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The Sam & Fuzzy Omnibus is a massive two-volume set collecting the first seven years of Sam Logan's epic comedy adventure comic.
1,642 backers pledged $171,589 to help bring this project to life.

150k hit! Slipcases at 165k! New tiers! Countdown Livestream!

Posted by Make That Thing (Creator)

We did it! 150k! Bonus Commentary Sections have been added to all versions of the Omnibus... filled with creator notes, background info, and exclusive concept art. YES!

Now, as for the slipcases... I know how much you guys really want these suckers, so I have racked my brain to come up with a way to offer them at a much closer goal.

If we hit 165k, all hardcover editions will now come in a deluxe black and white slipcase.

If we hit 170k, we'll upgrade the slipcases to full colour. And if we hit 175k, we'll add foil ink borders (that match the ones on the hardcover edition covers.)

Colour and foil is still the ideal... but the black and white still looks pretty boss, doesn't it? And we can offer it at a much lower barrier. It's only 15k away! Can we do it? I'm certainly going to try!

New Art tiers

I have added two new upper-end original art tiers, if you are so inclined.

The DELUXE COMMISSIONER will nab you one of my big, custom-drawn, digitally coloured parody commissions, like my Sam and Fuzzy Firefly, Team Fortress 2, and Lord of the Rings parodies. (You, of course, will be the one who picks the characters and parody subject!)

The HOPELESS ROMANTIC will nab the original comic art for a five page Valentine's Day story I'll be running on the Sam and Fuzzy site in 2014. It's about two characters going on a date... and you get to pick the characters. ANY two. (The Sam and Fuzzy forum really wants you to pick Morris and Cooper, but it's your choice.) And if you'd like, you can have an understated personal cameo in the comic as their waiter.

And for those looking for something a little smaller, there are still some of the $100 add-on marker pieces available. You can view them all here!

The Countdown Livestream

During the last four hours of the Kickstarter tomorrow (From 9am til 1pm, pacific time), I will be livestreaming! Come hang out with me on the Sam and Fuzzy livestream site, and I'll draw some stuff while we all chat and obsessively watch the kickstarter total. It'll be fun!


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    1. The Arrow on

      What, no stretch goal for 155k? Tsk tsk tsk! ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Maguire on

      While Morris & Cooper are the obvious choice, there's also so many other pairs that would be super interesting to see interact. Established couples like Susan and Heather, Alexa and Lance, Christy and Sid, even Sam's parents. Then there's characters that would just be fun to couple up like Ox and Sandra, Graves & Keller, or Dr Crab and Conscience Cat. Then there's the silly like... Fig Pig and Buddy, I guess... or really any random matching of the cast list. Everything works!
      I guess it depends on how many years Sam & Fuzzzy will continue for, but if a SnF Valentine special became an annual tradition, that would be amazing.

      One way or another, I'm also determined to make Steve (the human half of the lawyer team with Casey the Briefcase) and Roger an official couple. Roger, Steve & Casey would be the ultimate sitcom. Maybe not this time, but someday.

    3. Make That Thing 7-time creator on

      Thank you! You guys have put so much into this thing, I feel obligated to match it as best I can!

      I wish I'd thought of the date tier earlier. I'm not sure if there's time for it to find a home, but I think there's basically NO combination of characters I couldn't make work. (As a drama, as a comedy, or something in between!)

    4. Missing avatar

      Jasmine Wahlberg on

      Mr. Logan, your enormous commitment to making these books as frickin' sweet as humanly possible is simply amazing. You are an awesome guy. Thanks for all this, and I hope that no matter where it ends up, you're feeling nothing but a dream fulfilled tomorrow!

    5. Graeme Lewis on

      If someone purchases that tier, they should totally do Rexford and Sin.