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Heirloom quality, 1940s styled leather bags. Inspired by my Grandfather's Map Case from WWII. Guaranteed for life.
Heirloom quality, 1940s styled leather bags. Inspired by my Grandfather's Map Case from WWII. Guaranteed for life.
Heirloom quality, 1940s styled leather bags. Inspired by my Grandfather's Map Case from WWII. Guaranteed for life.
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    1. Maxim Polevoy on

      Been using my postal bag for trips for 2 years now, very happy I backed this one. :)

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      Lynn Weiss on

      It's been about a year since I've had my S&P bags. The Heavy Duty LP they sell on their website is great for the leather... Anyways, these bags may be my favorite online purchase ever..Way above my expectations. Thank you.

    3. Joseph Sweeney on

      Hi Daniel! Could you email me at Thanks.

    4. Daniel Crandall

      I am not sure if anyone is still viewing this thread, but I have a briefcase that I never used. I pledged for it thinking that my computer would fit (it doesn't), and then thought that I would keep it until I got a smaller computer. Realistically, I don't want to hold on to a bag that I will not use.

      Would anyone care to buy it?

    5. Levi on

      I'm with Andrew on a handle for the mailbag. I find myself grabbing for one that isn't there when I go to set it down.

      Other than that, I'm loving my mailbag and will for years to come.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Wallis on

      So basically UPS lost my Kickstarter bag. I contacted Daniel straight away and he immediately launched an investigation with them and after roughly 30 days they admitted they had no idea where it was. Daniel sent me another via international priority which arrived yesterday and simply put, the bag is beautiful. When I backed the campaign I was looking for a bag that would survive my daily routines as I tend to be pretty rough on them (work, gym, biking etc). Having used other luxury bags in the past, I was hunting for something that I wouldn’t need to replace again so soon. My Satchel and Page bag has completely smashed my expectations and I fully expect it’s actually bomb-proof haha. The leather feels tough as nails, is thicker and stronger than any other bag I’ve owned, smells great (love real leather) and fits everything I need while looking and feeling like a heirloom that has already travelled down through generations of my family and finally passed to me.
      I’m not a person who usually writes reviews of products I buy as I generally believe a company’s products should stand testament to their quality, but given this is Kickstarter, understanding there is risk involved when backing a project and personally had no idea what to expect from a small company who handcraft their products, I had to come here and tell you that I am in love with my bag and encourage anyone who’s having any kind of reservations about taking the plunge themselves to go for it, you won’t regret it. I also wanted to thank Daniel and Satchel and Page, he helped me from the very start, kept me informed, managed my expectations the entire time and never palmed me off even when I kind of expected it. It’s seriously probably the best and most satisfying customer service I’ve ever experienced and I work in the industry.
      Now my girlfriend is hassling me to buy her a Map Bag as a early birthday present haha.

    7. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on

      @Andrew M - We will write you and let you know our research. Although we don't recommend a handle on the Mailbag due to long-term durability concerns, we may have a solution.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew M on

      I know you considered a handle for the mailbag. Can you share your research? I need to add a handle and Im looking for one.

    9. Joseph Sweeney on

      After having my mailbag for a few months now, I can officially say with extreme confidence that it is my most favorite purchase I have ever made. The quality is outstanding and I just feel amazing carrying it around with me :D

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Missing avatar

      Lynn Weiss on

      Satchel & Page - I was traveling and missed the Kickstarter sale. I want to buy more bags. Can I still get the discount? Thanks!

    12. Lewis Rose on

      So, I am not happy with my mailbag after a few weeks of using it, mainly because it lacks the handle. Please let me know if you are interested in buying it for $300. Like new really. Thanks.

    13. jacatra on

      I love my Briefcase after weeks and weeks of usage - it always invites a glance or a compliment. As mentioned previously, I've found the bag that I would pass down to the next generation. However, I'd like to get any tips in prolonging the life of the two buckle flaps though. Being the bag's weakest points, they will probably fray with time after endless buckling up and unbuckling them?

    14. Maxim Polevoy on

      Received my pilot's bag, gladstone and journal.
      Quality is amazing, thank you! Very beautiful items for travel.

      Going to order other pieces of your collection!:)

    15. Alexey Kelyin on

      The question of bags is solved for the nearest life: just received my Collector's Package.

      If Volvo decided to produce bags personally for Bruce Willis — they would now have a source for proper inspiration. :-)

      Love my new bags. Thank you very much, Satchel & Page team!

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on

      Brad - Sorry to hear. Messaging you now to arrange a repair or replacement.

    18. Brad Dancer

      have the map case- the metal clasp (the U piece attached to the main part of the bag) has already broken and fallen off, its really weak - unfortunately now, its more of a accessory hanging off my chair. Generally well crafted

    19. Joseph Sweeney on

      Toby, the stain doesn't rub off as much as you would think. I have had my mailbag for about a month now and there were a few times when the bag's stain rubbed off on my pants a bit. I'm trying the neatsfoot oil approach to see if I can get the stain to stay put!

