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The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
2,772 backers pledged $252,662 to help bring this project to life.

Team: Announcing SUKMYTURBAN as The Official Gamers Conscious

Posted by David Sears (Creator)
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    1. Edward on

      @John Doc Holliday To follow me blindly, without hesitation, is to say that a grown man has no idea what I like and dislike about Socom. That is to say that they follow me strictly because I make them laugh. I don't know if you were paying any attention, but I've made well over 100 videos in regards to what I like and dislike about Socom. I think these grown men have seen enough to know that they can take my word to the bank when I say H-Hour is something worth supporting. I always find it amusing when people say that about my subscribers. So what you're basically saying is that a grown man can't rely on my opinion about a video game even after watching hours and hours of video on my channel right? I don't know why I bother responding to this stuff.

      Will I bite my tongue if things aren't going well with the game? I can see your concern there, as I'm sure a lot of people are wondering the same thing. The answer is a solid NO, and I mean HELL NO. I will definitely voice my opinion directly to Tom and David in a constructive and civilized way. I will not take the same route I did with Zipper and Slant Six. Why? Because SOF is treating me and the community like we matter, and they actually listen, and that's precisely why I started on Youtube. I was silenced because I had an opinion they didn't like.

    2. Testicleez on

      This is awesome news. I have great expectations for this game.

    3. John Doc Holliday on


      I would not of expected you to flame me, but one of your followers because they follow you blindly without hesitation. All that I'm saying is that I feel that David Sears chose you because of your rabid following, when I feel that there are more deserving people who have the best interest of the game in mind. An example of this is that right after you posted that “half ass” video somebody wrote in the comment section of the kickstarter something along the lines of I'm here because Blackwido88 sent me, I buy anything that he recommends and I don't buy what he doesn't recommend, this is a full grown adult male and he follows your every word almost instantaneously (pretty sad). So for this reason I totally see why David chose you, you have over 12,000 followers on YouTube (all socom fans) and if one 10th of them donate a hundred bucks the game is made. I am not attacking you in any way I just felt that the guys over at (which I am not even registered for and have no affiliation to) have a deeper knowledge base of socom and tend to be more passionate about the game itself.
      But I will say this, you have extremely deep ties to the socom community. While the others at Sof Studios will probably be looking at things from a technical standpoint you will be doing it from a player standpoint. Being that you do have 12,000 socom followers chances are that they will bring up more points to you that you can directly pass on to David Sears than anybody else.
      The one problem that I do see is that you are the face and voice of the socom community. In your videos you call it as you see it when shit is not right. But being that you have your hand in it and they're flying you out and asking you your opinions, are you going to bite your tongue when you see something that you feel is not in the best interest of the game because you've got close with the developers?
      Lastly, socom came out 11 years ago, if you have been playing since the first one we are all the MAN/breadwinners in our household by now. Also I don't really follow your videos but when confrontation came out I watched quite a few (funny stuff), then after Socom 4 came out and I saw a video that you said we should support Socom 4 because if we don't we may never get another socom game again. Sorry but we haven't had one since Socom 2, how can you tell your followers to support that hot steaming pile of shit?

    4. kingGILLEY on

      I would have liked to see the TRS crew take this role, after all the hard work they have done over the yeas, but Turban will be a great asset with all of his followers. You're the voice of the fans Turban, enjoy it.

    5. PAUL-AWOL- on

      I'm happy for Turban. Sony kicked him to the curb when 18 of us were selected to go to Zipper and beta test Socom 4. I always felt he should have gotten a golden ticket like I did. He has contributed to getting Socom back to the roots for many years and there is one thing I wanna say "cut that beard cuzzz !! " LOL.. jking man. Have fun Turban and shoot it up.

    6. Missing avatar

      Zack Bennett on

      Holy shit is this real life anymore?

    7. [BRN] Spazz Brown on

      Dave looks like he just smoked a S#!t ton of pot in the still image of this vid

    8. Missing avatar

      SGP421 on

      I get the feeling that Sony would have made the exact same selection lol

    9. Missing avatar

      Darin Awad on

      I think David made an excellent choice in utilizing Turban to help shape the game. Obviously David knows it is still his game and he has ultimate say. Having Turban in the same room won't hurt a single thing. Turban will stay within himself and not let this go to his head.

