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AMATEUR THURSDAYS: A Webcast About Books's video poster

A weekly webshow about the best book party in New York City. And you're invited! Read more

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A weekly webshow about the best book party in New York City. And you're invited!

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About this project

In T.S. Eliot's "The Cocktail Party," a character calls his wife's attempt at hosting a salon her "amateur thursdays." His telling of these gatherings is both hilarious and unforgiving. By calling our literary web show AMATEUR THURSDAYS we set the tone for humor, glamour and intelligence.
Each week we'll post a five-minute episode with writers -- upcoming and established, famous and unknown -- talking to each other about their current readings. The show will be available for free on our website, which will also feature independent video book reviews by a variety of readers.

To us and hopefully many others, reading is one of the great joys of life. We want to make a show as mesmerizing and fun as reading is to us. One of us worked on an entertaining and successful literature program in Italy and the other produced television and live events for PBS and The Daily Beast. With our collective production and editorial experience, AMATEUR THURSDAYS will be a literature webcast like no other.

And you'll be able to judge this book show by its cover, thanks to our director, Francesco Carrozzini, a fashion photographer and director who created the "screentest" celebrity interviews. More recently he directed a video about Jane Austen that was shown at the Morgan Library. (Please see Francesco's website for more info about him.)

We've lined up an exceptionally talented production and editorial team but we still need to pay for camera and sound crews, equipment, insurance and editing. By producing exceptional pilot episodes we'll attract corporate sponsors that will help the series continue. We would like AMATEUR THURSDAYS to be around for a long time.

Be sure to check here for regular updates on BOOKS AVAILABLE at the $100+ PLEDGE LEVEL:
Nathan Englander, The Ministry of Special Cases
Maaza Mengiste, Beneath the Lion's Gaze
Stefan Merril block, The Story of Forgetting
Brian Greene, The Elegant Universe , The Fabric of the Cosmos
George Prochnik, In Pursuit of Silence
Antonio Monda, Do You Believe?
Lila Azam Zanganeh, My Sister, Guard Your Veil
Colm Toibin, Brooklyn . (Mr. Toibin will only be able to sign his books in November, so please be aware that you will have to wait until then if you choose to receive an autographed copy.)
Uzodinma Iweala, Beasts of No Nation

Come to our AMATEUR THURSDAYS and listen to readers and writers discuss what they're reading, skimming or altogether skipping.
Thanks for your support!
Giovanna and Alison

P.S. Our special thanks to Vincent Liota, Alexis Maida and Marina Sagona


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    MAXIMUS IN MINIMIS: Get an exclusive preview of our entire website, including shows, book reviews and blogs.

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    TO THE HAPPY FEW: An Amateur Thursdays gorgeous book bag, designed by artist Marina Sagona, is yours.

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    MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL: A book autographed to you by one of today's most brililiant authors. Look to your left on this screen for a regularly updated list of available books.

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    NEW REWARD: A book by Italo Calvino "autographed" by his newest direct descendent. See update #1 for visual evidence.

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