    20. Toby Wild on

      Collectors pack arrived in Australia after just under a month of shipping.
      So very very happy with them, today is the first day of real world use and everyone at work is loving the Messenger bag.
      I am also worried about the Tan/Stain rubbing off, as the inside of the dust protectors were a little brown on delivery.
      As the others have mentioned, the box packing was pretty terrible, loose lids and random half-stuck tape. I would suggest a different fulfillment center next time, assuming they are the ones that packed them.

    21. Missing avatar

      Lynn Weiss on

      Love my bag! Leather still smells amazing after using it every day. It's already starting to age nicely! Thank you.

    22. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on

      @ Jason - I will call USPS. It's been 2 months so it should have arrived. Anyone else who received a shipping confirmation in early December and hasn't received your bag email me at
      @ Pao - Yes, I will message you to get more info.

    23. Missing avatar

      Pao J-Kai on

      HI Daniel,

      Firstly, I'd like to comment on the excellent mailbag that you guys have created! I received the package in excellent condition, and did not have problems with the cardboard box that you've used to ship the bag over. I've used the bag for daily usage to work and and back for a couple of days so far, and I noticed that the tan comes off rather easily as my pants are stained on both days that I've used it. I was wondering if there's any methods to prevent the tan from staining my pants as well as to protect the tan on the bag.


    24. Missing avatar

      Jason Wallis on

      I still haven't received my bag and USPS international no longer tracks my item with some error like "multiple items found"...

    25. Richard Loh Kern Liang

      Hi Daniel , my collector's package was hold up in the customs. I pay the import taxes, not a big issue because your bags are really beautiful and timeless. Great smell of nostalgia. All items are
      accounted for, nothing is missing.

      The shipment cardboard box was a little beat-up with a small gap and the smaller items may fall out. Perhaps you could put the slim/tag inside one of the bags to secure them. ( For future shipments)

      Great work and Excellent Products!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jasper Stolte

      My pilot's bag has been received in the Netherlands. It looks absolutely stunning. Super classy! I selected it for the contrasting leather in the video, that's not so much present in the real thing unfortunately. The color is more 'chestnut' than 'brown' as I expected. In reality it's actually much classier than in the pictures! :)

      Small word of advice to the team: The cardboard box you sent the bag in was completely wrecked upon arrival. As in completely torn up. I was lucky that the slim/tag were still in there because they could have easily fallen out. Fortunately, the pilot's bag itself was unscathed, largely due to the nice cotton protector you put around it. Please review the packaging and select sturdier boxes or perhaps smaller boxes in which the bag sits more snugly, because others may not be so lucky!

      Look forward to putting the bag to the test of actual use, but I'm sure it will do fine as it looks quite sturdy. The zipper was my main concern upon ordering, but that's actually quite a nice one, looks/feels solid and durable. Great work!

    27. Missing avatar

      Evan Donaldson on

      By the way, guys, I don't see many comments on the journal - what a sweet little item this is!
      A question and a comment:
      Q) What do you recommend for paper refill?
      C) I wonder what it would look like to put a loop on the spine area, or on the edge, to store a quality pen (for some reason, I only use a fountain pen with my journal - it seems "right" for some reason...)

      Thanks for these quality products, and VERY BIG thanks for the email I received about the opportunity for KS investors to "add to their set" at original prices. I wish I had the means to have bought the entire collector's package all at once!

      ALSO, thanks for the leather care advise. I just ordered some neatsfoot oil for upkeep. You guys rock!

    28. Glenn Peterson on

      Received the Gladstone this past week. Very, very nice bag! My wife will be getting this for her upcoming birthday, I'm sure she'll be pleased with such a wonderful bag.

    29. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on

      Thanks Cynthia! We'll have a leather care update soon!

    30. Cynthia Duby on

      Received my three bags today (one map book case, two messenger bags) and two journals. OMG, very, very nicely made, wonderful, leather and stitching are outstanding and I am in love!!! LOL Now, how about some care instructions, Daniel? I know, lifetime warranty, yaddah yaddah yaddah, but I want some wonderful wear on mine, some personality that only comes with use ... so I want to take good care of them! Thanks tons for the wonderful project and such a fantastic product. Will definitely recommend you on FB and to my friends :-)

    31. Toby Wild on

      Thanks for the update and the speedy response.

    32. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on

      Hi Toby,

      Yes, that email address does not work. The best way to contact us is
      Your shipment is on its way. It was picked up from our warehouse on Friday. It takes USPS awhile to update it on their end.


    33. Toby Wild on

      Hi guys,
      I got an email from with USPS tracking numbers, however after tracking them for four days, they haven't been received by USPS yet.
      In addition, when I replied to the email, I got a bounce back.
      How can I follow this up?

    34. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on

      As of 6:14 CST, Friday, January 17th, 99.9% of all rewards have been fulfilled!
      Project recap update coming this week which will include some tips on leather care.

    35. Missing avatar

      DrKito on

      Received my Map Case and Mailbag on Friday. Love them! Great job Daniel and company! Daniel, do you have any instructions/recommendations you could post on caring for the leather? Thanks.

