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Enter the world of Eisenwald in this RPG with turn-based battles and experience medieval romanticism and adventure.
Enter the world of Eisenwald in this RPG with turn-based battles and experience medieval romanticism and adventure.
Enter the world of Eisenwald in this RPG with turn-based battles and experience medieval romanticism and adventure.
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Combat video


Three years ago during our Kickstarter campaign we made a combat video. Looking back it seems now very simple and basic so we felt it was necessary to make a new one. 

In this video, it's a battle with the same enemy but three times using different tactics. Enjoy! It features already new sounds and special effects available for now only in our press build.

Physical rewards reminder

We will close our survey tomorrow, thank you all who replied. After tomorrow please mail/email/contact us by private messages here, email (devs at aterdux dot com) or social networks. 

Our best, 

All of us at Aterdux

The Banner Saga developers received a sword from Eisenwald


Hello everyone,

three years ago during our Kickstarter campaign when things were not going so well, Stoic studio guys (developers of The Banner Saga) recommended their backers to look at Legends of Eisenwald. That was a turning point for our campaign. Even though we expressed our gratitude we still wanted to make something more significant and we decided that when we can we will present them with a good gift.

Yesterday, after all these three years I met Arnie and John and we presented them a sword! Such exact swords were used by lansquenets in the feudal conflicts of 15-16 centuries.That’s a messer, single-bladed sword, close relative of a falchion, that was used mostly for slashing. Now, when this sword is already heavily used by The Banner Saga developers it will be also used in the game. Here is a picture of us at the stand of The Banner Saga 2.

This game looks as interesting and amazing as the first episode and we like many other fans are looking forward very much to its release. We really appreciate your support, we are now two weeks before the release and it all might not have happened without you.

Alexander and all of us in Aterdux

Physical rewards


Hello everyone,

we just sent out messages to tiers $75+ regarding your addresses and physical rewards. If you address has changed since the time you responded to the survey, please respond there, even if you messaged or emailed us in the past since we didn't keep track. I wish Kickstarter had an option of making a second survey but there is none. 

In the form you will have an option to select PC, Linux or Mac version of the disk. Please note, selecting Linux or Mac - we won't be able to send you the disks just yet since we still have to port the game, which we will start working on soon. 

If any questions, please contact us here or email as at devs at aterdux dot com. 

Stream recordings

For your entertainment, here is the first and the second streams I played through Cursed Castle scenario. In the first stream there is an interesting battle that illlustrates tactical variety of the game really well. I won that battle only by hiring a mercenary but later on when replaying it at home, I managed to win with the initial army. Maybe we will base our upcoming combat video on that. 

 Thank you,

Alexander and all of us at Aterdux

Developers stream this week


Hello everyone,

if you have time, come join us at our first ever streaming Legends of Eisenwald! We wanted to do it already for a long time but got around to setup it all only now. The stream in English will take place on Friday, 9AM PST (15:00GMT). While it's not the best time I guess we have to do it from our office since it's the only place that has a good broadband connection. The stream in Russian will take place tomorrow, at the same time. And it will be here:

I will be playing our Cursed Castle scenario on ultrahard difficulty. And I will choose a hero to play based on feedback. Knight is always fun but it's the easiest to play with on this map in the beginning, then follows Baroness and Mystic is the hardest, since he can't do much in the beginning. 

Looking forward to see you and prepare your questions!

Alexander and all of us at Aterdux

II Jul. MMXV A.D. - Release date announcement

After 5.5 years of development we are very excited to announce the Legends of Eisenwald release date! It will be available July 2 2015 (a few friends told us a year is a must here given our history). 

We want to say thank you to all of you for making this possible! Without your support and without gamers who bought our game in Early Access this game might not have materialized. 

We are also very happy to present you a cinematic video that we released today to celebrate the announcement. 

The history of making this video dates all the way back to 2012 when we were in the middle of our Kickstarter campaign. Our technical director and main visionary Nikolay Armonik thought that making a cinematic video was bound to attract a lot of attention to our campaign. He started working a lot and created a draft of the video but the scope of it was too much for our small team to handle, especially since this is not our profession. Ressa, our composer, composed a beautiful track and recorded a song based on Nikolay’s poem. The draft remained and we kept hoping we would finish it. Last spring we found an animation studio in Spain, Digital Mind ( and they were really excited to help us out. All characters in this video and many of the models and animations are from in-game assets. Fortunately for us, the folks at Digital Mind were able to use our assets which significantly lowered production costs. 

As we move closer to the release, we will post a few more updates about physical reward deliveries and other logistical issues. 

Thank you for your patience as development took way longer than we expected but incredibly happy to bring the game to completion. Please accept our deepest apologies for this tremendous delay but we hope you will enjoy the game and you will experience the game exactly the way you envisioned it when you backed our project three years ago.

Our heartfelt wishes,

All of us at Aterdux