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An independent feature film set in NYC about a woman, Ronah, who teaches men how to be intimate and make love. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on November 9, 2012.

An independent feature film set in NYC about a woman, Ronah, who teaches men how to be intimate and make love.

About this project

*** NOTE: Even after this Kickstarter ends, you can still support SHE'S LOST CONTROL by making a tax-deductible donation HERE. Thank you so much!! ***


Ronah, fiercely independent and in her 30s, works as a surrogate partner in NYC, teaching her patients the very thing they fear most -- to be intimate. A cross between pop-cultural thriller and art house independent, SHE'S LOST CONTROL is a film about professional intimacy and the way we connect to other people.

Set in a world that most of us aren't familiar with, we follow Ronah as she carefully maintains a clear boundary between her professional intimacy and her own feelings. When she starts working with a new patient, Johnny, that line begins to blur. And Ronah's world begins to unravel.

SHE'S LOST CONTROL is the first feature film by Anja Marquardt. Academy Award nominee, Oren Moverman (THE MESSENGER, RAMPART) is executive producing.


I grew up in Berlin when it was still a divided city. Having felt the impact of decades of disruption on my own family, I am far more interested in acceptance and reconciliation, than in keeping up walls.

I have always been fascinated by individuals who live on the peripheries of society, be it by circumstance or choice. Ronah, the protagonist of SHE'S LOST CONTROL, wrestles with her own inability to open up and trust the people in her life. At the same time, she feels compelled to make an impact in her patients' lives.

Intimacy is one of the hardest things to learn in life and it is becoming increasingly challenging in our modern, technologically-driven society. Ultimately, SHE'S LOST CONTROL is a story about compassion and reaching out to other human beings.

I am very excited to be making my first feature film. And I'm very excited to share it with you. It's difficult for me to step out in the open and to ask for funding in this manner, but I feel this is a timely and relevant story. I hope that you will be part of it.

-- Anja Marquardt


Making a first feature -- it's a massive challenge! Shooting SHE'S LOST CONTROL in the ultra-low budget range, it gives us a lot of freedom creatively.

We have a first-rate camera and equipment package (ARRI Alexa) already in place, free of charge. And we have a highly professional crew that's ready to go. We've received generous support from the German Consulate General in NYC and will do some post-production in Berlin, with the fantastic team at ROTOR FILM.

Very soon, we will start the casting process, which will be very exciting! Updates to follow soon.


Every dollar we raise in this campaign will go DIRECTLY into making SHE'S LOST CONTROL. With the funds we're already raised, it means that:


While we are making every effort to keep costs as low as possible, we will still have some expenses in order to make the best film.The money you contribute will go towards:

  • casting expenses
  • securing the best locations -- this is a big part of what you'll see on the screen!
  • transportation costs
  • feeding our hardworking cast & crew

... and the MANY other expenses so that everyone can do their job! The list is (seemingly) endless!

Because our overall production budget is very small and we're determined to make SHE'S LOST CONTROL for the least amount possible, please know: EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS.

As we're moving forward, we'll share regular updates with you. And when the film is completed and it's time for the official festival premiere, you will be the first to know!


The good news: donations made to SHE'S LOST CONTROL are tax-deductible! However, not through this Kickstarter campaign, but through our fiscal sponsor.

If you're a US-tax payer and interested in making a tax-deductible donation for the purposes of SHE'S LOST CONTROL, click HERE.

SHE'S LOST CONTROL is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)3 non-profit arts service organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. You will be provided with a tax receipt by Fractured Atlas.

To see whether perk options are available, please contact us at


If you're interested in making a contribution of up to $10,000 or more and becoming an Executive Producer, please contact us personally at, using "executive" in the subject line.

As an Executive Producer on SHE'S LOST CONTROL you'll have the rare opportunity to witness first-hand the making of an independent feature film from start to finish. And when it's time to celebrate -- walk the red carpet with us!


We couldn't do this without you, and to show our appreciation, we have lined up some great gifts in return for your generosity. All of our rewards are designed to give you a window into the world of SHE'S LOST CONTROL, so they're connected either to the film itself or the people working on it.

Come join our campaign, and be part of our story!


