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The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
2,772 backers pledged $252,662 to help bring this project to life.

VIDEO: PS4 Announcement & New Reward Tier

Posted by David Sears (Creator)
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    1. Missing avatar

      Timo Pirilä on

      Hi 2 all. We support u David over here in Finland 2! Keep up the good work. Socom 1&2 = two best wargames and communitys ever!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jon Ola Aunan on

      Socom best game ever made Jonga82_NOR

    3. YuppyKiller on

      David Sears,

      We SOCOM Vets who have been playing since the original SOCOM are very much ready for the game that we all knew and loved. Unfortunately the closest thing we have to that is SOCOM: Confrontation, which a few of us still play, (even with the cheating) just because we love the series. SOCOM 4 was absolutely horrific, and I hope that is why you sparked up the idea to bring back the ORIGINAL reason that the shooter genre is where it is today. You and your team basically paved the way.

      We (vets) would have been happy with a SOCOM II in HD, but the move to put a next-gen SOCOM-like game will be beyond what we could've asked for, and we fully believe that with you in charge, this game will be nothing short of absolute greatness.

      You've listened to the community, you understand what we want, and you're willing to give it to us. I've pushed your movement on Facebook and have already had a few people contribute. I have no doubt that you will reach your goal and then some.

      We appreciate everything you do David.

      Good luck, and Godspeed!


    4. Missing avatar

      Noy Saem on

      Just pledged. Let's keep the movement going and make this happen! Can't wait LOL

    5. kingGILLEY on

      I want it on the PS4, but I donated more than $50. Are you telling me I need to decrease the amount I pledge to make sure this makes it to the PS4?


      Sony never announced anything since the shut down of the Socom 2 servers...But David Sears did with the answer we all been waiting to hear. And this is our best chance at getting what we all deserve to be playing other wise we won't be getting anything close from Sony.


      My heart was racing as if I was playing Socom 2 when I just pledged!!!!

    8. Evil sukoide on

      Please everyone collaborate, on forums, facebook, twitter, youtube, friends, family, social networks, SOCOM IS GREAT!!

    9. Evil sukoide on

      Here translated

      Hi sorry my first time is not very correct English, I am a big fan of the two parts of socom 2, the community has been fractured to see how socom in recent years has lost its roots and roots, I am proud of someone has what fans want a socom in its original essence, we do not copy cod, Uncharted ago, fans of this series who want a third person tactical shooter, this genre has been orphaned, there is a unique game in socom oferezca the market.

      We want the original socom personality, a tactical game in the third person, by God we are tired, ENOUGH COPIES OF COD, Uncharted SYSTEM WITH COVER, SOCOM WAS A GREAT GAME SALES MILLION SOLD, JUST NEED SOMEONE LIKE YOU HAVE DAVID SEARS PERSPECTIVE AND LOYALTY TO THIS ISSUE.


    10. Evil sukoide on

      Hola lo siento mi primera vez no es el Inglés muy correcto, yo soy un gran fan de las dos partes del socom 2, la comunidad se ha fracturado para ver cómo socom en los últimos años ha perdido sus raíces y raíces, me siento orgulloso de alguien que tiene lo que fans quieren un socom en su esencia original, que no copiamos bacalao, Uncharted hace, los fans de esta serie que quieren un shooter en tercera persona táctico, este género ha quedado huérfano, no es un juego único en socom oferezca el mercado.

      Queremos que la personalidad original socom, un juego táctico en tercera persona, por Dios, estamos cansados, COPIAS bastante de COD, Uncharted SISTEMA CON CUBIERTA SOCOM FUE UN GRAN VENTA DE JUEGOS millones de unidades vendidas, solo necesitas a alguien como usted han DAVID SEARS perspectiva y LEALTAD PARA ESTA EDICIÓN.

      Lo siento mi inglés es bastante malo

    11. Tajackamo on

      My biggest concern with needing to meet the 500 quota is that it will discourage new potential pledgers from exceeding $50. And we all know we need these pledges to be as large as people can afford. Perhaps there is a way for those at $60+ can state their preference for a PS4 version to add to the tally?

      In any case, I'll continue to spread the word and attempt to track down everyone I used to play SOCOM with. Keep up the great work! You have no idea how much this means to us here.

    12. David Sears Creator on

      Thanks you guys. We were happy to make this tier happen. Just a small show of faith from the community and we will make sure that the PS4 version of the game happens. All it will take is 500 SOCOM fans saying "yeah, I want that experience again" and H-Hour can deliver it.

    13. David Sears Creator on

      Basically all the PLAYSTATION WARRIOR means is that if 500 people pledge to it, we at SOF Studios commit to securing the extra funding we will need to make a PS4 version of the game plus we will make sure any digital perks you already pledged for work with your PS4 version of the game.

      Any tier we add to the campaign below the tier at which you've already pledged just gives you more stuff. In this case, it gives you a choice between a PS4 or a PC version of the game when we ship.

    14. Missing avatar

      FantastiQ on

      Please answer some of the questions here, thank you David!

    15. [MASTER CHIEF] on

      These pledge tiers are getting more and more confusing.
      Every time a new one appears, I don't know what it means to the one I already backed.

    16. Missing avatar

      OUT FOX EM on

      We're going to have to spread the word more if there's any chance of this succeeding. Right now we are averaging about $3500 a day (which is dropping daily). In order to fund this project from this point forward, we would need to average about $7800 a day (more than double the current average).

      Go through your friends lists on Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live and let people know about it. $15 gets them the game. That's all it takes.

    17. Jason Silva on

      Awesome! I preordered my ps4 yesterday! I backed u up with the 100 $ option.. will I still get this?

    18. Tajackamo on

      Concerning the 500/500 requirement to guarantee a PS4 version:

      If those pledging more than the $50 is looking for a PS4 copy, does that factor into the decision for cementing H-Hour on the PS4 or does the $50 pledge specifically need to meet 500/500?

    19. Hery Escoto on

      This was all I needed to hear!!!!

    20. Ghost on

      thanks David! Awesome news

    21. Warcraftress on

      Wonderful! Thank you David!

    22. Tom Newbold on

      This gunna make alot of people happy!