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Enter the world of Eisenwald in this RPG with turn-based battles and experience medieval romanticism and adventure.
Enter the world of Eisenwald in this RPG with turn-based battles and experience medieval romanticism and adventure.
Enter the world of Eisenwald in this RPG with turn-based battles and experience medieval romanticism and adventure.
2,729 backers pledged $83,577 to help bring this project to life.

New patch; new scenario coming soon!

Dear backers,

those of you who have Desura version installed, can download already our new patch that mostly includes bug fixes and changes to the appearance of the interface. Settings window is now also there, music volume is adjustable, just to name a few things. DRM-free version should be available tomorrow. More news will come in the next update very soon.

More importanly, our second scenario of the campaign called Way Home will be released next in beta, right now it's being translated into German and French by our two wonderful translators Michael Fuegemann and Philippe Sainton. 

And here is the map of Eisenwald! It will be in the game, and in its physical form it is a part of the $175 reward, its design is almost done and we want to show it to you:

Like before, here is a short story by Joel Martin to introduce this scenario. This does not contain any spoilers, it provides just a little of background information related to this scenario:

A Better Man

Winter had drenched the land in a thick layer of snow. Hooves crunched into the white blanket. Upon these horses rode grim men clad in dark livery. Shoots of air escaped the holes punctured in their helms, resembling the snort of a dragon.

"Is the cover of darkness your honor, Konrad?"

The man called Konrad was dressed in heavy furs and a leather brigandine. His shoulders and arms were covered in segmented plate. He rode with deadly grace, his body moved with fluidity to adjust to the horse's movement. Konrad shifted the position of the broadsword that hung on his back. Konrad lifted the helm off his head barring his face to the snow. "Honor does not win battles, Eckhart. And why should you care? This is a job for you, nothing more."

"The men said you were fit to be a knight, a man of great renown. You threw it all away to be a mercenary, to fight in the mud and horse dung. What manner of man would do such a thing?"

Konrad felt the snow rest upon his skin and melt. He replaced his helm and his voice once again took on the muffled tone.

"We do the job, and you get paid."

Konrad urged his horse forward, the trees brushing at his frame, the snow sliding off his armor. One of the mercenaries shook his head. "How do we even know they'll be here? The castle has been silent for a week and there has been no sight of the Lahnsteins."

Konrad didn't turn. "The Lahnsteins are not my concern. They could be alive or dead. It matters not. Captain Berand was here, and we will find him. Werner von Sterch would have left someone to guard his ill deeds. But you will leave Berand to me, is that understood?"

"Whatever gets us paid," one of them said as he snapped his visor shut.

Konrad held up his hand and the column of men halted. "Silence!" he said.

Konrad dismounted, listening for any sound. He walked on cautiously through the snow. Konrad's men followed his lead, the heavily armored band moving slowly.

Konrad paused at the lip of a rock face and peered downward. Spirals of smoke lifted up to the sky from the campfires below.

"Eсkhart, take two men and circle from behind. I'll move in from the front."

The mercenary nodded and left, his boots sinking slightly in the snow. Konrad motioned to his men that remained and they began making their way down. 

Konrad waited, knowing it would take Eсkhart a few moments longer to move in on them. He could now glimpse the forms milling about in the camp. He and his mercenaries still lingered among the trees. 

Suddenly a shout broke the crisp winter silence. 

"Konrad, Konrad you bastard come out here and face me!" 

Konrad looked out and saw Eckhart being dragged to face the trees, a large brute holding a dagger to his throat. And behind them stood Berand, his arms at his sides. Berand nodded and his soldiers threw two heads to the ground, the blood soaking into the snow. 

"Konrad! Are you such a woman that you can't face me alone? Come out here and face me like a man!" 

Konrad motioned to his men. 

"When I give the signal, do not hesitate." 

He walked past the line of trees his sword unsheathed, the other hand close to his belt. On seeing Konrad walk forward the big man grabbed Eckhart tighter, pressing the blade closer. 

Berand tutted. "You've been following me for too long, Konrad. You would gather these carrion to see your deed done? Perhaps death is the only thing that will satisfy you."

"Your death, Berand, on that you are correct." 

Berand walked forward and smiled down at Eckhart. "They are really quite useless, Konrad. Perhaps I gave you too much credit. Perhaps you are incapable of finding a fighting force of any use." 

"Let him go, Berand, for his death won't stop me." 

Eckhart shook his head, his eyes pleading. "Don't let me die Konrad, don't let me die."

"Shut up, Eckhart," Konrad said. 

Berand looked back at Konrad a smile plastered across his face. "You wouldn't let me kill him, would you Konrad? You are too honorable for that." 

"Which demon spawned you and made you a knight, I wonder. You are worse than carrion."

"I do my duty." 

Konrad took two steps forward, making the soldier tense his grip around Eckhart. 

"No closer Konrad, or he dies. Make up your decision, and quickly. Put down your weapons or this man dies here." 

For Konrad it was an easy decision. He knew his limits. They had not been reached. 

Konrad grabbed a dagger from his belt and flung it in a fluid motion. The blade spun in the air and embedded itself in Eckhart's skull. He fell from the soldier's grasp, exposing the soldier to an attack and Konrad was already running forward. The big man had no time to put up a guard when Konrad's sword cleaved into his shoulder. Konrad shoved the blade deep, the metal grating against the bone. Free from its grisly hold, he shoved the sword into the man's unprotected gut. 

Konrad's men rushed forward and met Berand's in a clash of steel. 

A knight blocked Konrad's path. He tried to bash using his shield but Konrad dodged out of the way, slashing the shield aside and planting his sword through the knight's chest. 

Berand drew his sword and faced the blood splattered Konrad. 

