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Enter the world of Eisenwald in this RPG with turn-based battles and experience medieval romanticism and adventure.
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The Banner Saga update


Hello everyone, 

most of you probably know but we still want to tell you that Chapter 1 of the Banner Saga is now available on Steam! We also have to confess that we spent some time playing this wonderful game (even during work hours! :))  and we are really impressed with the exquisite art, the story and the depth of the tactical battles. The atmosphere of this game is really immersive, and as developers ourselves we can't help but be amazed how polished this game is and how nice everything fits together. 

So, if you are into beautiful 2D art, or like a compelling story with many choices, or enjoy turn based combat, the Banner Saga might be something that you would really enjoy. While we haven't finished yet the whole game, it's clear that this is headed for great and deserved success. 

On our part, we are very happy that we backed this great game when it was on Kickstarter. And despite having said that many times before, we are very grateful to the Stoic team that they helped us out during our campaign. 

Go Vikings, go Stoic! 

All of us at Aterdux

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    1. Creator ☜☆RSF☆☞ Hero-U AGL589 member on January 20, 2014

      This is just one of the reasons why I'm so glad I backed you guys! :D

    2. Creator Alexandre MANGIN on January 15, 2014

      You are really good people at Aterdux and I like you more for that.

    3. Creator Aterdux Entertainment on January 15, 2014

      Yes, we remember! And yes, thank God (and Darklord and few others!) they listened :) D

    4. Creator Darklord on January 15, 2014

      Awesome, I’m glad I asked them, still impressed they listened! :-D

    5. Creator Thilo Bayer on January 15, 2014

      well spoken! And great to see that you remember your "friends" :-)