    36. Rod Barthet on

      Received my briefcase and map bag (and two journals) a couple of weeks ago here in the UK. Like a few others here, I had to pay a significant import duty of £114 which although isn't Satchels and Page's fault, was quite unpleasant. That being said, having had the bags now for a couple of weeks and been using both I can only compliment the team on producing wonderful products. Very high quality and great attention to detail. Everything they promised. Thanks.

    37. Missing avatar

      Eric Koboldt

      Received my Gladstone yesterday. What a fantastic piece! The stitching and additional hardware to insure the longevity of the product was something I didn't expect. Truly surprised at all of the additional hard work and details which went into these pieces. My wife is looking to purchase additional pieces now that we have seen the quality! Kudos to the Satchel & Page team for deciding to take this to Kickstarter.

    38. Grefven on

      I had to pay an outrageous import duty as well, it's too bad that S&P couldn't have used a lower cost of the package, maybe like self-cost since this isn't a pre-order system, but we give money and get a gift in return.

    39. Missing avatar

      Casper Rognaldsen

      I received the bags yesterday. The quality is awesome! Had to pay $300 in customs but that's just how it is here in Norway:) I will definitely back another kickstarter campaign from S&P should there be another one in the future. I'm also looking forward to seeing new stuff from S&P.

    40. Eric Cheng on

      I received my 2 map cases few days ago - loved the finishing quality, so much better than everything else in the retail shops. Thank you so much for such an wonderful product!

    41. Missing avatar

      jeroen thomas on

      Just received my mapcase, thanks a lot. It's great. Very well made, nice leather (love the smell), wonderful "feel". Just one minor drawback, though: the hardware on the inside is not covered. Sure, I knew that the mapcase would not be lined, but especially the backside of the fronthardware will damage precious things inside the bag. I have an iPad with a case that doesn't fit in the backpocket, so I have to keep it in the main compartment. But that's where all the hardware is... maybe something to consider for the next generation mapcase! Overall I'm very satisfied!!!

    42. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on

      @Mark - I understand what you're saying. The D-rings are there to clip on small items OR adjust the positioning of the shoulder strap as some like to carry the bag differently.
      I'm sure you can understand that we're extremely busy right now, but perhaps we will revisit this later this year. Thanks again for your support, glad you like the bags, and appreciate your feedback.

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark Tingay on

      Thanks for the reply. I know the mailbag had had the handle removed. However, I think you missed the focus of my comments! First, the two brass rings on top make it look like a handle is missing - just looks a bit odd. I guess they are just there for 'decoration', but at first glance they can make the bag look incomplete. If no handle, then maybe remove these? Second, I was not suggesting a handle to carry the bag around for long periods of time, but rather to make it easier to LIFT (e.g. from the floor to your desk or lap when you want to put something in it). Current design means lifting requires two hands or by using the strap. A sturdy stitched and strong leather handle (not just a strip of leather as in your prototype) clipped to your brass rings could look good and enhance design. Fair enough if you disagree, but I thought a purpose of KS was to get feedback. Remember, I do love the bags, just trying to be constructive! Cheers, Mark

    44. jacatra on

      I received my briefcase today here in Adelaide, Australia. I'm very happy and very impressed with the team at Satchel & Page! Love it when a project follows through and delivers as promised. As mentioned in my tweet, I have found the bag that is worthy to be passed on to my future children. Now I just need to equip it with stories and places. Well done, Daniel! I look forward to your next projects.

      [PS: Now I look at those Gladstone and Pilot Bag and wishing I had enough dosh back then to get the Collectors Package!] :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Jack Jiang on

      Got my map case today :) what a great start to 2014.
      The bag was well packaged and made it all the way to New Zealand without any problems. It's been the talking piece at work all day. Very impressed with the build quality, it's exactly as advertised. Thank you very much.

    46. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on

      @Mark - Thanks for your comment. We tested it vigorously and made it very clear that the Mailbag would come without a handle. This is what the Mailbag looks like with a handle after using it for a month:…. Given its design, when carrying it with a handle, all the weight of the bag goes forward and the handle pulls back, causing huge stress on the handle. We don't sell bags that won't hold up well over time. The original Mailbags didn't have handles and the bag looks WAY better without a handle. We are currently not making a handle for the Mailbag. We developed the Briefcase for those customers who require a handle on their bag.

    47. Missing avatar

      Mark Tingay on

      They are beautiful bags. My only issue is that the mailbag really does need a handle. I know you decided to remove it. However, It looks a bit odd having the rings for one, but being absent. It's also annoying to pick up without a handle - would be far more functional with one.

      Could you perhaps offer a handle for sale to backers?


    48. Joseph Sweeney on

      Received my Gladstone and Mailbag a few weeks ago and every day I look at them I feel a surge of pride. These bags are timeless and will withstand the test of time. I can with full confidence say that I will be a lifelong fan of Satchel & Page!

    49. Junichi Kido on

      I got my briefcase today, what wonderful quality it has! I never need any bags except YOURS! And I can't wait next campaign. Thank you so much.

    50. Daniël on

      My mailbag arrived in the Netherlands. It's great, thanks!

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