"You would kill your own man to get to me? What makes you a better man than me? How many houses have you burned down to find me? Widows you have made?" 

Konrad attacked in a flurry of sword blows, Berand hard pressed to defend against them. Berand quickly dodged a blow, throwing Konrad off balance. Berand lashed out, his sword slicing a neat cut just above the back of Konrad's knee. The wound stumbled Konrad, and he fell to a knee. For Konrad all he could see and hear was the man before him. The rest of the battle seemed to disappear from his vision in a blur of steel and blood. 

Berand wiped sweat off his face. "You're a farmer Konrad, not a knight, not a soldier. You can't kill me." 

Berand moved forward in two strides and brought his sword down. Konrad swung his great broadsword up deflecting the blade and rising up from his knees he slammed his mailed fist against Berand's face, smashing his nose. Konrad's swung up then down, slicing through Berand's armor. He fell. 

Konrad stood over the dying Berand. Berand sank to his knees. Konrad's breathing was pained. 

"You asked what makes me a better man than the man who killed my little girl. The answer is nothing at all." 

Konrad gripped his sword tightly and swung it in a glittering arc. The blade carved through Berand's neck. Konrad's sword fell from his hands, the swing dragging all strength from him. Konrad hunched over, gulping in air. A few of his mercenaries still lived. One of them approached, sword drawn. "You killed Eckhart, just like that, no remorse?" 

Konrad barked a laugh. "Put your sword away, Gerat, you know this line of work. These soldiers have gold on them. That is what you want isn't it? Eckhart was stupid, he got caught. Don't get caught, Gerat. Put your damn sword away." 

Gerat hesitated for a few moments before sheathing his sword. "And what do you want, Konrad?" 

"I want nothing. I have what I came here for." Konrad looked at Berand's decapitated body which lay at his feet. "And that is not so very much after all." 


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    1. Missing avatar

      on September 1, 2013

      Where is the DRM-free version for downloading?

    2. Aterdux Entertainment 2-time creator on August 29, 2013

      AstralWanderer, thank you! Detailed feedback is always nice :)

    3. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on August 29, 2013

      I think the short story is good, and while there are a few oddities language-wise, they shouldn't be hard for a native English speaker to correct. Some other examples:
      "heavy furs and a leather brigandine" -> "heavy furs and leather brigandine"
      "Konrad shifted the position of the broadsword that hung on his back. Konrad lifted the helm..." -> "Konrad shifted the position of the broadsword that hung on his back and lifted his helm..."
      "...barring his face to the snow." -> "...baring his face to the snow."
      "...his voice once again took on the muffled tone." -> "...his voice once again took on a muffled tone."
      "Konrad shoved the blade deep, the metal grating against the bone. Free from its grisly hold..." : The last phrase doesn't link with the previous sentence - presumably missing a part where Konrad pulled his sword out first?
      "Konrad's swung up then down, slicing through Berand's armor." -> "Konrad's sword swung up then down, slicing through Berand's armor."
      Some of these are stylistic issues rather than mistakes and I wouldn't advise changing writers, but more rigorous self-editing would be of benefit.

    4. Aterdux Entertainment 2-time creator on August 29, 2013

      I know I am not a native English speaker and it's not unpleasant, thank you for being direct. However, as I said we cannot base decisions just on a few opinions. We appreciate your feedback very much, but it would be good to hear it from more people and then see how we can adjust. Doing some more editing cannot hurt anyway.

    5. Missing avatar

      Old Chestnut on August 29, 2013

      'The example with choice of 'shoots' over 'puffs' is not very convincing.'

      This is going to sound very unpleasant, but it's true: It would be if you were a native English speaker. Nobody with a decent level of English would use 'shoots'. Try looking for that phrase anywhere else. If it was an attempt to be poetic, it was a horrific attempt.

    6. Aterdux Entertainment 2-time creator on August 29, 2013

      Old Chestnut, we don't have the intention to work with another writer. First of all, it will be a huge delay to production that we simply cannot afford. But secondly, it would be good to hear from more people. In private messages we received quite a few praises of his writing. The example with choice of 'shoots' over 'puffs' is not very convincing. Did you read his other story?

    7. Missing avatar

      Old Chestnut on August 29, 2013

      If you want to continue with him, you definitely need someone to perform some drastic feats of editing. I'd offer, but given the quality on display it will be a difficult and time-consuming task.

    8. Missing avatar

      Old Chestnut on August 29, 2013

      Aterdux, I agree with the others about the clunky english. In the very first paragraph there's already a strange choice of 'shoots' instead of 'puffs'.

      Get another writer, this one is just not good enough.

    9. Alex Podgoredsky on August 29, 2013

      Very nice! Can't wait to play!

    10. Aterdux Entertainment 2-time creator on August 28, 2013

      @JoeyC - any specifics? In which way is it bad - grammar, style, what? I am really curious.

    11. Missing avatar

      JoeyC on August 28, 2013

      Map looks great, english on the short story is really terrible though. Please save a small part of the budget to have someone proof read this stuff.

    12. Aterdux Entertainment 2-time creator on August 28, 2013

      @Roq, the text of the update itself is mine, and English is not my first language, definitely. The short story is by Joel Martin, and his first language is English.

      @Wolf Neumann, here is the link: Bear in mind, it's still being worked on :)

    13. Roq on August 28, 2013

      Great looking map & much better English text, although it still has a slight resonance of being written by someone for whom English is a second language. Anyway, really looking forward to this game.

    14. Timeyy on August 28, 2013

      Nice ! Time to play some more :D

    15. Missing avatar

      Wolf Neumann on August 28, 2013

      Thanks for the update :)

      Is there a higher resolution image of the map available?