    10. Billy F. on

      As long as we don't cut out in any say I'm fine with Turban. I have the same outlook as he does, and agree with the majority of his opinions. We just need to make sure it's left up to all of us in the production of the game. Again, good going getting Turban aboard!

    11. Edward on

      @John Doc Holliday Ordinarily I would flame you over something like this, but I've learned that it's not worth my time to jump all over people's sh#* all the time. Anyway, I made that video in a haste because I just got wind of the progress of the game, and instantly I saw a dire need for support. I knew about this title long ago, but didn't really see any light at the end of the tunnel. After realizing how serious and potentially real this title had become, I acted like any Socom fan...I did whatever I was capable of doing to help out as fast as I could.
      Sure the video was, as you called it,"half ass," but that's for simple logical reasons. I have a 3 year old son and I foster children. I am the bread winner in the house, so I have to be a MAN on a daily basis. I have priorities that supersede trivial things like video games. I'm not even set up for a dazzling video, with my typical flash and preparedness injected into it, like I always did in the past.
      I did in fact utilize my following to help inform people of this potential Socom community revival. (you got me there but...) You go ahead and ask Luke,rev,etc...if they think David has made the right choice. You don't have to come back here and tell me what they said, because I already know the answer.

    12. John Doc Holliday on

      ok heres where i get flamed and burnt to a crisp but i have to say this, I think its great that turban is on board, not because of his socom knowledge but because of his large fanbase that follows everything he not saying he doesnt have vast socom knowledge but when we needed him to make a video at first he made a half ass video with the water running and all bad information in it also.
      I truly feel that the guys over at should of been our voice lukenbacher,rev,etc.... they never gave up on socom ever. Turban got his fanbase by making funny videos. I think he was choosen strictly for his following. I hope David Sears made the right choice.

    13. Richard Conforti on

      Been watching everojn of turban's vids since Confrontation came out. Guy is heeeelarious!!!

    14. [BRN] Spazz Brown on

      Good deal congrats Turban. Quick question, Let me preface this by saying I like turban and 90percent of his ideas but does the community still have a say??? Like say P2T vs. Open mic??? For the record I prefer P2T.

    15. Boomer on

      You could not have picked a better person! This is great news. Turbans thoughts and ideas are usually how the whole Socom community is feeling. Congratz to EVERYONE including myself because this is AWESOME news for all of us! I just might have to bump up my Pledge now!!!

    16. FullMetalTech (PSW) on

      Sweet. WTG Turban. Congrats!

    17. Tom Newbold on

      Wow! He really really deserves this. This is a very smart move! I now have 100% confidence in this project being a success... I cant believe how well everything is falling into place.

    18. Gino on

      NOW THAT IS WHAT IM FUCKING TALKING ABOUT!!!! About dam time! A real gamer helping to make a real game!!! Congrats Turban you made it!!! Jackass!! Hit me up and I can get you some real tac gear!!

    19. StitchedBalls on

      Glad to hear this news !! It's just feels like days since he was reluctant to join us,and told me to put a rubber band on my balls on Father's Day. Hold on it just was days since he did it. But I will keep the rubbber band on my nuts as a reminder. Hope this brings the fans closer and more needed pledges.

    20. EQOAnostalgia on

      OMG, this is epic news, WOW man! Congrats turban! I been watching your channel for a long time bro! David Sears, this is a really kick ass thing for you to do man! Much love and respect!

    21. applejuicepie1 on

      Make sure he knows he has a responsibility to take into account EVERYONE'S views and opinions and not use his position to further his own personal views.

    22. Missing avatar

      Eric Nofsinger on

      This just made my day, not just because im a fan of widow but because he truly does know (or at least what I believe to be) what fans are looking for. The only thing I request is that the greatness seen in Fish Hook is brought back to life with a similar normandy styled map.....THAT IS ALL!!!

    23. Jonathan Victor Santos on

      Wow he did. This is great news.

    24. Missing avatar

      FantastiQ on

      Great update and great potential!


      nice one of us are in the with the dev team nice job!!

    26. Warcraftress on

      Bravo! Very VERY happy with this. Thank you Turban! Thank you Dave and SoF!

    27. Missing avatar

      Joseph on


    28. Missing avatar

      SD6 Timmy on

      great news! please have socom 1/2 strafe speeds!

    29. Manrique Roque on

      Great news! I enjoy his vids.

    30. Lewis (MrMarvellous) on

      go on my son , Sukmyturban u legend !