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Enter the world of Eisenwald in this RPG with turn-based battles and experience medieval romanticism and adventure.
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Report on stretch goals; near future plans

Hello everyone, 

In the recent weeks we’ve been answering many questions about the state of the game. If we achieved our stretch goals, etc. In this update we would like to respond to some of these questions. 

Stretch goals 

We are happy to tell you that both stretch goals you chose to back during our campaign via the vote has been implemented fully. The first goal was the improved storyline. Victor did an amazing job creating a coherent, interesting and non-linear story. Even those of us who knew the details were very impressed when we played it all the way to the end for the first time (it was in December). It has really paid off to make him our full time writer. We are also lucky that Joel Martin is doing an equally amazing job adapting the story into English. We are now finishing the English version by removing typos, mistakes and adding a few missing things in our closed beta. By the way, the sign up for the closed beta is still open.

The second goal was to make a pack of story characters and unique bosses. We won’t give out details about this in order to avoid spoilers but it is done and tested. You won’t see all of them in a single playthrough because of the story’s nonlinearity. 

Near future 

Remember how we said we were looking for an additional budget for marketing and PR? We found it! And that allows us to go GDC and PAX East, it wouldn’t be possible without these extra funds. 

Another piece of good news is that Legends of Eisenwald was selected as one of 15 games to be shown in Indie Megabooth at GDC in San Francisco! We are very happy about it and looking forward to this expo. Last year’s GDC didn’t work for us but we are hoping that being a part of the great Indie Megabooth will change a few things. 

Also, we will be showing Legends of Eisenwald at PAX East in Boston. And we have a few free tickets left (PAX East is sold out). If you want to hang out with us for one of the three days at PAX you can sign up for a ticket in the comment section! There will just be two of us at the booth and we could use some help! 

Patch 0.992 

Yesterday we released a new patch that added 44 Steam achievements to the game. 16 of them are available in the first three chapters, and the others are in the closed beta content. A lot more was done including the changes to how gold is collected and finishing the assembly of the physical shaders.

Our best, 

All of us at Aterdux

English closed beta begins! Projects we back


Hello everyone,

today the English closed beta begins which one more step forward the release. We fixed a lot of things in the Russian test and now hoping to fix the rest in English including mostly logical and story errors and some typos. We plan to announce the release date when this English beta test is over.

We also added Steam Achievements and Trading Cards over a week ago. Achievements will be enhanced in the next few days, now there are only six of them. As for Trading Cards, we have nine of them and each one corresponds to the legend in the game. To avoid very minor spoilers, we will post here a background instead. Here is one you can get for your Steam profile when you craft a game badge:

This is the image from the pier in Windfeld, the capital of the Duchy of Eisenwald and a place from where the ships travel to other cities of the Holy Roman Empire. 

 Projects we back

We backed this project from our colleagues in Minsk called This Is the Police, this is the game that will help you to learn what is the life of a crooked cop. The voice from Duke Nukem is a good reason alone to watch a trailer of this strategy/adventure game in the making.

Old school, hardcore, space - sounds fun? If it is, take a look at this MMORPG called Nebula Online that is being developed by our friends from Ukraine. This game will use Buy Once Play Forever which is not your typical f2p or subscription model and it is something that we really like and want to support. 

Thank you,

All of us at Aterdux

Legends of Eisenwald: a year in review


Remember we said a year ago: “This next year (2014) will be very important for us because that's the year when Legends of Eisenwald will be released”. Unfortunately, we were wrong once again with our estimations and we decided at about the middle of this year to not give any more exact dates or plans when we will release. 

Having said all that, we have no other choice other than to release Legends of Eisenwald pretty soon. This time things look much better - the game is content ready, all eight chapters of the campaign are playable and there are currently over 20 people who finished the main story at least once in our closed beta (which is ongoing in Russian). Average playtime seems to be over 40 or even 50 hours, and everyone seemed to really like the story. The English beta will be starting in about two weeks, and the signup is here

The beginning of 2014 was good, but the more we went towards the end of the year the harder it got. Denis had heart surgery done then crunch time to try and wrap up development but that didn’t go according to plan. One of the reasons is the brand new UI - and while the redesign didn’t take a lot of time, the reprogramming did (the UI code is now 25% of the entire game code, and more than half of it had to be programmed anew). 

Closer to the end of the year the money was starting to get tight and for a moment we even considered running a 2nd Kickstarter campaign to raise some funds for marketing but decided against it. (We wouldn’t have done it without asking your opinion first anyway). 

