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President Dog, Baker the Corgi, and an entire cast of critters star in this collection of pet-themed comics by Sam Logan.
President Dog, Baker the Corgi, and an entire cast of critters star in this collection of pet-themed comics by Sam Logan.
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Goal Hit: Double-sized crowd scene!

Posted by Make That Thing (Creator)

Our first stretch goal has been hit! That means I'll be adding a full second page to President Dog's audience, packed full of critters! The finished piece will be a double-page spread in the book. (And, if we hit our 19k goal, an extra print in every gilded pack.)

As with the first page, I'm looking for suggestions for potential audience members... either particular types/breeds of pet, or particular costumes for some of 'em to be wearing. I encourage all our backers to make suggestions in the comments to this post! (But I'll prioritize suggestions from folks who didn't get one in on the first page.)

And with that, we're already well on our way to our next goal... spot gloss for our covers. Woo!

 'Til next time, team.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Darius on

      How are there no snakes yet? We should have a snake. Any snake will do.

    2. Ryan Thornton (Physics) on

      What about like, an axolotl for something really bizarre and exotic

    3. Missing avatar

      Joel A Butler

      How about a sloth bear, spectacled bear, or binturong?

    4. Tina Hollands on

      Some fun loving ferrets!

    5. Missing avatar

      Sam Whitmore on

      FigPig? A pekingese? Wombat or llama!

    6. Missing avatar


      Dachshunds! Never enough doxies. And, since mini and standards have many colorations and coats, the more the merrier!

      Ruh roh, someone is feeling left out... she wants to see a tri-color, deer-legged chihuahua, too.

    7. John Gillett on

      I'd love to see a bearded dragon on here. My wife lost her beloved pet recently, and that would be awesome.

      Meet Gizmo :

    8. Stephanie Noell on

      I’d love a Xoloitzcuintli!

    9. Missing avatar

      TCBurkes on

      I’d like to see a para-rescue Newfoundlander or The Littlest Hobo

    10. Missing avatar

      Donna Cochrane on

      I would love to see a papillon, maybe with a crown because they are rumored to have favorites of Marie Antoinette

    11. Luke Gustafson on

      A tree penguin is needed

    12. Missing avatar

      Govic on

      A bat, wearing a brown suit with yellow button-down undershirt and a black tie. (What Bruce Wayne always wore in Batman: The Animated Series in the 90's.) Billionaire-Man Bat.

    13. Michael on

      I'd love to see an Owl Bear but I'll settle for a Duck with a viking helmet.

    14. Missing avatar

      Scott Nicks on

      Pet Wombat anyone? Anyone?

    15. Under the Wagon / Karla Pacheco on

      Inspector Pancakes, please!!!

    16. Nathan on

      I would like to see a bichon frise in the audience. I also think the octopus & press goldfish were good additions and a crab would fit in with them.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bryan Toth on

      Penguins are cute, and I don't see a single one in there yet! That's quite the travesty. Gentoos sound like squeaky toys (…), so they'd fit right in with all these dogs! ...I hope.

    18. Missing avatar

      LeonardQuirm on

      Could there be a small Netrunner reference in there? (Just because I love Netrunner and it's been cancelled).

      Either Princess Space Kitten (a pink kitten with a crown and an astronaut bowl helmet - or Dinosaurus (a dinosaur-shaped computer -

    19. Taint

      Bahrain Delmun cat please :) ( lovely cat, fairly unknown breed. Happy to send photos.

    20. Kyle McCowin on

      French bulldog in a luchador mask. (You already did my press-hat goldfish)

    21. Sian

      A burmese cat in a bow tie please? :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Erik Silva on

      A beagle or a dachshund (or a beagle/dachshund mix)!

    23. MeghanB on

      Would love to see a chameleon with a top hat and an over-sized monocle!

    24. Gabrielle

      A fancy tuxedo cat would be super cool!

    25. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      I just want to see a borzoi. Just an uncanny long boy.

    26. Missing avatar

      Oona Okragly on

      I would like to see a Russian Blue cat; like my Gandalf!

    27. Tim Cummings on

      A barred rock rooster in a dog costume.

    28. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      Just leaving my other two suggestions from the first page: German short-haired Pointer or English Spring Spaniel

    29. Missing avatar


      A large black lab as a five star general. If seen, tail should be shaggy.

    30. Ali Grotkowski

      A black cat rolling large green dice!

    31. Meezmole on

      I feel that President Dog would have the support of immigrants - he sees inclusive. How about a tanuki? An armadillo? I'm another vein, can we get Princess Monster Truck in there?

    32. Edward T. Jurina

      I'd like to see some ducks or hedgehogs. Thanks

    33. Missing avatar

      Adam O'Reilly on

      I think Chewbacca or some Ewoks would look darn fine in the audience.

    34. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      If you're looking for more cats, can't go wrong with a Maine Coon cat.