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Bold Utilitarian Art for a changing world.  Marry your amour for uniquely crafted art and that pesky need to eat and drink from things!
Bold Utilitarian Art for a changing world. Marry your amour for uniquely crafted art and that pesky need to eat and drink from things!
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      Diana Chervinko on January 8, 2012

      i'm so glad everything is going so well. Knowing you're having a really good time experimenting pleases me no end. Playing around in your studio will be so satisfying and ultimately lead to great success!
      I have not received a thank you card. I did fill out the contact form. Perhaps something went awry. I'm late letting you know this & I apologize for that. I didn't know how to contact you.
      Happy New Year!

    2. Heather Bella on November 1, 2011

      Congratulations, Ben!!! I'm so happy for you making this goal! On my next trip out to Colorado, you might just get a studio visit. All my family lives in Pueblo or Denver, now. Cheers!

    3. Missing avatar

      Monica Stufft on November 1, 2011

      Wooohooo! So happy you made the goal. CONGRATS!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      karen swenson on October 31, 2011

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Am happy for you and i know your folks are so proud, too. Yea!

    5. Missing avatar

      Carol Rush on October 31, 2011

      YAY BEN!!!! I am so happy for you! You don' t need to send me all those rewards, just a couple small cereal bowls sometime when I'm there to shop would be great. Again, I'm so happy for you. Love to you three! Carol

    6. Benjamin Seibert Creator on October 31, 2011

      THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!! THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE AND YOU'RE THE REASON WHY!!!!!!!! James, Many thanks for being the one to push it over the hump!!! Much love to you all!!! I'll get an update out soon!!! I'm so very grateful!!!!

    7. james steele on October 31, 2011

      Woot 25 more from bucks to push it to funded . Grats!

    8. Missing avatar

      Pamela B. Ketring on October 20, 2011

      Michael and I wish you the best of luck in reaching your goal! You are a fabulous and gifted artist, Ben. Kisses and hugs to the fam.

    9. Benjamin Seibert Creator on October 17, 2011

      Great idea James. I just started looking in to that this morning. I have an etsy account, but have not set up a page yet. I'll get to work on that. Thanks for the links by the way. Hoping to spend some time with them this evening. Just reached out to some friends on the west coast as well.

    10. james steele on October 17, 2011

      maybe try some of the crafting blogs/forums? it might be easier if you has an etsy page with a few examples etc. i have tried spreading the word in my circles.

    11. Missing avatar

      Addy on October 17, 2011

      643, er, I mean 644 Likes and only 92 backers?!? You can pledge as little as $1, but people will like this and not pledge a freaking' dollar?!? Shoulda put the kid in the beginning of the video apparently...

    12. Missing avatar

      Kenn Sabberton on October 17, 2011

      Backing you and thinking of you Ben. Good luck mate.
      Kenn Sabberton

    13. Missing avatar

      deleted on October 16, 2011

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nicci on October 14, 2011

      Hey Ben, long time no see :) This is a great project! Sean bought me 3 beautiful bowls a few years back from one of your shows in SD... I love them and use them all the time! I fully support the handmade movement - rock on!

    15. Missing avatar

      Kellan Hays on October 10, 2011

      Can you share a link to a photo album of your work? I want to send it around! I also can't wait for my virtual high five video.....

    16. Missing avatar

      Moo on September 29, 2011

      I can't wait for my virtual high five video.