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The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
The creative director of the original SOCOM games wants to bring you the spiritual successor to those breakout PlayStation 2 shooters.
2,772 backers pledged $252,662 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Steve Green on May 11

      I too want my money back. There is clearly no intention of releasing a PS4 version.

    2. pharmac on May 8

      We are now coming up on your ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF YOUR LAST UPDATE. Any ideas on how to celebrate. Like giving the BACKERS WHO PAID GOOD MONEY at least key to play this sucker without paying another $10. BTW, it has been in early release for a year now, can we now officially call this dead?

    3. Missing avatar

      king_ruckus on April 22

      I'd like a refund. I backed the PS4 version and that was estimated for release last year. We're almost in May of 2016. There's an early access PC version and no news on the PS4 version.

      If the PS4 version ever drops I'll buy it then. Until that time, I just want my money back.

    4. Lincoln Thurber on April 9

      This game is dead for any possibility to see a PS4 port. The forums are tightly controlled and there is a total scrub of any mention of PS4 on FAQs or official statements.

      When is the last time that you saw a game studio webpage that had SCRUBBED away all employee bios? There are no bios, there are no named workers in any section. Their About Us page has one and two sentence descriptions.

      If you look up the company there are either six employees or four, it is hard to tell. It is either they have never updated their profile with outside sources, or it really is three or four people only one of which programs.

    5. Jason Silva on February 27

      i second that, this is complete bs for people who backed the ps4 version! We should be given the steam version for free until ps4 comes out! this is such a slap in the face to your main audience!

    6. Gustav on February 2

      Wats happening? Can we get some news, Can PS4 backers get someting while we apperently wait for ever for te PS4 version.

      When can we expect that this game is complete?

    7. Missing avatar

      kickstartsomestuff1 on February 1

      So is this vaporware or what?

    8. pharmac on January 5

      I had actually forgotten about this...I suspect that is what they want us to do...forget as they have no intention of fullfilling. I am a PC backer but I will be dam**** if I am ever going to see anything besides a velcro patch from this.

    9. Jason Silva on January 3

      is there a way to contact kickstarter to get our money back?

    10. Tharshan Kailas on December 23

      This is what they told me :

      I am very sorry you feel that way. The game development of H-Hour on PC only began in October 2014 after inital investors were secured. The Kickstarter funding level reached was only enough to create a proof of concept that was used to then secure those investors to start the build.
      Developing games takes a long time unfortunately. As a backer you would be entitled to a steam key so you could join everyone in playing the Early Access version of H-Hour on Steam if you wished. For PS4 a second round of investment will be needed and there are a few who asked the studio to open discussions with them when the game is substantially complete. That is currently targeting Spring 2016.

      As to a refund, I am sorry but crowd source funding is a donation meant to show support for a vision and are not refundable. If you would like a steam key, I can certainly do that for you and get you into H-Hour now. The studio does appreciate all the support they received from the community which has helped us get the game to where it is today. I hope you will decide not to give up on H-Hour and stick it out with us all!

      what a joke bunch of frauds

    11. Missing avatar

      Troy Mills on December 7

      It is great that you are getting a hold of people that pledged over 1,000. Will you guys ever be collaborating with the pledges and designing and shipping the head sets, and what are you planning to do for all the people that pledged for a ps4 version? At the least they should get a free PC copy at no charge, and if ever PS4 happens they should still get that.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan Lloyd on November 10, 2015

      Is it possible to get our money back? This is terrible.

    13. Devon OO7 on November 1, 2015

      They're selling the game on Steam, I pledged $70 dollars, why don't I have a code?

    14. Marc Tanksley on October 14, 2015

      Hellllloooo where is our h-hour for the ps4, your Kickstarter says around January 2015...... In 3 months it will be January 2016!!! All I know is when Jan 2016 comes around I will get my money back one way or another.. Tank173 out

    15. ShadeShow on August 13, 2015

      this is horseshit. Havent got my reward fulfilled yet and no ps4 at all. deception fraud

    16. Jason Silva on July 5, 2015

      if there is no ps4 version, than i want my money back. I did not back for a pc game.

    17. Scott Thompson on May 28, 2015

      H-Hour is so much fun. I joined a great community on steam. The TieDyeCrew (TDC). Playing it with a Ps4 Controller via Ds4 and or Xpadder. I prefer Xpadder. Weekly updates and SoF Studios says there is a lot of content coming this month. The game feels like socom. I look forward to the future playing H-Hour.

    18. Chris Thieblot on May 7, 2015

      You guys better give the ps4 people the PC version at least..

    19. Missing avatar

      Leo (deleted) on February 2, 2015

      project is def a scam but by no means a cash cow. alpha access is being charged at $300 and $45 for beta. It shows sof is desperate for money. don't expect anything from david. prepare for early access disappointment in march.

    20. Missing avatar

      NEODOT on January 23, 2015

      What's the deal now, the guy we backed leaves. Looks like one big cash cow scam now. I think David needs to have some integrity and explain this bs.

    21. (USA)MATERHEAD on October 26, 2014

      Whats hhour going to be like without David Sears. Should we expect a socom feel kind of game now?
      Hope all is well with him.

