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Organize your life and improve productivity with this functional, heritage quality daily carry. Backed with a lifetime warranty.
Organize your life and improve productivity with this functional, heritage quality daily carry. Backed with a lifetime warranty.
Organize your life and improve productivity with this functional, heritage quality daily carry. Backed with a lifetime warranty.
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    1. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 2 days ago

      @Jeffery - I'm checking on that for you. Will send you a direct message.
      @Ole-Tobias - The notebooks are replaceable, as you just tuck the notebook front and back cover under the leather flaps.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ole-Tobias Tveit Fåland 3 days ago

      I was wondering about buying the leather notebook as an extra, but I was wondering if the leather is sewed on, or if it is possible to replace the sheets when they are all used up :)?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Egan 4 days ago

      I ordered the port tablet I keep my I pad in a case the overall dimensions are 9.75x 7 inches is there any give in the pocket or do I need to get the port11" in February thanks

    4. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 4 days ago

      @Liam - please check your spam folder and send us an email at if you still don't see it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Liam Hickey 4 days ago

      Hi there no email has been sent to me yet?

    6. Satchel & Page 5-time creator 4 days ago

      @Chris - We made that change for you. Can you please go back in the survey, re-select your add ons, confirm your address and payment?

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Mcknight 5 days ago

      Thanks for sending out the survey however, I was excited so completely missed the step at the beginning to adjust my pledge level - I wanted to move up to a Port 14 from my previous Port 13 - is it to late to make this adjustment since I filled out the survey?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Egan 5 days ago

      I'm wondering of my iPad will fit into the port it's in a case and measures 9.75 inches X 7.0 inches or do I need to upgrade to the 11" and wait until February. I'm hoping there is some give in the pocket. Thank you I can't wait to get it.

    9. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on November 11

      @Liam - definitely this coming week.

    10. Missing avatar

      Liam Hickey on November 9

      Hi there
      When will be receiving this email?

    11. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on November 2

      @Matthew - thanks for your feedback. The luggage strap attaches to the Port with 2 quick release dog clips. You don't have to unbuckle the buckle to remove the Port from the trolley.
      It does fit easily into the Port itself.
      The other option that is more common is to add another layer of material on the outside of the Port that the trolley can tuck under. Usually you see that with Nylon bags where the Nylon doesn't stretch. Granted, that is quicker and easier to use. but it would completely change the clean appearance of the Port, and if we used a layer of leather, the leather would quickly stretch and become unsightly.
      Ultimately, we felt our design was the best option when balancing all the factors of ease of use, appearance, and longevity, but we understand if it is not for everybody.

    12. Matthew Roche on November 2

      I think the luggage strap is not a good design. For anything but fashion accessories and belts, buckles are no longer a realistic option. It takes too long to engage and disengage.

      Imagine I am at TSA. I either have to unbuckle the bag, which with one hand and a line is going to be a hassle. Or I have to undo two rings, and then my handle won't go all the way down.

      Not to mention the issue of "where exactly should I put it when I am not using it?"

      I strongly recommend a redesign.

      Obviously, I don't need to buy the strap, but the lack of a way to connect to a rolling bag is a weakness, and the proposed solution is pretty but not right.

    13. Missing avatar

      Liam Hickey on November 2

      Hi guys
      Really looking forward to receiving my product. Have you got a time frame when I’ll be receiving it? Thanks Liam

    14. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on November 2

      @Liisa - Sorry, we're not able to remove you as a backer as the project closed awhile ago. We have already purchased all our materials and reserved the production capacity with our workshop.
      We offered multiple sizes of the Port to accommodate different sized devices. If you are unsure of which Port to choose, you can write us at and we'll be happy to help you.

    15. Liisa Priyanka Lugus on November 2

      this is getting to be too confusing a process for me. and say the next MacBook I get is of a different size? say my next tablet is also slightly different? a one-size-fits-most would be much better for me. can you please take me off as a backer? the product, and figuring out which to choose, has become challenging. thanks

    16. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on October 31

      @Vikram - no, it won't. And to answer your other question - We're still working on some photos and survey details. Hoping to send it out the pre survey update in the next couple days and the actual survey next week. We're still at the same delivery estimates that we've always been, so no delays.

    17. Vikram Udeshi on October 31

      Would the Port tablet pocket fit the IPAD PRO 12.9 size?

    18. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on October 30

      @Chris - The tablet pocket next to the phone and charger pocket is designed for an iPad mini. An iPad Pro 10.5 won't fit. The open pocket on the left side could accommodate an iPad Pro 10.5.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Mcknight on October 30

      Hi in the Port 13" how big is the tablet sleeve beside the phone and charger? Would it fit an iPad Pro 10"?

    20. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on October 26

      @Graeme - Not yet, working on a pre-survey update that will go out soon
      @William - yes, that's right. You would switch your reward to the standard Port 14" reward.

    21. Missing avatar

      William Sohn on October 26

      I have follow up question for switching port sizes. I signed up for the 15 in at the early bird pricing (350). So if i want to switch to the 14 in port I would have to pay $365?

    22. Missing avatar

      Graeme Shaw on October 25

      No survey yet???

    23. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on October 23

      @Alison - the standard insert would not fit inside the Tech Insert
      @Anthony - we haven't sent out the surveys yet. Should be pretty soon.

    24. Missing avatar

      Anthony Guzman on October 23

      Has anyone have received the first survey by now?

