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The book will be a unique look into the relationships to people, landscape, and climate developed while traveling by bicycle.
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Posted by Elliot DuMont (Creator)

Why am I doing this?

In the summer of 2017 I biked 1,200 miles alone and self supported across Mongolia. This trip enlightened me to cultures far more ancient than anything I had experienced before. It inspired me to look closely at how the people of these cultures maintain their identity in a rapidly changing world. Please take a moment to check out this video I made with the help of my cousin that recounts my trip across Mongolia. I hope you enjoy and feel free to share it among family and friends! Thank you.

It should be noted:

The swastika is a very ancient Buddhist and Hindu symbol. In Mongolia, it means good luck/prosperity and represents the steps of Buddha. Mongolians use the clockwise swastika (some cultures use the counter-clockwise version). You will see this symbol in a lot of Buddhist and Hindu art (it will be in Nepal, too). Many Mongolian drivers have this symbol and they also carry a prayer in their vehicle for good luck because their job is dangerous and because the Buddhist swastika symbolizes a journey and they too, are on a journey.  


There are many different Ethnicities in Mongolia and they have different practices/language and different religions, and that many of their cultural practices are also deeply influenced by shamanism. In Bayan-Ulgii, there are primarily Kazakh and Tuvan people. the Tuvan people do the Khoomi singing and are more closely related to the Mongol people (e.g., Tuvan, Khalka, etc.)

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