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The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
2,772 backers pledged $252,662 to help bring this project to life.

Rewards: Sea Snipers Revamped Reward Tier

Posted by David Sears (Creator)

In partnership with Sea Snipers and to revamp the $300 SENIOR CHIEF reward tier, we are pleased to announce an update to this tier along with additional information as written directly from Sea snipers:


[As written by Sea Snipers]

We were happy to hear that David was working on Rainbow 6 Patriots, but hearing that he was going to be working on a SOCOM-esque resurgence title made us all nostalgic. I mean, [SS]Snakebite posted this… Green up!

For those that don’t know, we were born into SOCOM 1. Soon after the game released, we started creating overhead maps for tactical purposes and match planning. We released them to the public for free, but people donated to get their clan’s logo on the next map, or to name a building or area on a map.

This is all kinda happening again. SOF Studios has launched their Kickstarter campaign, and the Sea Snipers are signed on to illustrate the maps for H-Hour.

You can donate any amount you like, and every little bit helps, but if you come in at the Senior Chief Donor Level for $300, you’re going to get a limited edition, high quality printed set of our illustrated maps. Awesome.

Between myself ([SS]Rator) and Sea Snipers, we’ve done 640+ maps over 20 titles. Trust me, the maps are going to look sick.

In addition to the printed map pack, if you and your clan can pony up the $300 as a group, we will add your clan’s logo to the FREE digital versions that will be up on the site for everyone to use and for you and your clan to display.

Every clan uses different names for different areas, buildings, etc. so along with your custom map pack with your clan’s logo, you’ll be able to name any and all areas you like on your maps. Um wow. Yes please!.

But none of this happens if the goal is not met in time.

The Kickstarter funding is to produce a playable demo which will be necessary to acquire the remainder of the funding to produce the game on various platforms. Why a demo on the PC?! We’re console gamers here!

The PC offers the path of least resistance from concept to playable. No certifications, no red tape. This is the fastest way to get it done. Once the rest of the funding is secured, it can be produced for consoles.

So a quick look through the different donation levels on their Kickstarter page and you can see some of the great content that David has planned for this title. In fact, at our $300 donation level, you can see some of the sweetness we know you’ve been looking for. Clan tools like “invite member” and creating your own clan logos and mottos. Nice. Do want.

This is shaping up to be a great competitive shooter, with real-world warfighters and techs ensuring things are accurate, and creatives that can translate and balance that into gameplay.

We’re excited to be involved in this project with some of the best in their respective industries, and can’t wait to start testing!

Please donate what you can on the Kickstarter page, every little bit helps.


Our partnership with Sea Snipers furthers our intentions to make H-Hour: World's Elite become the spiritual successor to the original SOCOM games while providing you with the opportunity to get a one of a kind deal. Thank you for your support and if you're up for it, make a pledge at the $300 SENIOR CHIEF reward tier!

You can learn more about Sea Snipers at their website here:

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    1. Nizel Adams on

      Haha look at my old clanmate Sniper X getting some recognition. Glad to see you guys are onboard again.

    2. Michael Justice on

      "In addition to the printed map pack, if you and your clan can pony up the $300 as a group, we will add your clan’s logo to the FREE digital versions that will be up on the site for everyone to use and for you and your clan to display"

      I'm not sure I understand this statement. I'm in a clan, and we would like to come in at the $300 tier. Does that mean each of us has to pledge $300? Or can we split it among ourselves, and if so, how? Please get back to me asap!

    3. [SS] Snakebite on

      Grifter and a lot of our original gang is still around, even the Socom 1 team!! HOOYAH!

    4. Chris B Partnur on

      Sea Snipers were a big part of the original SOCOM community, so I'm so happy to hear they're involved in H-Hour!

    5. Missing avatar

      Orson Keller on

      I printed off your socom 1 maps and laminated them10 years ago, they are awesome, the detail and different levels in them are awesome, looking forward to these in h-hour

    6. James Pecon on

      Now that is awesome. Great to see you involved with this project. Looking forward to checking out the new maps when this game comes out. Keep up the good work and G^

    7. EQOAnostalgia on

      Total kick ass in a can! G^!

    8. John Lobanowski P-Dub_206 on

      Do you guys smell that? Smells like AWESOME!

    9. Testicleez on

      Awesome! I felt like the old Socom 1/2 maps were perfect... They weren't too varied or complicated, but just right.


      Might just be me, but I'd rather not have destructible environments. It would feel too much like the new Battlefield/stereotypical-FPS games. I'm hoping for that old, classic Socom feel without many (or any) new-age FPS game features that take away from the gameplay itself.

    10. (VOW) Craig Jones "WitIsWisdom" on

      That is completely full of awesome...

    11. Tajackamo on

      I still remember your earliest work after you guys advertised on the IGN SOCOM board. Your maps really were stellar and helped me geek out a bit by printing them and devising strategies when I should have been studying for my college exams. Hell, I had become so obsessed with SOCOM that I was going over the maps while IN class.

      Anyways, I told you guys back in day I appreciated and admired your work and I still do. I can't wait to see your new work and lay my eyes on the new H-Hour maps to get my mind working again!

    12. Robert Vera on

      Will H-hour have destructible environment ?

    13. Scott Woodbury on

      Sweet jebus, If Grifter is around still tell him I said HI!


      that is sick! cant wait!!!

    15. Eloy Garza III on

      I miss the force button