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The indie tabletop wargame of tiny giant LEGO spaceships! by Joshua A.C. Newman
The indie tabletop wargame of tiny giant LEGO spaceships! by Joshua A.C. Newman
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MFØ: Intercept Orbit Now In Production!


Mobile Frame Zero 002: Intercept Orbit is safely at the printers, all corrections made! It should be arriving here in Massachusetts around November 20th, and heading out to you MoFØs shortly thereafter! That means that you'll be able to build ships, apply decals, sew your Red Knights patches onto your flight jackets, and play with your friends before the end of the year!

On a personal note, thank you all for hanging with me. This project has been unusually difficult for me and your continued trust and enthusiasm means a lot. Every time I see someone posting their ships on Facebook, Flickr, or the Mobile Frame Hangar, it warms my heart.

I'm in the beginnings of two new projects right now, one Shock: related, and the other MFØ-related. Expect to hear about them as Intercept Orbit takes flight and the glyphpress fires up another booster phase!


PS: The attached image is by H. Yokota, and is from Legend of Galactic Heroes, which I've recommended before. If you're not sure you want to watch the entire, vast series, you should check out the SOS Podcast, which is watching and discussing them in order!

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    1. Stuart Nicholson on

      The end of the year is coming up pretty fast...are we likely to see the final PDF before then?

    2. Chris R

      Will you be collecting addresses for IO? I do not recall submitting one, and I have moved since the KS ended. I also sent Soren an email regarding the kit.

    3. Jake Morse on

      Did you ever collect addresses or any of that? I feel like I missed it.

    4. Make That Thing 7-time creator on

      I'll be sending out the print PDFs shortly, and then the final digital edition once I have the time to do a little cleanup. Yom Kippur is this week, followed quickly by Topatocon in Easthampton, MA, which means that I won't have time to sit down and make it good until next week.

      You'll find that there are a ton of subtle little changes from the last developmental release! The rules still work the same, but everything is much clearer, more correct. You'll even find that two diagrams are now correct, where before they were just flat-out wrong!


    5. Greg on

      When are PDFs expected to be mailed out?