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Organize your life and improve productivity with this functional, heritage quality daily carry. Backed with a lifetime warranty.
Organize your life and improve productivity with this functional, heritage quality daily carry. Backed with a lifetime warranty.
Organize your life and improve productivity with this functional, heritage quality daily carry. Backed with a lifetime warranty.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ryan P. Maynard on May 1

      I got your email Daniel. Please disregard my comment below. Thanks brother!
      Hook ‘Em!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ryan P. Maynard on May 1

      Hi Daniel,
      Congratulations on closing out the Port project. Please let me know when I can expect my 15” Port and tech insert. I’ve sent out a couple emails to the Satchel and Page address, but I haven’t heard anything back. I thought I’d try you here. Thanks for your help in getting my order resolved.

      Hook ‘Em

    3. Alan Lee on April 11

      Got it! It is amazingly "b e a u t i f u l"

    4. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on April 10

      All rewards have been shipped out! If you haven't received your tracking #, please reach out to us via

    5. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on April 5

      @Alan - we're pushing every day to ship out the remaining rewards. As soon as it ships you will get a tracking number.
      @Wayne - BackerKit status just means when the order was submitted to our warehouse. As soon as it actually ships, you will get a tracking #.

    6. Missing avatar

      Wayne Aroozoo on April 5

      Hi Guys, similar to Karen's issue below, My backerkit says that my reward was shipped on 28th March 2018 but I haven't received any tracking info. Could you please advise? - Wayne

    7. Alan Lee on April 4

      Hi there, waiting for Port 11 to New Zealand as well...

    8. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on April 3

      @David - Our warehouse is moving slower than expected in getting the final orders out the door. Most of the 13" have shipped out and there are about 25 Port 11" orders outstanding. We're pushing them every day. As soon they ship, we will let you know.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Turnbull on April 1

      Hi there - Backer 799. Any word on when I can expect shipping? It is a Port 11 to Europe.

    10. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on March 30

      @Karen - We will check and let you know early next week.

    11. Missing avatar

      Karen Wong on March 28

      Hi, it says that item is shipped 3/14, however I did not receive any tracking info. Pls advise. tq!

    12. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on March 23

      @Wayne - We're planning to ship all outstanding international orders (and close out the project) next week!

    13. Missing avatar

      Wayne Aroozoo on March 23

      Hi Guys, any update on shipping international orders? (Specifically Australia?) Sorry to bug, I'm an impatient swine. - W

    14. Ty on March 20

      The thread on my Port 11” has already started to unravel with very light usage. What type of warranty is included with my purchase?

    15. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on March 19

      @Eric - Oh no! Please write us at and we'll help.

    16. Missing avatar

      Eric Freyer
      on March 19

      Too bad, the zipper on my bag is already broken.

    17. Mark Bamford on March 19

      Received the Port about a week ago. I had high expectations and they have been exceeded. The quality and craftsmanship is very evident. Worth every penny spent on it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Anita on March 17

      This is my fourth Satchel and Paige item and I feel like a kid in a candy store with my new purchase. I get the best comments on my Tote and my dad loves his Portfolio! Now I get to rock this Port. This is absolutely the best quality workmanship.

    19. Bret Silver on March 15

      Exceeded expectations. Very happy with it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Matt on March 14

      Received my bag yesterday. I'm very pleased -- it's thicker, heavier, and more substantial than I expected (all of which is good!). It feels very high-quality. In fact, as soon as I unpacked it I regretted not getting one large enough for my Macbook Pro, having ordered one sized only for my iPad. Lo and behold, it turns out I can fit my Macbook Pro in it after all (tightly, but workably). So a happy ending!

    21. YoungOok Cho on March 10

      Hi, I got a msg from FedEx 14th Feb.
      They told me that was a bag.
      But it returned.
      Could you please check my delivery state?

