seals to understand how they cleared rooms and fought in close quarters so our animations were spot on and it paid off. I'm positive David and Tom will make sure the quality is top notch. Actually... I think David suited up and did some of the very first moves himself on S1. These characters are looking great!

    19. John McGoldrick on

      Looks awesome. I hope the fat yellow Gorton's fisherman guy from frostfire makes a return (in a different map).

    20. Chris B Partnur on

      These look really good!

    21. David Sears Creator on

      Thanks guys! Imagine what we will be able to do when our "volunteers" don't have to sneak work in between their day jobs and other obligations. I am really proud to know such talented artists and hopefully we will be working together on H-Hour very soon.

    22. Ara Kouftaian on

      yeah the Serbian guy looks well done.. GTA alike but the military guy looks heap plastic like if it was made of Unreal engine 3 on the PS3.. make sure to fix the skin, don't make them look like plastic toys.

      good job so far!

    23. Dylan Seifert on

      Already looks better than the next Call of Duty!

    24. Missing avatar

      iShotiiKillz on

      Wow, now that is what I'm talking about. Nice picture of the terrorist and map. That's what I want to see. Really shows how good the character models are.

    25. Aaron Kupniewski on

      Am I the only person that doesn't actually care if these got polished any more?

    26. ACE-SOLO on

      Dope. Thumbs up

    27. Tom Newbold on

      Looks awesome! Id love to see the character from classic 3rd person view!


      wow and this isn't the final model oh my God look sick cant wait to see the final pics

    29. Missing avatar

      FantastiQ on

      Looking great!

    30. Missing avatar

      filmsucks on

      I'm sure I speak for most when I say bring back the yellow coated terrorist or the chef from bloodlake

    31. EQOAnostalgia on

      EPIC! Can't wait to get my hands on a demo,beta, ANYTHING!

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthew J Mondero on

      Silly Serbians and their track suits....haha Perfect, maybe he needs a gold chain. I hope the voice acting is as good as these screenshots. The background buildings also look amazing.

    33. Missing avatar

      Noy Saem on

      Wow this looks AWESOME!!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Gareth Moore on

      The Serbian is looking great. Is background he is against indicative of the level of detail you are hoping to achieve?

    35. [MASTER CHIEF] on

      2nd pic = Crossroads terror base xD

    36. Missing avatar

      Phil Iannuzzo on

      Looks great. Remember, you should have a dedication to quality. Nothing should look cartoonish or significantly unrealistic. Characters should appear and move like real people. That's something I loved about the early SOCOM games.

      Good luck!


      That is crisp!!! Yessir!

    38. FullMetalTech (PSW) on

      Great work SOF. Keep up the great work.

    39. QUNE on

      Looking good!

    40. David Aguilar on

      It's looking good, great detail.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ryan Mangar on

      looks sweet david! They look beautiful =')

    42. Tim Cole on


      Very nice work...

    43. Missing avatar

      Daniel Rodriguez on

      Wow!!!! Look at that!!! Looking awesome!!!