ANJA MARQUARDT (Writer/Director) was born and raised in Berlin before moving abroad to places like Granada, Strasbourg, Laos and Arizona. A graduate of the Berlin University of the Arts, Anja worked for acclaimed German director, Hans-Christian Schmid (REQUIEM, STORM), was an assistant to Academy Award nominated producer, Gian-Piero Ringel (Neue Road Movies/Wim Wenders) and was a commissioning editor for EU broadcaster, ARTE, before becoming a Dean's Fellow at NYU's Graduate Film Program. Honors and screenings for the short films she wrote/directed include Best Short Film at Cinequest and the SAG Foundation Showcase in 2011. In 2010, she received the IFP Marcie Bloom Fellowship in Film. Screenwriting honors include: three-time Semi-Finalist for Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Award and official selection for the Script Station development lab at the Berlinale 2010.

Oscar-nominated screenwriter OREN MOVERMAN (Executive Producer) is the director of RAMPART, which he co-wrote with novelist James Ellroy, starring Woody Harrelson, Sigourney Weaver, Robin Wright, Anne Heche, Cynthia Nixon, Ice Cube, Ben Foster, Ned Beatty, Steve Buscemi and more. THE MESSENGER, Moverman’s directorial debut, written with Alessandro Camon and starring Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson and Samantha Morton, was nominated for  the Best Original Screenplay Academy Award in 2010. Recent screenplays by Moverman include O. SELZNICK, which he will also direct for HBO Films, with Ben Stiller in the title role, and THE TERRORIST SEARCH ENGINE for producer Scott Rudin and Sony Studios. Moverman's original script about the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, LOVE & MERCY is currently casting with Bill Pohlad directing and producing along with John Wells. William Burroughs' QUEER, a script Moverman wrote for Steve Buscemi to direct, will be in production in 2014. Oren also co-wrote  Ira Sachs’ MARRIED LIFE; Todd Haynes’ Bob Dylan biopic I’M NOT THERE; Bertha Bay-Sa Pen’s FACE, and Alison Maclean’s JESUS' SON. 

MOLLYE ASHER (Producer) is an independent producer based in NYC and currently a Film Independent producing fellow. Her producing feature debut, FAITH, LOVE and WHISKEY, premiered at the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival and was the winner of the Best Cinematography award. Mollye is co-producer of the debut feature by Student Academy Award winner, Kim Spurlock and is a producer on the award-winning script LEE, which has been a participant in the Sundance Screenwriter’s and Director’s Lab as well as Film Independent’s Screenwriter Labs. Mollye is also currently in development for AFTER THE STORM, winner of Best Screenplay at the 2011 Urbanworld Film Festival and the Spike Lee Production Grant and in production on the feature documentary, YANKEE RESTRAINT.

Born in Seoul, but adopted and raised in Baltimore, KIMBERLY PARKER (Line Producer) is a New York-based producer who secretly loves driving 15 pass vans. Her producing experience includes the feature film TAR, starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, and Zach Braff, and DEATH AND THE MAIDEN, an LGBT film that takes place in 1840's England. She is currently in pre-production for a feature adaptation of THE ADDERALL DIARIES, which she is producing and co-writing. Kimberly is a MFA candidate at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

Based in New York City, ALLISON TWARDZIAK (Casting Director) cast the Sundance feature film, MY BEST DAY, the Sundance short, KNIFE POINT, the Slamdance feature, FAITH, LOVE AND WHISKEY (NY Casting) the Slamdance shorts LITTLE HORSES and GRAVITY, and the Cannes short TERRY RICHARDSON'S LAST HOURS. Most recently she cast the feature film BLACK DOG RED DOG starring James Franco, Chloe Sevigny, Whoopi Goldberg, Logan Marshall-Green and Olivia Wilde. Supplementing her film work, Allison has cast commercials for House Productions, HBO, Lumina Films and Campfire Films, as well as the award winning Fringe play, I WAS TOM CRUISE. She holds a B.F.A. from New York University.

DAVID MEYER (Production Design) is excited to be designing this feature. He is currently working as an Assistant Art Director on the next Martin Scorsese film, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. David's recent film projects include working as a Set Designer and Model Maker for the upcoming Will Smith film, AFTER EARTH (summer 2013), Art Department Assistant on MEN IN BLACK 3 and the Production Designer of the short film LOVE, LOT'S OF IT starring Campbell Scott (official selection for Tribeca Film Festival 2011). Television projects include set designing this past summer's USA network show POLITICAL ANIMALS and season 1 of SMASH. David has also production designed commercials for Kenneth Cole and Vita Coco. He received an MFA in Design for Stage and Film from NYU in 2010.

