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Organize your life and improve productivity with this functional, heritage quality daily carry. Backed with a lifetime warranty.
Organize your life and improve productivity with this functional, heritage quality daily carry. Backed with a lifetime warranty.
Organize your life and improve productivity with this functional, heritage quality daily carry. Backed with a lifetime warranty.
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    1. SuicideKing
      3 minutes ago

      +1 Alison. And same kind of band to secure the phone; it will also be upside down?

    2. Missing avatar

      Alison about 8 hours ago

      @satchel&page maybe some kind of band to secure over the laptop pocket (for extra assurance)? (:

    3. Satchel & Page 5-time creator about 9 hours ago

      @Richard - We do not process the payments nor have any control over payment processing. That is all done by Kickstarter. You would need to contact them, although it's highly unlikely you'd be billed twice unless you made 2 separate pledged with 2 separate accounts.
      @Eric - we've tested it and the laptop is very tight inside it's pocket and doesn't really move while it's being carried. If we designed it the other way, the inserts would be almost impossible to use and the laptop would be very cumbersome to insert/take out of the case.

    4. Eric Chiang 1 day ago

      Hi there, just noticed that when the laptop slides into the pocket and when the portfolio is carried around, gravity and the natural cadence of walking will pull the laptop towards the zippers. If that is the case, then wouldn't there be no protection in an accidental drop?? Or is there something I'm missing here.

    5. Missing avatar

      richard 1 day ago


      I had some problems with the payment and now I am worried I paid twice, do u have and e-mail adress we can discuss this further? Or how do we proceed?


    6. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 1 day ago

      @Eric - the accessories will ship with your pledge
      @Dr. T - you can add the luggage strap through the survey going out in a few weeks
      @Alan - Thank you!
      @Graeme - Thanks, we can't wait to get them to you.

    7. Missing avatar

      Graeme Shaw 1 day ago

      So excited to finally get something that's been made with design in mind. Been through a few cases......great job....can't wait.

    8. Alan Lee 1 day ago

      Can't wait to get my hands on my Port! I can already imagine this is something which will last me a lifetime of use.

    9. Missing avatar 2 days ago

      Tried to order/ad the trap on for 15$ in order to put it on top of a suitcase, but the website did not build up accordingly . What to do?
      Regards Dr. T

    10. Missing avatar

      Eric Colson 2 days ago

      Excited to get my Port 14" in Jan. Are the accessories / add-ons available sooner?

    11. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 2 days ago

      @Shane - You chose the right one. Your laptop will fit nicely in the Port 14".

    12. Missing avatar

      Shane Wilkins 2 days ago

      I have selected the Port 14". My laptop is 13.3 x 9.1 x 0.8
      Is this the right port as it said maximum width was 13.3 but unsure if the other dimensions mean it won't fit?

    13. Nicole Corbin Lawson 2 days ago

      Thanks, @Creator! I love having gadgets with me, and I'm not going to need enough pens to fill all those loops.

    14. Nicole Corbin Lawson 2 days ago

      I am very excited about this project, and I'm glad that I found this before the KS closes. I use a Surface for notes and work in all my meetings, and I've been carrying it all around in a completely inadequate PVC portfolio.

      I've been looking closely at screenshots from your promotional material, and I have a couple of questions. Not about your product, because you have done an outstanding job of providing information. I'm curious about two of the items shown held in the Port using pen sized loops. What are the small tools (one silver and one brass looking) in the lower two horizontal slots on the left hand side of the Port? Also, where did you get that great pen/pencil that has a ruler printed on the side?

      Congrats on the success of the KS; I'm really looking forward to my Port!

    15. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 2 days ago

      @algadi - Yes! All add-ons will be available after the campaign at the same price.

    16. Missing avatar

      2 days ago


      Will you be offering the add-ons in the survey.. Cause it’s kind of missed up when a backer do it on Kickstarter.. “confusing”!

    17. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 2 days ago

      @Ty - thanks for pointing that out, it's been updated!

    18. Ty 2 days ago

      Are the Height and Width numbers correct with the port?
      -Height being 11.5 and Width being 8.5
      Seems that the measurements for the Height and Width may be incorrectly reversed?

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Neal 3 days ago

      Bam: stretch goal reached! Excited to see the new insert and keep up the great work!

    20. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 3 days ago

      @Amnan - The Surface Pro charger will fit well in the modular outside pocket.

    21. Amnan Pahamin 3 days ago

      hi is there a dedicated space to keep my surface pro charger?

    22. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 4 days ago

      @Liam - For your pledge, it's December.

    23. Missing avatar

      Liam Hickey 4 days ago

      When is the expected arrival date of this product?

    24. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 5 days ago

      @Blythe - the 11" does not have a pocket on the left side. The 13", 14", and 15" do.

