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Could you rebuild civilization, all alone in the past? Probably not. Not unless you brought this book and bandana with you, that is.
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Shipping + signing + book pics + launch party!!

Posted by Make That Thing (Creator)

There are a few of you who haven't sent me your address yet!  You gotta fill out that survey if you want EXCITING THINGS in the mail, so if you haven't, this is me reminding you to do it... from THE PAST.

I thought I'd share some pictures of how signing went at Make That Thing last week. Here's a before picture:

 In the foreground you can see boxes of bandanas, which thankfully did NOT need to be signed.  Those plastic-wrapped pallets around it: those are books.  Each pallet has five layers of boxes with 14 boxes per layer, and each box has 12 books in it.  Not all the pallets are pictured here.  I had helpers, so it wasn't that bad!  One opened the boxes and put the books in front of me, while the other packed up the signed books to prepare them for shipping, and sometimes they swapped.  We listened to podcasts because otherwise I'd just be reading what I wrote, and therefore repeating my name in my head over and over.

Here's an after shot, three days later!

All those opened boxes contain SIGNED BOOKS.  It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun, and every single one of you got not just a signature, but also a little heart to show my appreciation for you backing this Kickstarter. <3

(Actually, there's around 100 of you that didn't get a heart, because I didn't think to start drawing them right off the bat!  So yours are EVEN MORE EXCLUSIVE collector's items, and if we ever meet in person, I'ma draw you a heart.)

Here's the last book I signed, at the very end of the last day:

 If you get this copy, you'll know it because it's the only one that got yellow sparkle lines on it!

I am happy to report that everything turned out gorgeous.  The books look great, the postcards are SO PRETTY, and all the tiny letters on the bandana printed PERFECTLY.  The bandana may be a little thinner than what you're used to, but in my experience a thinner bandana means a less sweaty forehead, so hopefully it works out!

I didn't take any pictures while signing at The Beguiling - who are managing shipping for all the Canadians - but imagine what you see above, only more Canadian. 

That's it for now!  If you're in or near Toronto, we'll be having a book launch this FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st at the Toronto Reference Library.  I'll be speaking with Anthony Morgan from the Daily Planet!  You should come. <3

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    1. Missing avatar

      Abigail Palsgrove on

      Mine Arrived!! I love it! I can't wait to sit down and read the whole thing. I read the opening to my kids and we were all laughing. I'm so very excited to have this!

    2. Nick Lamb on

      I'm in the same boat as N. Do we have a way to know what the status is on our order? I received a copy from Amazon (forgot to cancel the preorder) which I gave away to a friend, and now I'm sadly waiting for my own copy.

    3. Missing avatar

      N on

      Hi when can I expect delivery (to an address in NJ) ??
      Still no mail, no tracking number ):

    4. Make That Thing 7-time creator on

      Hi DeEtte and Margaret - this link should help!

      Basically on the project page, there should be a link in the upper right. That'll have the information you need!


    5. Missing avatar

      DeEtte Gastel on

      I’ve been trying to find a place to leave my address for 3 weeks now and I’ve even tried emailing you!! I’ve backed this project and would really like a copy of your book!!! HOW CAN I SEND YOU MY ADDRESS????
      DeEtte Gastel

    6. Missing avatar

      Margaret Finnerty on

      Hello, I thought you had my address for shipping, but now I'm not sure. Sorry, what should I do?

    7. JW Finkler on

      Trusting your paw is healing from all those signatures. Alternate hot packs and ice to speed healing and recovery. Enjoy your time in Toronto and enjoy a stroll on The Path.

    8. NancyCM on

      Oooooh! Sparkly! So excited to read this, and be ready for absolutely anything that the future world(s) may bring.

    9. Make That Thing 7-time creator on

      Haha, actually I bought a set of 24 different coloured markers and mixed it up as I signed! :)


    10. Dan Conley on

      "Wow, I have a whole heck of a lot of books to sign. I better streamline it... by using a minimum of three different markers to do it."

      I applaud your ability to dry your eyes and get down to business.