Norwegian by heritage and New Yorker by choice, ANDREA SUNDT (Costume Design) graduated from Esmod Paris in 2007, with a degree in Costume Design. She won Guerlain’s Best Costume Award for her exam piece and designed the first clothing line for the computer game SIMS2 (collaboration between EAgames Norway and Esmod Oslo, 2006.) Andrea has worked with costumes at the National Theater in Norway on numerous productions, as well as on several films in Europe, most recently feature films NORWEGIAN NINJA, winner of Best Director and Best Actor awards at Fantastic Fest 2010, and I TRAVEL ALONE. Adding a new dimension to her love for texture, Andrea has recently begun to work with paint, prints and sculpture.

SIMON TAUFIQUE (Composer/Producer) is an award-winning Film Composer, Sundance Lab Finalist and Producer. He has garnered press from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and IndieWire for his work with accomplished filmmakers Mary Harron (AMERICAN PSYCHO), Independent Spirit Award nominee Hossein Keshavarz (DOG SWEAT) and Student Academy Award winner Dennis Lee (JESUS HENRY CHRIST). He has also scored the films of cutting edge filmmakers Chadd Harbold, Caryn Waechter, Suzie Yoonessi, Marilyn Fu, Daniel Ragussis and Francisco Ordonez. In addition to his early collaborations with M. Night Shyamalan (THE SIXTH SENSE), Simon has composed music with renowned film composer and instrumentalist David Torn (LARS & THE REAL GIRL) and will be co-scoring a new film with rock icon, Julian Casablancas (singer of multi-platinum group, THE STROKES). Some of Simon’s upcoming film projects are INFINITY GUYS, produced by Shruti Ganguly (TAR) and ASHER, starring Danny Glover, Mekhi Phifer, and Ray Liotta.


Besides making a donation, there are many other ways you can help. Spread the word! Do you know anyone who might be interested in this particular project? In supporting a first-time filmmaker? A transatlantic collaboration? Strong female protagonists in film?

Tell them about us. Send them the link to this campaign. Use the SHARE tools underneath the video.


Risks and challenges

In making SHE'S LOST CONTROL, we will experience the inevitable challenges of the filmmaking process. On every film set, there are many elements that aren't entirely predictable. Equipment could malfunction or weather conditions could force us to adjust our shooting schedule. One of the biggest challenges in shooting a feature film on such a modest budget -- we can't go "over budget". We won't be able to add countless shooting days to our schedule, and we won't be able to re-shoot a scene unless it's absolutely necessary. However, all of our talented crew members are enthusiastic problem-solvers and have a lot of experience working on film sets of this size. And shooting with a small crew will allow us to move quickly. Our fantastic team is 100% committed to meeting all the challenges that may arise and producing a quality film.

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    See the director's previous films, including a past collaboration with SLC composer, Simon Taufique. Includes three award-winning shorts. Think of this as a sneak peek!

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    We'll email you pictures from the set in NYC. And you'll get a Special Thanks on our official website.

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    Once we've had our festival premiere, we'll send you a private link and password, so you can view the entire film online. And prior to that, as a bonus, we will send you a link to exclusive behind-the-scenes material: production notes, interviews with cast and crew and a sneak preview of individual scenes. Stay tuned!

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    All of the above, and once the film is completed we'll send you a limited edition, pre-release DVD of She's Lost Control. Complemented by a limited edition storyboard print of a scene from the movie, signed by the artist and the director. And: you'll get an official Thank You in the end credits of the film!

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    ORIGINAL ART WORK: POSTER___ A limited edition print of our original festival poster, signed by the director, producers and lead actors. It'll be beautiful! We'll send it to you close to the official festival premiere. And yes, you'll also receive a Thank You credit and a link to view the completed film and behind-the-scenes materials online.

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    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask. A 30-minute phone/Skype COUNSELING SESSION with certified surrogate partner, Shai Rotem. This perk includes a link to see the finished film online (est. delivery: Feb 2014).

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    Spend a day shadowing the producer. Sit in on meetings, have lunch with the bigwigs, be on set and get an up close and personal look at the production from the inside. See what they don't teach in Film School! (Also includes a link to see the finished film online!)

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    an exclusive PROJECT CONSULTATION with Academy Award Nominee, Oren Moverman. Sit down with the writer and director of THE MESSENGER and RAMPART and discuss your script, your career, the business. Either in NY, or in LA (depending on availability). You'll also get a link to see the finished film online and/or a signed Limited Edition DVD.

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    You want to be part of the team? Become an Associate Producer and join cast and crew for the official wrap party in NYC. Spend a day in the editing room and be the first to see She's Lost Control at a rough cut screening in Berlin or NYC. You'll receive an official on-screen Associate Producer credit on all copies of the film around the world. Includes 5 signed Limited Edition DVDs, a bound copy of the script and a print of the official festival poster. (Sorry, travel and housing not provided!)

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