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The Sam & Fuzzy Omnibus is a massive two-volume set collecting the first seven years of Sam Logan's epic comedy adventure comic.
1,642 backers pledged $171,589 to help bring this project to life.

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New Book: VOTE DOG

Posted by Make That Thing (Creator)

Hello there, Sam and Fuzzy Omnibus backers!

I thought I should drop you a line to let you know that I just launched a campaign for a brand new comic collection: VOTE DOG!

collects all my Butcher the Cat, Baker the Corgi, President Dog, Buddy the Goldfish, and other critter-based comics in a new full colour collection! These guys are staples on the S&F website, but most of these comics have never been collected in any of the Sam and Fuzzy books. (Although I did include a couple of particularly beloved classic pet-themed S&F strips in VOTE DOG, with newly updated artwork.)

Like my previous S&F books, VOTE DOG is available in both softcover and hardcover forms. They are the same shape and have matching spine designs, too, so they'll perfectly match any Sam and Fuzzy books on your shelf. And there's lots of other fun goodies you can get, including a VOTE DOG pin and custom art commissions.

Check out the project page for more information,
as well as a bunch of sample comics! If you've enjoyed my previous work, I bet you'll dig this too... I think it's going to be a lot of fun!

-Sam Logan

PS: And if you're able to help spread the word to other critter-enthused comic fans, that would be much appreciated!

New Book and New Hardcover Omnibuses!

Posted by Make That Thing (Creator)

Hello, dear backers. I come bearing exciting news!

As you most likely already know, since I completed the story contained in the original 2-Volume Omnibus that you all kickstarted, I've been working on a brand new, even bigger Sam and Fuzzy series. Thus far, we've released the first four volumes of this saga as four trade paperbacks. But today, we're launching a new kickstarter to do two things:

-Publish Volume 5: Sam and Fuzzy Missing Inaction

-Collect all of 1-5 in three big brand new hardcover collections that match the original hardcover omnibus!


 That's right... if this campaign is successful, the new series will be at last be available in both softcover and hardcover forms, just like the omnibus was! 

This is something a ton of you have asked for over the years. And it's something I'd really like to do, too! But it's a huge project, and much like the original omnibus, I can't pull it off without your help.

Via the kickstarter, you can get Volume 5 by itself in either softcover or hardcover form, or you can get the full series set of five softcovers or three hardcovers (1-4 are shorter than 5 and the original omnibus books, so they're doubled up in hardcover form.) You can also use Add-Ons to nab specific individual books, if there are only certain ones that you are missing! 

And as you'd expect, there are also a ton of other fun rewards like prints, collector pins(!), artist editions, and custom commissions.

I am pretty excited. And I hope you are, too. Wish me luck, team!


Kickstarting a Sam and Fuzzy RPG

Posted by Make That Thing (Creator)

Hello, Ominbusers! I thought I'd drop you a line to tell you about a pretty awesome new Sam and Fuzzy-related kickstarter that launched today:

The Underground: A Sam and Fuzzy RPG!

The Underground is a collaborative project that the game designers at Damocles Thread Development and I have been working on for nearly two years! We conceived our gamebook effectively as two projects in one:

1) A totally unique tabletop role-playing game crafted specifically for the Sam and Fuzzy universe, with custom-designed game mechanics and tons of playable factions from the comic. (From ninjas to vampires to buddy bears.)

2) An illustrated guidebook to the world of Sam and Fuzzy, jam-packed with never-before-seen comics, artwork, and secret details about the Committee and the Underground!

If that sounds cool to you, you can learn lots more about the project on our Kickstarter page! I also thoroughly recommend watching the project video, which contains a pretty amazing Sam and Fuzzy short film featuring a ton of live-action Ninja Mafioso fights! 

And of course, we also put together a bunch of fun new bonuses and other rewards, too, including new prints, new buttons, special Fuzzy dice, and lots of original artwork.

I hope you get a chance to check out the project... and if you do, I hope you dig it! This was a really new experience for me -- a big, collaborative effort that required a lot of hard work from a lot of people -- but I'm really proud of how it turned out. I think it's going to make for a pretty awesome game and book... one that I think even non-Sam-and-Fuzzy-reading gamers and non-gaming Sam and Fuzzy readers will dig!

We made a new Sam and Fuzzy book!

Posted by Make That Thing (Creator)

Hello, backer friends. I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that we just released a brand new Sam and Fuzzy book!

It's called Sam and Fuzzy Ruined Everything, and it's the fourth volume of the sequel series that takes place after the stories in the Omnibus. It is 440 pages long, which means the combined sequel series is now officially even longer overall than the Omnibus was. Yow! It also includes an Omnibus-style bonus section of author commentary and concept art.

Although we hunkered down and made this book ourselves instead of crowdfunding it, we're offering a number of kickstarter-esque extras and bonuses for people who order their copy before November 1st.

In addition to regular and artist editions, for this month only we're offering a special limited bundle with an original character portrait commission and a couple other little goodies. A bunch of folks have already jumped on this one, and I'll actually be drawing some of the character portraits live today on livestream starting at 1pm pacific time (4pm eastern) if you'd like to watch! For those who are indecisive about what they'd like drawn, I have resurrected the infamous chart of fate.

I'll also be sending a free digital bundle of bonuses to everyone who orders any version of the book by Nov 1st. Right now the bundle includes two wallpapers and a PDF ebook copy of the book, but I'll be adding more stuff to it throughout the month to generate arbitrary hype.

So that's the deal! If you enjoyed the comics in the Omnibus but have yet to check out the new series, I think now's a pretty good time. In addition to all the fun extra stuff, you can also get the first three sequel books as an add-on at a discounted price. Truly, It has never been easier to buy another ten pounds of Sam and Fuzzy.

And for those of you who have already picked up Volume 4... thanks again for your continued support! It means a lot to me.


Omnibuses now on sale at Topatoco

Posted by Make That Thing (Creator)

Hello, Sam and Fuzzy faithful! I have come to announce the final stage of our project. Yes, it's true. Now that all our backers have long received and enjoyed their copies, the time has come... the Omnibus is now on sale to the general public, in our Topatoco store!

For far too long, there was a massive, brick-shaped hole in the Sam and Fuzzy print library. But now, because of your incredible support, the first seven years my comic are available in book form. From now on, Sam and Fuzzy readers past, present and future will be able to complete their collections. And it is all thanks to you! 

So, if someone you know has been jealously eyeing your copy of the Omnibus, please direct them to the Topatoco store! I'm not subsidizing the shipping for these like I did for you guys, so they work out to being a bit more expensive than your copies were, but I think they're still a good value for the quantity of content.

We also have a handful of gilded packs left over from the kickstarter -- the manufacturers required us to make a nice, round number of them -- so we'll be offering those as an optional add-on until we run out.

And last but not least, the ebook version of the Omnibus is now also widely available, and can be purchased via the Sam and Fuzzy Gumroad store!

And with that, this show is over. So thank you, one last time, for helping us make this book collection a reality.  I -- and every future Sam and Fuzzy reader who ever picks one up -- owe you a massive debt of gratitude. Cheers!

-Sam Logan