    25. Missing avatar

      Blythe Buchanan
      5 days ago


      @creator I backed the 11 Port but would like to know if it has a pocket/slot on the left side for papers etc. I believe I saw one on the 13 Port but it is hard to tell in the pictures.


    26. Espen Kristiansen 5 days ago

      I'm glad to hear that! Thanks a lot for the quick reply :-)

    27. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 5 days ago

      @Espen - Your Macbook Pro will fit well in the Port 15!

    28. Espen Kristiansen 5 days ago

      Hello! I just noticed that my macbook pro retina 15" is 14.13 inches wide and 9.73 inches in depth. That is about the same as the Port 15" and might even slightly exceed the limit. Will this work out?

    29. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 5 days ago

      @Chase - Your tablet will fit in the main pocket in the Port Tablet, but won't fit in the tablet pocket on the Port 14". The tablet pocket for Port 14" will hold an iPad mini or smaller. But you could fit the tablet in the larger open pocket on the left.

    30. Chase Colton
      7 days ago

      Also on the Port 14, would that tablet fit in the tablet pocket?

    31. Chase Colton
      7 days ago

      Hey S&P, just thought I would double check this on the Port Tablet. My tablet with my case is 9.5 inches exactly long, 6.5 inches wide, and 3/4 inch depth. That will fit in the pocket for the port tablet right?


    32. Missing avatar

      Chris Neal on September 15

      I figured that was the case. Seems like the best bet would be to buy the official one to make sure it fits. Time to go increase my pledge!

    33. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 15

      @Chris - Good question. Anker is a huge company producing millions of these types of chargers. We'll probably produce a couple hundred. Their costs are just much lower than ours. I have a few of their chargers (the small lipstick sized one), and they're very solid.

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris Neal on September 15

      Question on the battery - an Anker 10000 mah battery is $21 on Amazon, why is your 5000 mah battery almost 3 times the price at retail? I want the battery but trying to work out of I would be better off looking for a similar sized replacement. Thanks

    35. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 14

      @Philip - Thanks for pointing that out. Actually, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the campaign page, we have a device guide. On the top row are the maximum widths that will fit in the laptop pocket for each sized Ports. On the rows below are the names of the devices, and also the measurements of the devices that we used to make our recommendation. We used the dimensions of the most current devices, but we will definitely take your suggestion to point that out in our next update, as it can be confusing. For the 13" the max width that will fit in the laptop pocket is 12.2, so you would need to size up to the Port 14".

    36. Philip on September 14

      I have the early 2015 model of the 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina. The dimensions don't seem to align with what you have for what is, I assume, the current model of 13 inch MacBook Pro. By the looks of things, I'll need the 14 inch bag. Would that be correct?

      Also, you might want to note that those are the current sizes as Apple have used the same names for different laptops over the years and some customers may not be aware of that, or the associated size variations.

    37. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 13

      @skarsol - Yes, without a problem.

    38. Missing avatar

      on September 12

      Will the 11" fit the new Surface Pro with the Brydge keyboard instead of the type cover? (16.2mm total instead of the ~13mm of the Surface+Type Cover)

    39. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 12

      Hi Ben - Thanks! The 14" will fit inside the Mailbag, but not Slim Mailbag.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ben Johnson on September 12

      Hello. This looks like a great product. Will the 14" fit inside the Mailbag on your website? What about the Slim Mailbag? Thanks!

    41. Missing avatar

      Mayuri on September 12

      Thanks :)
      I got confused between the screen size (diagnol of screen) and width of the laptop. I hope I am not making any mistake.

    42. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 11

      @Matthew - Sorry, I didn't quite understand your idea. By 'existing accessory strap", do you mean the strap that holds the battery pouch?

    43. Matthew Roche on September 11

      Saw the email about the luggage strap. Very interested in a strap, but it is way too fussy to be useful. I don't want to have to use two hands to undo two buckles.

      Why not just have a strap with metal hooks that can be attached to the existing accessory strap and just slides over the handle over the roller-bag?

    44. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 11

      @Mayuri - Sorry about that, thought I had responded! I am seeing the dimensions online of the HP Spectre 360 as 12.79" x 8.6". Can you confirm? If those are indeed the dimensions, you would need the Port 14".

    45. Missing avatar

      Mayuri on September 11

      No reply :(

    46. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 11

      @Kai - You would need the 15" for that computer.
      @Michael - Sounds good, thanks!

    47. Michael Shvets on September 11

      @Satchel & Page thx for answer. It will work for me so I'll keep my pledge. Looking so much forward to put my hands on it.

    48. Kai Wang on September 10

      Hi satchel and page, the razer blades dimensions are 13.6 x 0.7 x 9.3 inches. Do you think that van squeeze into a port 14?

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