      ----FedEx Travel History----
      [2/14/2018 - Wednesday]
      6:00 pm Returning package to shipper *Location: YUEN LONG HK
      Return tracking number 426096996947
      5:46 pm Picked up *Location: YUEN LONG HK

      [2/13/2018 - Tuesday]
      11:07 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx

    22. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on March 9

      ***US + Canada Remaining Rewards Update - We shipped out hundreds of orders last night via UPS Ground! There are a few remaining orders shipping out today via USPS or DHL to Canada. If you are in US, Canada, Mexico, or South America, and don't receive a tracking notification by 11 PM CST tonight, please check your spam email folder. If it's not there, please contact us at

      For remaining international orders, we will ship those in about 16-18 days.

      Thank you!

    23. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on March 8

      ***US+CANADA Remaining Rewards Update - We're boxing up orders and shipping out today and tomorrow! You'll receive a tracking number once the order ships (the tracking notifications go out at night). If you ordered a USB Charger, shipping may get pushed to Monday as it requires special packaging.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mayuri on March 3

      Thank you :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Martin Häring on March 3

      Alright, I just saw that the change I mentioned in my previous comment was already adressed in an update and answer on another comment. So don´t consider it. Thanks!

    26. Missing avatar

      Martin Häring on March 3

      Finally I received my Port today and it looks great, however there is a main difference compared to the sample shown in the video: the opening for the laptop and the ones for powerbank, mobile and tablet are on opposite sides, i.e. when I open it the mobile, power bank and tablet will slide out. So I wonder if it really is intended to be assembled this way. Can we get personally in touch and sort this out? Of course I can send pictures to make my point clear

    27. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on March 2

      *meant to say all outstanding US/Canada rewards shipping next week.

    28. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on March 2

      @Mayuri - We are shipping all outstanding rewards next week, and you'll receive a tracking email then.

    29. Missing avatar

      Mayuri on March 2

      Could you guys please post an update when all US shippings are completed so that people who did not receive any communication regarding their rewards may contact you?

    30. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on March 2

      @Soren - Thanks for your feedback. All our pictures, (especially lifestyle shots) and our video show the design with the single handle on top. That's the design we delivered. Here are a few pictures from the campaign which clearly show this:
      Regarding the pocket layout, we switched the design so those items would be not be upside down when carried. That was communicated in this update:
      Regarding refunds, per the policy listed on the Kickstarter page, we are not accepting refunds on this project.

    31. Missing avatar

      Soren Larsen on March 2

      On your Kickstarter page the Port 15” is shown with openings of interior pockets facing away from the hinge of the bag.
      The bag I received has interior pockets with openings facing towards the hinge. The consequence is that everything falls out of the pockets when I open the bag.
      Is this a production error or did you make last minute design changes?

      Also, I’m surpriced that the bag is supposed to be carried upside-down. It makes it impossible to access the bag without opening it on a level surface.
      Thus, the bag cannot be used for travelling, or other activities, where it is inconvenient to find a level surface for bag opening.

      The upside-down design is a rather radical compared to conventional bags and severely limits the bag’s usability. In my opinion you should have revealed this design choice in your initial presentation of the bag.

      Is it possible to return the bag?

      Best regard,
      Soren Larsen

    32. Neil Patel on March 1

      Wonderful! Thank you for the quick update

    33. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on March 1

      @Neil - You're in the next USA batch shipping next week!

    34. Neil Patel on March 1

      I don't recall getting any shipping information, though the Backer Kit site sign "ready to ship". Any insight or help would be appreciated, thanks!

    35. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on February 28

      @Marc - Thanks for your feedback on the product!

