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A film following a refrigerator repairman and 3 single mothers in the notorious water slums of Bahia, Brazil, premiering at SXSW 2012.


Some of you have been asking how you can make a tax-deductible donation to the film even after the Kickstarter campaign ends.  You can write a check to Just Media, with Bay Of All Saints IN MEMO and send it to:

Just Media
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700 Kalamath St., #201
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Dear family, friends and supporters,

We just found out there is even MORE GOOD NEWS for "Bay Of All Saints"!  

But this news makes it not only critical that we meet our $10,000 goal, but that we EXCEED IT!

We are invited to a well-loved film festival in Brazil which begins in late March, just a week after our SXSW premiere! (The festival will make a public announcement within a few weeks and then we'll be able to share with YOU which one it is!)   This news is HUGE for us: it represents an opportunity to bring the people in the film to a theatrical-size screening with an engaged festival audience!

As you can imagine, screening at a Brazilian fest has been a longtime dream of mine; both to help publicize the plight of people living in the water slums and to bring the main characters, Norato, Geni, Dona Maria and Jesus, to a public event for the film.  This would be a rare moment of celebrity for them and an opportunity for them to engage with the film's audience in person. I strongly believe this once-in-a-life-time experience would be transformative for them! 

We are hoping to raise money beyond our stated goal to invest in our Brazilian premiere, and begin our Outreach campaign that will bring the film to target audiences, especially those who could have an influence on the situation in the water slums of Bahia. 

So please, let's keep this campaign marching forward! Please continue to pass this link along to friends, family and colleagues. Let's get there in the best way possible!

BAY OF ALL SAINTS is invited to premiere in the documentary competition at SXSW in mid-March. This is a story I've been filming for seven years and I'm thrilled to have the world premiere of my first feature length film at SXSW 2012!  

I'm asking for your support. Your donations will be tax-deductible, thanks to the participation of Just Media, our fiscal agent. 

Almost 13 years ago when I was 20, I lived and worked in Bahia, Brazil for 18-months in a slum mostly built over the ocean bay, on stilts.  I saw that the majority of the homes on water belong to single mother families; truly the most vulnerable population in what is already a very impoverished community.  In 2004, when I learned of the government's controversial plans to remove these families, I picked up a camera and began following Geni, Jesus and Dona Maria, who quickly became the main focus of my film.  In the interest of seeing how this urban development project would ultimately affect their community, I ended up taking 12 additional trips to Brazil over a period of 6 years.  During that time, I saw their babies became young children, their children became young women—and I witnessed all the triumphs and heartbreaks that go along with those changes.  My long-term commitment paid off.  I was able to follow their journey, as they became stronger, more self-empowered people…and craft it into a 74-minute film that will bring their stories to the world beyond the slums of the bay.

Creating BAY OF ALL SAINTS is a true labor of love for me. I've been fortunate to pick up several grants and support from individual donors, but for many of these past seven years I've personally covered much of the travel and production expenses, doing most of the shooting and editing myself.  It truly has been a lean production. I slept in the palafitas, invited into the homes of the film's characters, at first to spare the hotel costs, and then because they became like family to me.  

Now I'm trying to raise the funds needed to complete the film and travel to SXSW.  Your donations will be grately appreciated and will be rewarded by the gift you choose when you donate.


In Bahia, Brazil, generations of impoverished families live in palafitas, a vast network of shacks built on stilts above a rising tide of garbage over the ocean bay.  When the government threatens to reclaim the bay in the name of ecological restoration, hundreds of families are about to lose their homes.  

Filmed over 6 years, BAY OF ALL SAINTS is a lyrical portrait of three single-mothers living in the water slums during this crisis.  Geni, AKA 'Miss Mayor,' a pizza parlor manager rapidly becomes a community organizer; Jesus, a laundry-washer, starts to look beyond her dreams of a Prince Charming who never comes; Dona Maria, a trash-picker, once freed from domestic servitude, ventures outside the palafitas as she raises her 16 children and grandchildren on the ocean bay.  

Their individual stories of poverty unfold through visits from Norato, their big-hearted refrigerator repairman, born and raised in the palafitas.  He bears witness, as each family is promised a new home in governmental housing, without knowing when, or if this promise will ever be kept. 

BAY OF ALL SAINTS offers a glimpse at the complexities of urban poverty; the sacrifices these women make for their children's survival and the demands of life on the bay. Ultimately, the State's urban development project—through its tumult and blunders—compels these women to rise up and fight for their future.


We’re asking for your help in raising the funds to complete the film.   We have been fortunate to receive a discounted rate for on-line services, to create a high quality digital master and copies of the film. Our goal for this campaign is $10,000 to cover remaining post production and festival expenses for SXSW, including: 

Audio Mix and Sound Design

Color Correction

Music Rights for Festival Exhibition


Publicity, Posters, Press Kits

If we are able to exceed our goal, it will help us with the next tasks: screenings at additional festivals and NGOs; creation of a foreign language version; licensing for broadcast and educational distribution. 


In addition to pledging, the best way that you can help us is to spread awareness of our campaign.  Ask your friends, family, and co-workers, to take a look at our Kickstarter page.  You can also help by spreading the word through making a blog post, sending a tweet or email, and letting people know on Facebook.

You can learn more at


Directed, Filmed and Edited by Annie Eastman

Executive Producers: Diane Markrow & Henry Ansbacher

Producers: Diane Markrow & Davis Coombe

Field Producer: Gustavo Gelmini

Original Music: Koven Smith, Jeff Linsenmaier


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