Why marketing? This needs a bit of an explanation. 

This year of 2014 is a year where many things changed. While we were really happy with our launch on Early Access, Legends of Eisenwald was one of the last Early Access titles that got featuring on the main page. More and more games were released (in the first four months of 2014 more games were released than in the entirety of 2013). In order to attract more attention to our game we tried to participate in the summer sale but Steam didn’t get us any space on the front page. Then we were lucky to have a Daily Deal in August. We didn’t get a spot in Halloween or the Winter sale probably because our sales since the beginning of Summer were far from great. In a month or so I plan to write an article with a breakdown of our costs, units sold etc. In short, a few months at the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 were the months we were doing alright. We didn’t raise our salaries or anything like that but we participated in two game expos - GDC Play and Igromir - and it was a mistake. 

With all these changes, we are now trying to see what else can be done for the release. And that’s why we are thinking to get some funds for marketing. One might argue that if a game is good it will find its audience and there is no need for any paid marketing activities. But right now we disagree. To show Valve our game is good, it needs to sell better in order to have some visibility at the launch and while we have good hope for our PR activities, we feel some marketing would give us a bit more. The Legends of Eisenwald release will determine the future of our company. If it goes well, we can continue working on the game and add all the nice features we wanted to have and even more. And if not then it will be hard to predict what’s going to happen. We don’t want our game to be lost or go unnoticed. And we will use all necessary options to make our game survive. 

And about doing sales - we want formally to ask you for forgiveness that we participated in a few. We wish we had enough funds to continue development without them but longer times require more funds. I wish we were like the Age of Decadence (a really good hardcore RPG by the way) developers, they have enough funds not to make sales during the Early Access phase of their project. That is not our situation unfortunately and we want to make up for this.

We’d like to offer all of you an extra key for the game if you feel the value of your pledge was diminished by these sales. PM us here on Kickstarter and we will send you one as soon as we can. 

To conclude, we wish all Happy New Year, and we will release the game as soon as we can. 

Alexander and all of us at Aterdux

Future plans - a small survey


Hello, everyone,

Looking towards the not too distant future we are starting to wonder whether it would make sense to port Legends of Eisenwald to mobile platforms (tablets only). Tablet hardware has become powerful enough for our game to run at a smooth speed and also look quite nice. The mobile market is huge and if this is idea is interesting for our community, we will consider this opportunity. 

It’s necessary to understand that to port the game to tablet the game will have to undergo certain changes and simplifications. For example, the game interface with context hints will have to change. In terms of gameplay and graphics the game will remain the same as you see it on PC. 

As we promised, we plan full ports to Linux/Mac and we will work on it after the official release. The proposed porting of the tablet versions would be done at the same time since there is a lot of commonality between them.

We created Google form with a survey regarding this topic and we hope you will find time to answer one simple question: “Are you interested in Legends of Eisenwald on Android and iOS tablets?”

Our best,

Aterdux team

Beta within a beta


The development is nearing the release and today we would like to announce closed beta testing (CBT) of the remaining content that will start in the first week of December. The major and maybe even only goal of this testing is to make sure that the entire story is playable from the beginning to the end. With quite a few different paths and non-linearity we need to make sure that any choice a player makes will not break the scripts and the story path. The main campaign is not linear and we will ask all beta test participants to finish the game any way possible! 

How will it happen

Most likely, the first group of players will test the Russian version only. The English version is being worked on at the moment (translation/adaptation and editing). Once the content is ready and translated, the English group of players will join the CBT.  

This is one of the last steps towards the release and once we see that the story is ready, we will be ready to announce the release date.

How to get into CBT

In order to apply for this closed beta please post your System configuration (processor, RAM, video card, video card RAM, screen resolution, operating system, antivirus program, system language) in this topic here (English)

For CBT we need a limited number of players. To select players we will use the information you provide plus Steam statistics regarding the number of hours in game. Anyone who has our game in Steam library can apply to participate in the beta test. There will be no CBT with the DRM-free version.

CBT participants need to be able to play at least 50 hours in order to complete the campaign. We will have a dedicated forum for feedback. At the end of the beta testing we will ask the participants to fill out a survey and send us their ending of game and the end of the chapters saves.

And we will ask all CBT participants to do this responsibly. The content of the CBT is confidential and we appreciate your respect in keeping discussion regarding content limited to the dedicated forum. Please note that due to CBT results the game will be changed accordingly and polished, so your impression from the testing will differ from the one you will receive in the final version of the game. This is especially true for in-game text.  

Our best,  

All of us at Aterdux