    22. Trond Klakken on October 25, 2014

      @Matthew, read the creators comment 6 posts down ;)

      Updates are coming out on their website

      @Creator: Hope you post a final update here when we can play the game ;)

    23. Matthew Heslop on October 20, 2014

      Can we get a sitrep? No updates since April 2014.

    24. Missing avatar

      Castle on March 27, 2014

      Now on steam greenlight, everyone go vote yes for H-Hour on steam!

    25. Michael O'Connor on January 2, 2014

      My apologies! I initially thought I paid 10 dollars more than I did.

    26. Michael O'Connor on January 2, 2014

      Got my patches the other day but no tshirt. Were they supposed to come all at the same time? Not really a big deal but I was excited to have the shirt.

    27. John Paul Alog on December 24, 2013

      I just received my patchs

    28. Raymond "Infamous_Snake_" Montoya on December 9, 2013

      haha alright pink thanks! Also Hey guys i made an H-Hour video when the kickstarter was on and alot of people liked it. So i made another one which is a "Live Action" trailer and i hope you guys enjoy it as well. Heres the Link>>>>>>…

    29. Creator David Sears on December 9, 2013

      Hey Folks,

      This is Pink and I have hijacked the KS account from David so he can focus on game development :)

      The best source for updated intel is our website at and our MOD staff is at the ready for any questions you may have.

      As for the rewards, USA is scheduled to ship before Christmas (as outlined in a past update so check those spam folders) and International shortly thereafter. As those packages require a customs form for each one and will take a little more time.

      Thank you so much for your interest and support of H-Hour!


    30. Missing avatar

      kyle on December 8, 2013

      Same as well no rewards yet

    31. Missing avatar

      kyle on December 8, 2013

      When's the demo drop for the game ?

    32. Benjamin Lopez on December 5, 2013

      I haven't receive any patch how they know where to send them?

    33. MARK CAYCO (DEAD-DROP) Sgt Maj on December 3, 2013

      I really miss this forum..... I've been busy with baby/wife life, but just got my SWAG and felt nostalgic and motivated! I just told a Navy SEAL here in San Diego about H-Hour and will email him links/info to spread the word to that community!! I hope all you guys are well!! DEAD-DROP on PSN.....playing GTA V till H-Hour...creating some very SOCOM-esque missions....


    34. EQOAnostalgia on November 30, 2013

      Can't wait to see that demo in action. Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone happy holidays! Plus both my H-Hour Patch's kick ass! I'm totally keeping my signed letter too!

    35. David Aguilar on November 15, 2013

      People are getting their rewards based on their pledge. It's working it's way from lower tiers on up. They're not going to ship multiple individual items. They will ship all your rewards at once as soon as they're available.

    36. Jason on November 9, 2013

      @ dead, check the h hour website.

    37. D-E-A-D (Beep & Squelch) on November 9, 2013

      its now 11/8/13 I haven't received any of my rewards. i am a BEEP AND SQUELCH Tier. just want to know whats up exactly some other people already got there stuff and im in the US they are out of country

    38. Harry Torque on October 13, 2013

      I received my patch a week or so ago, I'm in Netherlands. Very high quality patch, I'm well pleased!

    39. Missing avatar

      Matthew Vito on October 10, 2013

      I haven't received any of my rewards yet. Anyone else not receive their stuff?

    40. Missing avatar

      Matthew Vito on October 10, 2013

      I haven't received any of my rewards yet. Anyone else not receive their stuff?

    41. David Aguilar on October 7, 2013

      Who got a patch? I haven't received one yet.

    42. Edward T. on August 31, 2013

      Any fan of Mega Man here? Check out Mighty No. 9, lead by Inafune himself:

    43. Edward T. on August 21, 2013

      Everyone, please help fund Tread Lightly, a very interesting puzzle game with a very modest asking budget. It only have less than 3 days left, please help make it possible for this game to exist.

      Also, check out the gameplay below:

    44. Derik Davis uNcRoWnEd on August 10, 2013

      What was the final amount with paypal and kickstarter combined?

    45. Sebastian K. on August 2, 2013

      @Craig Jones: Welcome Commander! :D

      By the way: If some of you guys ar listening to folk/country music you might want to check out the Project of Lindsay Bruce: (only 6 days left)

    46. (VOW) Craig Jones "WitIsWisdom" on August 2, 2013

      I am proud to say I am now a Mobile Command backer! :)

    47. D-E-A-D (Beep & Squelch) on August 1, 2013

      @Quentin NICE!!! i'm also super excited!! i can't wait for my military grade headset. but the beta i bet is going to be fun to play for sure. I can't wait to be a part of the beta team and help make this game something huge.

    48. Quentin on August 1, 2013

      Just pledged again and now i'm ready to beta test the game, can't get here soon

    49. Missing avatar

      Jillian Dougherty on July 29, 2013

      I had to pick PC or ps4 on the survey even though I don't own a ps4 nor do I own a computer that will support gaming. If you do make Xbox available down the road will I be able to then change it? Otherwise..... Can I get a tshirt instead? Lol. #saddenedbythis

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