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Update #49

Release date announced!


Hello everyone! The official release date and leaving Early Access will happen April 1 2017. We understand you were expecting the game a bit sooner so we will tell you what changes will be made in this long period of time. In Legends of Eisenwald you will find everything that you like in computer games. The game will be a multiplayer, so it will require an Internet connection at all times. You will have to fight other online-barons not only in the hard battles but also in dance balls with an ability to change in detail the appearance of your hero for in-game currency. We came up with an interesting mechanic where your diplomatic decisions directly influence what is happening in the games world. So, if you say “Yes”, one thing will happen, if you say “No”, completely another. System of global magic will allow you to use terramorphing of the enemies lands so they become unsuitable for living. But remember, this can cost you a lot.

A new hero - Ueberzombi

A fourth hero will be introduced in the game, so in near future you will be able to play in Legends of Eisenwald for a zombie. And here is the most interesting starts, because as “ueber-zombie” you can rule over the minions of zombies and other undead, whose goal will be to disturb other players when you are getting near to eat their brains. Online matches with shooting zombies with hand cannons will be singled out into a separate game in our game setting. Silver bullets will cost more than usual ones.

Name Change

Because of the fact there are too many games with a word Legends in a title and with desire to emphasize a zombie part, we will rename the game into LegendZ of Eisenwald.

Survival, crafting and digestion

We are following modern trends and we assure you that our game will have elements of survival like necessity to buy food at markets, to have a cook that will make nutritios meals for your character out of products you bought (there will be a mini game for a cook, where you will have to choose quickly ingredients, place them into a pot and stir until it’s ready). Our game will require an advance digestion system where for each meal you eat you will have to roll 3 dice and have result of 15 and higher so you will not get food poisoning. Is it difficult? Medieval times were much harder! You will have to eat 2-3 times a day, and the game will count how much food and armor you are taking with you, so getting a horse sooner will be very essential (to make life easier, we will provide an opportunity to buy a horse for real currency).

Cherry on top in LegendZ of Eisenwald will be a possibility to build your own castles. You can draw it in your editor for tablets that will be sold separately and then piece by piece you can build your own castle using all the colors of a rainbow. All these amazing things you can start doing in just three years!

Merry wishes,

All of us at Aterdux

Update #48

New patch, Map Editor is soon to follow


Hello everyone,

Patch 0.907 has been released today, for the details please look here. It fixes quite a bit of bugs and provides support for modding and the editor that will be out soon. Right now we are working on the overview video for the editor. 

Development diaries

For those of you who might have missed, we started posting weekly development diaries which you can find on our web site or Steam. Here is a link to our latest one, entitled: What happens to those who refuse to sleep? And here is an image from a map, that's our fifth chapter of the main campaign:

New game page

We also decided to put up a game page on Facebook after a few people told us they couldn't find our game there. And we though it makes sense since the name of our company is not very well known to keep it all there, so a game's page would be definitely beneficial there. Please come by our new page and like us! 

Also, our web site will get a new design, stay tuned!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

If you didn't see this game yet here on Kickstarter, we strongly encourage you to come and take a look at this beaty. We are not sure about you, but we had an irresistible desire to throw money at the screen, something, we hadn't felt in quite a long time. Realistic, medieval, beautiful - what's more to ask? 

Best wishes,

All of us at Aterdux

Update #47

The Banner Saga update


Hello everyone, 

most of you probably know but we still want to tell you that Chapter 1 of the Banner Saga is now available on Steam! We also have to confess that we spent some time playing this wonderful game (even during work hours! :))  and we are really impressed with the exquisite art, the story and the depth of the tactical battles. The atmosphere of this game is really immersive, and as developers ourselves we can't help but be amazed how polished this game is and how nice everything fits together. 

So, if you are into beautiful 2D art, or like a compelling story with many choices, or enjoy turn based combat, the Banner Saga might be something that you would really enjoy. While we haven't finished yet the whole game, it's clear that this is headed for great and deserved success. 

On our part, we are very happy that we backed this great game when it was on Kickstarter. And despite having said that many times before, we are very grateful to the Stoic team that they helped us out during our campaign. 

Go Vikings, go Stoic! 

All of us at Aterdux

Update #46

Our game at Steam Indie Showcase


Hello everyone,

We are happy to tell you that an exciting Steam Indie Showcase event is waiting for you this week and it was prepared by the guys from Greenlit Gaming. A 24-hour gaming marathon based on games picked by Steam Greenlight — it's indeed something quite fun, don’t you think? Every game will be given half an hour. This time the organizers should present each game to viewers in all of their glory. And we heard something about giveaways and gifts during the presentations! 

We'd like to tell you why Greenlit Gaming is really awesome. Almost from the birth of Steam Greenlight they showed and supported the best and most interesting projects and kept everyone informed about all changes. We are really proud that Greenlit Gaming picked Legends of Eisenwald for this event along with many other great games. We hope that you find our presentation interesting, Alexander is going to be around too.

Of course the Steam Indie Showcase shows the presentation schedule, so that you can know which other Steam Greenlight games will be participating in the marathon. Steam Indie Showcase will start on the 10th of January, and our game will be shown at 03:30 AM (EST) or 12:30 Moscow Time at Greenlit Gaming TwitchTv Channel.

Well, this is a nice thing to have in the beginning of the year and we hope more great things are awaiting all of us!

All of us at Aterdux

Update #45

New Year update


Hello everyone,

2014 is around the corner and we want to say a few words about where we are.

This next year will  be very important for us because that's the year when Legends of Eisenwald will be released. We really hope that you will like the game when it's done and that you will be getting a lot of quality playing time out of it.

This last year was very challenging and intense for our team. We were busy with the Greenlight campaign in the beginning of the year, then we ran out of funds a few months later but were lucky to find an investor. In May we got greenlit, and then kept working to release the game on Steam Early Access which was rather successful, in our opinion. More importantly, it gave us enough funding to finish the development and do a few other things, improving user interface is one example. Early Access showed us that the game is not as ready as we thought it was and it gave us a lot to work with. We keep working on the issues along with finishing the remaining things. Here is a picture that will be used in the new interface in some buildings:

All in all, 2013 made us learn a lot and brought us much more closer to the finishing line. The game is becoming better, we experimented with a few things that were suggested by the community, a lot of bugs were fixed, and overall the game is much more stable and playable.

Next steps

Next large update will be centered around the Map Editor. All the other chapters will be included at the release time, we want everyone who already played to receive the full impact of the experience. Closer to the release at some point we will raise the game price. We think this way it will be fair to all of you and our early supporters outside Kickstarter (for the same reason we didn't participate in Steam winter sale). 

With the Map Editor on the horizon and continual other improvements, we will be working also on some promotional assets, which we hope you will enjoy as well.

We wish you a wonderful and successful 2014!

All of us at Aterdux

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