    25. Missing avatar

      Alison on October 13

      Say, do you think the standard insert that comes with every Port can fit inside the tech insert? Tech insert looks cool to carry around for meetings but I'll need more pockets for cards, a notebook, and such.

    26. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on October 11

      @Joshua - We won't be able to do Early Bird pricing if you have to switch rewards. On the timing, we'll do our absolute best to deliver the same month as your original reward and the chances are pretty good. It kind of depends on how much changing goes on and how it's distributed. The earlier you complete the survey when it goes out, the better your chances.

    27. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on October 11

      @Roie - If you write us at, we can hook you up with a discount on the jacket.

    28. Roie Beck on October 11

      Dear S&P ,
      Sorry for the unrelated question, but do you have any coupons for the leather jacket in you store?
      If so can you share it please,

    29. Missing avatar

      Hexton on October 11

      Ok thanks for fast response! Glad I made the mistake.

      I will be using the 15” port, with a surface pro or my personnel MacBook 13”. Hope the new strap will help.

      I went for 15” port for the the most space possible

      Can’t wait!

    30. Missing avatar

      Joshua Stockton on October 11

      If we need to size up or size down and change it on the upcoming survey, will we maintain the same price range (i.e. early bird pricing) and also delivery date range or do we go to the back of the line per se? I backed the 13" but I think I need the 14". Thanks!

    31. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on October 11

      @Hexton - You misunderstood. The phone, charger, and tablet pockets are facing upward when you carry the Port. The laptop pocket is facing downward (and has always faced downward from our pictures on the campaign), and we added a strap to secure it. I understand your concern, but we've gone through months of iterations and testing, and chose the best design possible when taking all factors into consideration.

    32. Missing avatar

      Hexton on October 11

      If I miss understood the email please let me know.

    33. Missing avatar

      Hexton on October 11

      Wait did I read the most resent email right?, all the pockets including laptop sleeve will be upside down?! Why? What if I use the laptop pocket with a smaller device, or something else. What if I use the other pockets for something other than an iPad or charger? Pens pencils pocket knives etc. This really seems like a bad idea. Stuff will fallout. Leather loosen over time, and fighting gravity etc.

    34. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 29

      @Alison - thanks for the idea! Will definitely pass it along to the design team.
      They're working on this now and we'll be sharing what they come up with soon!

    35. Missing avatar

      Alison on September 28

      @Satchel&Page that sounds great; really looking forward to what you come up with!

      (If I can boldly offer a thought, I came across wallets with this kind of "pull out" strap: and thought it'd be useful for the tight pockets in the Port's designs. I wonder if that'll resonate with the designers too? I'm sure whatever you come up with eventually will look gorgeous anyways).

      Can't wait to get this!! :D

    36. Missing avatar

      Brendan Olver on September 28

      Great thanks guys!

    37. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 28

      @Eric - as mentioned in the previous comments, we're still working on it. will post our solution in the next update.

    38. Eric Chiang on September 28

      Thanks for the response. In light of the fact you're depending on the sleeve's friction to hold the laptop in, I would like to back out of this particular project. Please let me know how I can do that. Thanks and all the best.

    39. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 28

      @SuicideKing - great to hear!
      @Brendan - Chase is correct. You can switch your pledge on the survey.
      @Chase - thanks for jumping in!

    40. Chase Colton
      on September 28

      @Brendan, judging by responses in the past, it looks like you should be able to adjust your product when the surveys go out. You will just choose the Port 14, and pay the difference.

    41. Missing avatar

      Brendan Olver on September 28

      Hi There, I have just realized that I have backed the wrong size Port. As I have a MacBook Air 13 inch I will need to change my order from the Port 13 to the Port 14. Can you please advise how go about this? Cheers Brendan.

    42. SuicideKing
      on September 27

      Thank you! BTW, I'm using a Slim 4 Way Briefcase since a few days. It's an awesome bag!

    43. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 25

      @Alison @SuicideKing - we are working on this as we speak. Will let you know what we come up with.

    44. SuicideKing
      on September 23

      +1 Alison. And same kind of band to secure the phone; it will also be upside down?

    45. Missing avatar

      Alison on September 23

      @satchel&page maybe some kind of band to secure over the laptop pocket (for extra assurance)? (:

    46. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 23

      @Richard - We do not process the payments nor have any control over payment processing. That is all done by Kickstarter. You would need to contact them, although it's highly unlikely you'd be billed twice unless you made 2 separate pledged with 2 separate accounts.
      @Eric - we've tested it and the laptop is very tight inside it's pocket and doesn't really move while it's being carried. If we designed it the other way, the inserts would be almost impossible to use and the laptop would be very cumbersome to insert/take out of the case.

    47. Eric Chiang on September 22

      Hi there, just noticed that when the laptop slides into the pocket and when the portfolio is carried around, gravity and the natural cadence of walking will pull the laptop towards the zippers. If that is the case, then wouldn't there be no protection in an accidental drop?? Or is there something I'm missing here.

    48. Missing avatar

      Richard on September 22


      I had some problems with the payment and now I am worried I paid twice, do u have and e-mail adress we can discuss this further? Or how do we proceed?


    49. Satchel & Page 5-time creator on September 22

      @Eric - the accessories will ship with your pledge
      @Dr. T - you can add the luggage strap through the survey going out in a few weeks
      @Alan - Thank you!
      @Graeme - Thanks, we can't wait to get them to you.

    50. Missing avatar

      Graeme Shaw on September 22

      So excited to finally get something that's been made with design in mind. Been through a few cases......great job....can't wait.

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