    36. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on February 28

      @Ijle / @Rob - I'll try and check with Smooth Parcel. In our experience, it does take 10-17 days to reach customers in Europe. They have yet to lose a package. Based on the tracking, I don't think your shipments are lost, they are just taking awhile. I'll reach out to you over email when we get an update from them.
      @Todd - We've sent you an email. But quickly to address your comments:
      The design we promoted on our Kickstarter page through product images, lifestyle images, and video is the design we delivered to our backers. We chose to use a single top handle for comfort in carrying the Port, which means you can't access while it's being carried on the shoulder strap. Here are a few pictures from the campaign which clearly show this design:……

    37. Missing avatar

      Todd Parsons on February 28

      I have received my port 15". I have to say the product in reality is lacking basic functionality that i think is show stopper. The fact you cannot access the bag while on your shoulder to access travel documents or wallets etc makes it completely impractical and I dont think it was able to determine that form the photos. The product itself is well constructed but actually really heavy. I like the idea of the product but the execution is lacking. How can I go about returning the product as I don't think the design was accurately reflected in the photos and the product is unusable as a frequent traveller.

    38. Missing avatar

      IJle Feenstra on February 27

      Well, I contacted Whistl with the number provided by smooth parcel and this is what I got back:
      I'm afraid I can't find the order with the details provided I am unable to locate this order and do not believe this was went through Whistl. The chat will now end as I am unable to assist any further.

      @Satchel & Page, can you look into this please?

    39. Missing avatar

      IJle Feenstra on February 27

      For me the Whistl page is even more descriptive (on non descriptive)....there is only states 13/02 item data received....that link became available to me once Smooth (?) parcel provided an estimated delivery date (after updating with: Your Parcel has been passed to for final delivery, you can now track it here(link)).

      Based on this conflicting information as well as the passing ETA caused me to drop a message. As by now I'm lost. Hopefully that does not go for the actual parcel?

    40. Missing avatar

      Rob on February 27

      @IJle Feenstra, same thing here. I think our ports are in the same shipment. According to Smooth Parcel, my Port should be out for final delivery 2 times already. However, on the Whistl tracking page (link in the Smooth Parcel portal) is showing status that the package is just delivered to the carrier hub (and not even at the delivery depot).

      Very confusing & frustrating.

    41. Missing avatar

      IJle Feenstra on February 27

      Hi, it's now two weeks ago (13-Feb) that I received my shipping notice (backer#755). But to date I've not received the port (15''). According to the shipping site the expected delivery date was 25th of Feb. Can you check where it is?


    42. Marc DeLeon
      on February 25

      I got mine and it’s magnificent! The magnets should be stronger for the inserts in my opinion but... nonetheless, handsome indeed.

    43. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on February 24

      @yasunori - We shipped to you 2 weeks ago and emailed a tracking number. I'll check the system and see what's going on, then email you directly.

    44. Missing avatar

      on February 24

      Still no shipment information for December Port. What's going on? If your message to me made two weeks ago was true I already received my port.

    45. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on February 22

      @Andrew - All the outstanding US/Canada rewards are awaiting customs clearance on the east coast. Once they clear, they will ship to backers in 5-7 days. On the first batch, we made the mistake of making delivery estimates before they cleared. So, for this batch, we're waiting until we have the green light to post a project-wide update with an exact shipping day. But short answer, you won't be waiting much longer.
      @Pontus - DM'd you to clarify your actual reward.

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrew Gray on February 22

      #portenvy IS real, so can you please provide an update on my order? Backer number 698 for January 14". Based off comments below, it looks like the 14" ports may have already gone out?

    47. Pontus Jennerholm on February 22

      So when can I expect to get my 14"?

    48. Missing avatar

      JaeOuk Chung on February 20

      I received my PORT 14" yesterday, and it is more than my imaginations! It's beautiful, sturdy and even very efficient in storing my 13" Macbook pro, 12.9" ipad pro and even other stuffs. Thanks for your wonderful work!

    49. Missing avatar

      Mayuri on February 20

      When may I expect the Port? Backer number:94
      Confirmation number: 1a6f7d4e91466cb86c6ae6f8fe187587


    50. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on February 20

      @Niklas - We're working with our workshop to finalize the schedule of the remaining Ports. Once I get that information, I will post a project-wide update. We're making good progress.
      @Nicole - We'll send you a direct email to resolve.

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